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Archive for the ‘Misc’ Category

Not As Bad As I Thought

Posted by terrepruitt on August 23, 2021

One of Nia’s principles is Awareness, with that we think of things like “Dancing Through Life”. Any movement you do could be considered a dance. Everyday tasks can be thought of as a dance. It is somewhat the same for exercises. I am always encouraging my students to incorporate stretches and poses into their everyday life. One can be standing in line or doing dishes and balancing on one foot. Instead of bending over one can squat or even do the bend more in the shape of a forward fold. Three times a week I set up my studio and I am always reminded that I am not tall enough by about 2 inches to comfortably untangle the hooks for my curtain. This got me thinking about having to reach and stretch to do things.

What an opportunity we have. I would imagine that pretty much everyone has experienced being exactly not tall enough to reach something. Some of us have the experience more often than others and when I think about it, I think it has provided us with a lot. I know that I am constantly balancing on my toes to try to do things. My feet get a workout by being on the ball of my feet. Also when I am balanced on my toes (balls of my feet) my ankles get to practice stability.

Most of the time when I am reaching for something I am lengthening my spine and reaching my arm (or arms) out so they are getting to practice flexibility. All of these things are incorporated into Nia routines with the Nia 52 Moves, but I am talking about everyday life when I just need that extra inch or two to reach something.

I get to add that extra “exercises” or “stretch” or practice of stability into my day. Just this past week I thought of this and it made me laugh because I always (used to) complain about not having that extra height.

I also get extra movement in when I have to just give up and go get the step stool. All of that adds another level of movement.

Where do you stand on this? 🙂

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Large Sparkles For Hair

Posted by terrepruitt on August 11, 2021

You may or may not know about my love of sparkles. I posted a bit ago about a gift I received from a friend, some sparkly barrettes. I came across some other ones. Theses ones are just as sparkly, but much, much larger. The larger ones came in a package of six, I believe. They are lovely.

It is fun (to me) to add sparkles to things.  I know I have asked before, but anyone?  Anyone else love sparkly things?


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Summer Reading

Posted by terrepruitt on August 4, 2021

What are you reading? For me, it is more like, “Summer Listening To” as I listen to the books via Audible.  There is a series I love about a character named Andrea Vernon. the third book just came out.  I knew it was coming so I listened to the first two again. I have listened to the first two three times.  I have laughed out loud all three times. Andrea Vernon and the characters are hilarious.  I will probably listen to the first two again, but put off listening to the third one again for a while.  Hoping Alexander C. Kane will give us more stories from that world.

Then I listed to three books that revolve around the Firefly series. They were very entertaining. Ya kinda know that the crew is always going save the day and get out of the mess they are in, but you never quite know how.

Then I listed to “The Salvage Crew”, primarily because it was read by Nathan Fillion who played the captain of Firefly (as well as Castle and is currently starring in the Rookie).

Then I listened to “Then She Was Gone”. It is set in England and I just love the narrators accent. It was also interesting how the author let us hear from so many of the characters.

I am currently listening to “The Kite Runner”.

What about you . . . what are you reading?

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Colorful Daily Tracker

Posted by terrepruitt on August 2, 2021

So how are you doing on the daily calendar/tracker? Do you remember it? I have it in a place where I see it so I remember it, but I have to be honest, I did have to stop and fill in a few days at a time. I do my daily thing, but I don’t always fill out the log daily. The way I color the log changed. In my first post I made a key with colors assigned to a specific movement, I figured I would change the color assignments every month (so I could use all of the pens), but it ended up primarily just one color . . . which would tend to make sense if you were doing one specific thing daily. But I had made my log for 30 minutes of movement and changed in February to just use a color for meeting that goal. Also in February I added indoor cycling to my menu of movement. So my 30 minutes could be a combination of yoga, Nia, stretching, cycling, and/or walking.

I am still using the set of pens I received at Christmas and so far sticking with a type of pen per month. January was glitter, a majority of the glitter gets rubbed off, but when I look closely I can still see it. February was metal. March pastel. April was florescent. May was regular. There are only five different types so I reused metal for June and pastel for July. I am using glitter for August, but I think I am going to use dots and stripes for the LONG/larger days . . . we will see how that goes.

Anyway . . . hard to believe we are past the halfway point in the year.

So . . . do you have a daily practice? Do you have a calendar/journal/log that you use to keep track?

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Core & Light Weights

Posted by terrepruitt on July 28, 2021

Recently I asked my students what they would consider their goals in our classes. Currently I teach gentle yoga, Nia, and stretch via Zoom. The majority of the response was they wanted to work on strengthening their core and working with light weights. So . . . that is what we are going to do.   While we work on core strength and stability in yoga and Nia we don’t use weights.  About the same time I asked my students this I had a conversation with a friend who reminded me of the term Sarcopenia which can be defined as “a type of muscle loss that occurs with aging and/or immobility.”

Muscles need to move in order to stay mobile and they need to be challenged in order to stay strong. There is ultimate truth in the saying, “Move it or lose it.”

There are basically three types of increased strength changes that can happen to muscle it can get stronger, in can gain more endurance, or it can get bigger. These changes are not exclusive of the other, but generally there is a focus on one because they are done in different ways.

We are going to do a quick class (30 minutes) primarily working the core isometrically and work on endurance in the arms and shoulders. This is going to be a five week series, while some people will be dropping in I am going to design the class in a progression. I still may make some tweaks but basically we will be using light weights and moving pretty fast.

We had a little demo class a couple of weeks ago and we decided we liked it so we are moving forward. For now it is only scheduled for the month of August but we will see how it goes. I have been wanting to do this for as long as I can remember so I am excited to actually be doing it.

I am also very excited to help people. I have experienced that being able to move with comfort, ease, and having a little bit of strength makes life so much more enjoyable. Have you ever had a sore back or an injury to a hand, arm, foot, or leg? You may have experienced some challenges during that time. Being able to move and have the strength to do so is so important to one’s quality of life so I am excited because I think of this as me helping people have better lives. YAY!

More information about the upcoming class can be found on my site http://www.HelpYouWell.com, you can click here to go to the specific page.

Do you have weights in your fitness routine?

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Extra Step Saves Time Later

Posted by terrepruitt on July 26, 2021

I thought I would bring this up again.  We just completed this step yesterday and it is kind of a pain in the butt, but once it is done I have a big sense of accomplishment AND . . . we have just succeeded in making dinner prep easier.  Now if I can just remember to take the meat out of the freezer in time for it to defrost I would be set.

Click on over and check it out.  Shopping Step to help Dinner Prep

Any of you take this step?  Any of you have the challenge of remembering to take it out in time to defrost for dinner?

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Sparkles For Hair

Posted by terrepruitt on July 21, 2021

Oh you may be familiar with my love of sparkle. I was given a gift certificate to a place called Kitsch, a website that has fancy hair products. I found some sparkly barrettes or snap clips. They have crystals on them and they are so sparkly I love them.  I am impressed with the quality.  The crystals are attached very well and are good quality. I am so grateful for the generous gift.

Sometime later I went online in search of other sparkly hair bobbles and I discovered the sparkly barrettes! Yay!  I was able to purchase two more. They are the regular sized snap clips/barrettes so they don’t necessarily hold a lot of hair so it is nice to have two more, plus – MORE SPARKLE.

Well, this is just me sharing my love of sparkles. Anyone else have a love of sparkles?

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AirPod Jackets

Posted by terrepruitt on July 19, 2021

For those of you that workout and are afraid of losing your AirPods . . . did you know they have AirPod holders? Well, little anti-slip jackets that go around the individual pods so it stays in your ear better. The jacket makes it bigger (several sizes come in the pack) plus it is that rubber that tends to stick.

I thought I would share in case you want to run/walk/move around without having your AirPods fall out.

The first picture is a picture of the AirPod Pros with and without the jacket and the Airpods underneath with and without the jacket (bright green). Then there is a picture of the pros with the box for the jackets.

I know some people that have gotten these.  What do you think?  Do you know anyone that might want some?

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Our Orange Yard Rose

Posted by terrepruitt on July 9, 2021

I had prepared this photo to post last week.  I was going to start our July strong, but I only got as far as prepping the photo.  So here it is now.  And I will try to get back in the game.  I really do love sharing a Friday Photo, and have a lot of old photos to share.

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A Good Idea

Posted by terrepruitt on May 5, 2021

The exercise dance I teach provides us with routines. So when we pay our membership fee we have the option to purchase a tier that includes licensing to teach and routines. Nia releases four routines a year. Since Nia had been around for 25 years before I even started it, there are a lot of routines available to me. I do not always do the latest routine. I tend to wait until the newness has worn off and there are less classes out there that are the same routine. That and I just don’t learn routines as fast as some of the amazing instructors. All this to say that there is a new routine out, but I am just now looking at the routine that was released before that. Sometimes it takes me a bit for the music to grow on me. Or the routine itself. And I just discovered something about the routine that piqued my interest. So I was listening to the first song and when I can I like to look up the lyrics. I feel like the lyrics to this song are so sweet. I also feel that, yeah, many of us could use to slow down, close the curtains and have some tea.

Herbal Tea by Velvet Moon

Gravel road, I’ve been asked to slow down
Fireplace do you know how?
Pass the paper, my help desk is out
Who will care for the world now?

Rest with me
Close the curtains
Brew some herbal tea
Reach out for me
Take my hand and lead, even when I disagree

Oh, how I love when it rains outside
And it’s okay to slow the ride
Discover books I forget about
And who will care for the world now?

Rest with me
Close the curtains
Brew some herbal tea
Reach out for me
Take my hand and lead, even when I disagree

Maybe then I can relax
(Maybe then I can relax)
Braid my hair, loosen my back
Oh, just rest with me
Close the curtains
Brew some herbal tea
Reach out for me
Oh and take my hand and lead even when I disagree

Hmm, rest with me
Close the curtains
Brew some herbal tea
Reach out for me
Take my hand and lead, even when I disagree

“Who will care for the world now?” Right? So many of us think we can’t step away from something because WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF IT? As a instructor of fitness, this is one of my fears. Not so much who will take care of it, but more the fact that exercise is a habit and I always fear if I take time off then my students will get out of the habit and not come back.

Then, “Take my hand and lead, even when I disagree”, sounds to me like “make me take time off even if I fight it”, right?  So I think this is a good idea, “Close the curtains -Brew some herbal tea”.

When I really listened and then looked at the lyrics, I really was able to sink into this song and I love embracing the choreography in a smooth relaxed kind of way.

Have you hear this song? Are you familiar with Velvet Moon?

Here’s were you can give it a listen:  Velvet Moon on Epic Sounds – you have to scroll down, I couldn’t find a direct link to artist/song (not someone on Youtube).

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