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Cooking For Days

Posted by terrepruitt on July 10, 2010

I like to cook.  I like to go into the kitchen, have some ingredients, put them together and have something to eat.  I like that.  I think it is cool.  But cooking is not like Nia in the sense that: Nia I like to do every day, cooking I do not.  When I cook, I like to cook in a way that leaves us with leftovers.  I know a lot of people that won’t eat leftovers and I kinda don’t understand that, but . . . to each their own.  I LOVE leftovers.  Some, like pasta, are even better the next day.

My husband doesn’t mind leftovers.  That makes him really easy to cook for.  But at the same time I don’t want him to have to eat the EXACT same thing a few nights in a row.  So one thing I do to allow me to cook once but not leave us eating the EXACT same thing for a few days is I cook chicken in foil packets.  Yup, just like those aluminum foil ladies on TV showed us.

This also enables me to get one more servings out our a “two serving” bag of chicken.  (From Costco the boneless, skinless Foster Farm Chicken Breasts are packaged in twos—-hmmmmm . . . . ? . . . )  I separate the chicken onto foil pieces then I just put whatever seasonings, spices, fruit, sauces, veggies I want in each package.  I have to label them because my husband is not a fan of teriyaki and I am.  Plus he likes spicy hot and I don’t.

So then I cook them up and we have chicken for a few days.  Even though it is chicken it is not that same flavor chicken every night.  Then each night I can cook up different veggies, and either rice or pasta.  Or we might throw the chicken in or on a tortilla, or maybe even on some bread.  Either way it makes making dinner that night much easier and faster.  I love it.

Come join me for a Nia class in San Jose and see why I like to do it every day.  And here, share with me your thoughts on cooking every day or leftovers.  Do you like leftovers?  Do you cook every day?

12 Responses to “Cooking For Days”

  1. Wow! I am fascinated by this post. This post is one of those things that I always MEAN to do, or try, but I am stuck in the “cook/prepare what you’re going to eat right before you eat it” which is why I end up doing so much convenience or eating out stuff. I have a weird mental block against preparing ahead of time. Except for Thanksgiving, when I can’t really get away with being “spontaneous.” (ha) You’ve given me much food for thought!

    Last night someone on Twitter told me about this black bean burger recipe you can “make then freeze for later.” And my brain just shut down! How funny. Maybe because I grew up on Swanson’s TV dinners? Frozen food? Even if you make it yourself?? AGH!


    • This works the opposite–for me. My husband will say, “Do you want to go out?” (He is always so nice to offer because 1) he wants to take me out 2) he wants to ease the cooking burden) And I say, “No, thank you. We have chicken at home.” I understand how you gravitate toward the convenience food because you are soooo busy with all your jobs! This does really help. For me, I find myself thinking at 6:00, “What’s for dinner?” And often times starting from scratch that late leads to a late dinner. But if the chicken is made and it only needs a quick zap in the microwave I feel like I have less to do. So making the rest of the meal is faster.

      That is really interesting that you have a mental block against preparing ahead. Many people prepare their food for the week. Maybe an experiment is in order? Maybe this week you could prepare a few snacks to take to the office so you don’t let yourself get too hungry? Cut up a cucumber and/or a bell pepper and put it into two containers. Then on the way to work tomorrow grab one and you will have a snack for during the day. Then Tuesday grab the other. ???? Maybe preparing snacks ahead of time can be the baby step to preparing meals AND help you to stay out of “trouble” (you mentioned you were in “trouble” earlier this week).

      Your “mental block” could be what I was talking about when I said some people don’t like leftovers. Some people just don’t like leftovers. Preparing ahead of time is kind of like a leftover. But I have seen you eat leftovers before . . . . . .hmmm . . . . so maybe that is how you can knock down your “mental block” think of the food that was prepared ahead as a leftover?

      Hahahahaha! Can you tell I am just throwing stuff out there to give you MORE food for thought? Maybe once you experience the relief of not having to cook the entire meal because you have some of it already done will help you get over your block. 🙂

      Thank you for being here! Hugs and love to you, My Friend!


  2. Michele said

    I am with you Terre, I love cooking and I love leftovers…because cooking a whole meal for my family everyday is just not possible. I have not tried your foil chicken packet idea, but it is awesome and I will soon. Sometimes I dice a bunch of chicken and cook it in a basic way, maybe just stir fry it in olive oil and salt and pepper, than we can have cooked chicken to prepare in different ways for a couple lunches and dinners during the week. Catching up on your blogs today, and as usual they are great!


  3. suzicate said

    Now that is a cool idea and a time saver! Thanks for sharing.


  4. mmmm Chicken… Gooooood 🙂


  5. Dani H said

    This is a FABulous idea, Terre! And excellent for one-person cooking, too. I “love” to bake, but I only “like” to cook, which means that sometimes I just don’t want to. I often fix more than one meal at a time if I use the oven or make a pot of something like soup, then even freeze individual portions depending upon what it is. I have never done this before though where you really are planning ahead to make a variety of flavors and I think it’s brilliant! Thank you for sharing. *Gigantic Extra-Super-Squishy Hugs*


    • Yeah, thanks for reminding me that this is great for cooking for one! Especially, as I think I mentioned, the chicken we buy comes packaged in twos and they are HUGE pieces so on person could cook three separate packets. Two good size ones and maybe a third on that is smaller that can be used in a salad or with pasta and rice.

      Yes, cooking and freezing is awesome too!

      It might SOUND like really planning ahead, but I don’t, I just cook it all with different flavors then — unless you mark them — the rest of the meals are kinda like a roll of the dice. I only mark my hubby’s to indicate they are his, I don’t mark what is inside, so we don’t always know the flavor we will get.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. And thank you for the card too! You are so awesome. I doooooo so love my big squishy “Dani” hugs. XO


  6. niachick said

    Love this blog Terre. My husband does ALL of the cooking in our house. Because of his schedule, he makes sure that he cooks up meals for us for our lunches every day. He loves to cook and I love it that he loves to cook (I don’t particularly like to cook…just never was very creative with it).

    We cook and freeze, too. Makes it so handy!!!

    Love the blog and love you,



    • Nice! Your Hubby does all the cooking! I like to cook so I don’t mind—all the time!

      Freezing is a great idea. I often forget to take things out to thaw though. 🙂

      Love you too! XOXO


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