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Special Favors For Special Occasions

Posted by terrepruitt on August 23, 2014

If I got paid on all the products I talk about I would be in a better position.  But I don’t, but I still talk about them because if I like it I like to share it.  When my husband turned 40 I thought it was a big deal and I was working then so I wanted him to have a nice party.  It wasn’t really a big party, but I wanted to have a lot of stuff to commemorate the event.  I think birthdays should be celebrated big.  He did not want a party, but I insisted.  I ordered a few favors for the party.  When we were planning my mom’s “Celebration of Life” I also thought it was a big deal and so mentioned to my dad that we could order favors for her party.  What I did for my husband we did for my mom.  We ordered personalized fortune cookies.  They are a great way to personalize your favors.

Personalized fortune cookies are very affordable, I think.  I didn’t remember the name of the company that did the cookies for my husband’s birthday.  I remembered the website but when I looked it up it was no longer cookies.  So I searched on the internet and found another place.  They allowed FIFTEEEN different fortunes in the cost of the cookies.  I thought that was a great deal.

For my husband’s birthday, I don’t remember what I put on the fortunes.  For my mom, at first I had no idea.  Then one day I sat down to send my dad an e-mail and 15 ideas came into my head.  I thought it would be nice to share facts about her.  Somethings people would be hearing for the first time.  I thought the suggestions would be talked about and changed, but my dad just went with it.

The company allows you to change font as part of the cost of the cookies.  Colored printing costs extra.  They will put the fortune in the cookies facing in or out — according to your instructions.  I don’t know if having the print facing out costs more because I didn’t even bother to look.  You can also decided the kind of package you want each cookie to be wrapped in. Plain or the companies label . . . and other choices I don’t remember.  I think the whole thing is very cool.

The cookies are very tasty too.  Most people love fortune cookies.  These ones have a slightly lemony flavor.

As I mentioned before you can have fifteen fortunes.  I also mentioned the font.  Each fortune can have a different font.  I mixed it up just a little with my mom’s fortunes.  I wanted them to be clear enough to actually read.  Here is what we put in the cookies:

1—Diane’s favorite color was purple.

2—Diane loved flowers even though she was allergic to them.

3—Diane loved to bowl.
Diane was a good bowler.

4—Diane had a generous heart.

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6—Diane loved her “Reno get-a-ways”.

7—Diane loved Lake of the Pines.

8—Diane was a wonderful person.

9—Diane used to drag race.

10—Diane lived in Santa Clara
for 23 years.

11—Diane had a strong faith in God.

12—Diane loved Mexican and Chinese food.

13—Diane and Steve were together over
50 years and married for 49 years.

14—Diane loved traveling with Steve
in their motorhome.

15—Diane was a GREAT wife, mom,
sister, grandma, and friend.

I am trying to collect all fifteen.  So far I only have twelve.  I have a few more cookies left.  I am hoping that they will have the remaining five fortunes.  I think my dad is saving them all so perhaps he will let me have the one I don’t get from his duplicates.  Silly, I know, but I would like to have them.

So what do you think about personalized fortune cookies?  Do you like that idea?  What could you use them for?  What would you say in your cookies?


8 Responses to “Special Favors For Special Occasions”

  1. Cheryl McGovern said

    We loved getting the fortune cookie at your mom’s celebration
    and I would love to do it for Robert’s birthday. Who should I
    use to make them?


  2. Sonja said

    John’s 40th party was great and memorable. I enjoy theme parties too. Rene’s 50th was a Luau party, remember? I have decided to throw a “For Women Only–High Tea” and wearing hats and frills is the costume. It will be in the next couple of months…and our older friend-set is “Aged To Perfection.” So be on the lookout for an invitation Terre.


    • I am glad you enjoyed John’s party. Did Rene have his party months AFTER his birthday?

      And we are in discussions about the tea now. I am not sure when it is since the prime invitee was not able to attend the initial suggested time and date. 🙂


      • Sonja said

        Rene’s 50th was 2 years ago. Then I brough all the luau decorations down to LA and did it again for the family and friends down there!! The Tea Party is looking like a good time, intimate with only 4 women, so the table will fit perfectly with the food in the center. I cant wait.


        • Drawing a blank. John and I cannot remember the Luau party. I thought you just had his 50th Birthday celebration with his family. I even went searching in my e-mails because I cannot remember . . . and I found an e-mail that said you were going to his family’s to celebrate. Well, it could be that we have been to your house for so many parties we can’t remember one from the other. 🙂

          The tea will be fabulous!


          • Sonja said

            That was the time that you gave us the plug in martini glass lights. They are on the patio as we speak! We had fake candle lights in the colorful hanging tiki paper things, there was a large poster hanging from the deck and the dining room of a tropical beach scene, grass skirts hanging from the dining room table, Leis? I’m sure you will remember now…


            • Wow. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone because I do not remember. I honestly remember — or so, I thought, that you only had Rene’s 50th birthday celebration with his family. I remember us going to the Huki Lau two years ago. Hmmm. Crazy the things we remember and the things we don’t.


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