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Archive for the ‘audiobooks’ Category

Opinion About My First Library Audiobook

Posted by terrepruitt on March 6, 2023

What are you reading? As you may know, I listen to books and lately I have had even more time to listen to books and I recently started borrowing audiobooks from the library. The library application does not have a “review” option like Audible does. I am not used to that yet so I find myself thinking of what I would write. I decided I would share a bit about some of the books I have listened to. I am going to use my blog like I use it for my recipes. A place to document what I have listened to.

For the most part, I am going to stick to my opinion more than giving a summary of the book. That can be found online.

When I am Gone, Look for Me in the East

The first book I borrowed from the library was something I had never heard of I was just excited to start listening and I read the summary really fast . . . too fast it turned out. I had thought it would be a fun book about two brothers looking for the reincarnation of a great lama. But it was not. It was not fun, it was difficult to follow as the tenses didn’t always adjust when a story from the past was being told, there was a bit too much detail about animal slaughter (for me) and also a bit too much about reincarnation. It seemed to say that lamas were chosen and therefore reincarnated, but then at the end I thought it said that the there was going to be a committee that would meet to decide if there was going to be any more lamas. I was wanting so badly to be done I didn’t bother to go back to relisten to that part. I wanted the drone of the narrator out of my head. There was some interesting bits as it described some aspects of Mongolian living, but I did not enjoy the writing style nor the narrator. I was so, so happy to be done.

When I first started blogging I was told a post should be at least 500 words for this that and the other, so sometimes I struggled to make them so. And sometimes I struggled to keep them short. When I started typing this post I wasn’t sure if I would do multiple opinions in one post or just one. I have decided to keep it short. I might do a post per book. It will depend.

What are you reading?


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