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Say: “I Am Wonderful”

Posted by terrepruitt on October 22, 2009

Do you take advantage of the free song that they offer on iTunes. It is a weekly song, but I am not sure when they post it, if it is Monday or Sunday. I don’t always remember to get it, do you? I just now set my calendar to remind me.

I actually haven’t remember that often, I have less than 40 songs, but of those 40 I have six that I absolutely love and listen to over and over. There are more out of the 40 that I like but there are 6 that I think are worth mentioning. And they range across the board and I like them for various reasons. Here they are in no particular order:

Song:                           Artist:

Neo Violence                 The Tough Alliance

Mr. Hurricane                Beast

Already Home               Ha-Ash

Cheater, Cheater          Joey & Rory

The Stoop                    Little Jackie

Wonderful                    Gary Go

I actually bought the entire Beast CD. It is very moving, I mean, for me, it makes me get up and dance. But not like bounce on your toes disco dance, more like pound-the-ground-get-up-get-down tribal dance or something.

I throw Neo Violence into my Nia routines because it has a very dicernible beat. Very catchy tune. Easy to dance, exercise, and workout too. (So is music from the Beast, but . . . the words might be a bit distracting in a Nia class.)

And the latest is Wonderful by Gary Go, kind of sounds like a lot artists out there now, but I love the words. “Say: ‘I am wonderful.’ You are a miracle.” “Don’t Stop to let it pass you by you gotta look yourself in the eye and say, I am wonderful!” “We are all miracles . . . .we are incredible.” Oh, I just love that!

So, what great find have you downloaded for free off of  iTunes? Any you love? Any you would like to tell us about?

4 Responses to “Say: “I Am Wonderful””

  1. michele said

    Hi, I have never downloaded music from iTunes…maybe I’ll try it. I just stopped by to say “You are wonderful!” And that sounds like a great song.


    • They have FREE songs. And there are going to be some you don’t like, but some you might like and they are free. I wish I would remember to do it every week, but I forget, so as I was typing my post (as I said) I set up my calendar to remind me.

      And thank you for thinking I am wonderful. I am partly what I am because of you. Thank you! Muah!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Gary Go Youtube link to “Wonderful”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtLusKMvZ-M


  2. judy said

    Oops, I don’t know I missed this post, but I did! I didn’t even know iTunes had free songs, so thank you! And I absolutely love this: “pound-the-ground-get-up-get-down tribal dance.” <– That's some great writing, Missy! 😉


    • Oooooo! I am always so flatter when you read my blog and then when you compliment my writing I downright blush! Thanks!

      Yeah, FREE songs. ONE per week, just by going to iTunes and downloading it. During Christmas it is often a Christmas song. Then there is also the free song that Starbucks gives away. For that you need to get the “pick of the week” card from Starbucks and that is every Tuesday. So we can (oh, here it comes, can you see it coming?) “kill two birds with one stone”: get FREE music—which is awesome in itself, but, TWO, be exposed to NEW music. Stuff we might not listen to. I am pretty sure that I would not have listened to a few of the songs on my list above had they not been free. And I know I wouldn’t have bought Beast’s CD if I had not been exposed to it through iTunes. Great marketing! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. I know you are so busy being that you are now a writer/video-star/movie producer/movie director/movie editor (I am sure you assisted your editor)/interior decorator.


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