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Diane Bacho – 1948 to April 11, 2014

Share a story about my mom.  Share a memory about my mom.  Share something to help bring a smile to the faces of those who loved her!



Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Diane Bacho, Memorial page, Beautiful mom


Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Diane Bacho, Memorial page, Beautiful mom

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24 Responses to “Diane Bacho – 1948 to April 11, 2014”

  1. I love you mom. Our favorite story together was when I was dating Terre back near 1996 or so. One one of our first visits to her parents house we were having dinner and I was playing footsies with Terre under the table. While doing this, I gave her a sly look and Terre asked me what I was smirking about. I said I’m smirking because I’m playing footsies with you. Terre told me that I was not playing footsies with her. I was confused. I had a foot in between my feet and I was sure it was a foot. then I looked next to Terre at mom. She gave me a very sly smile. I turned so red. Even while Terre and I were just in the beginnings of dating, Diane was always wonderful to me. Part of my decision to marry Terre was that in a worse case scenario, if she turned into her mother, I’d be fine.

    I love you mom. You were always extremely funny and a great mom.


  2. niachick said

    I didn’t know you, and in fact I’ve never met your daughter, but I feel as though she is a good friend. Memories of you will continue to flood the gates of her heart, and those who knew you well. I will enjoy reading them. It will be an honor to know more about you in this way. And I truly hope to meet your beautiful daughter one day. You taught her well. We were with you whether you knew it or not every step of the way…at least the steps that Terre shared with us. I told her, and will continue to tell her, that although your body is no longer with us, your immense spirit is alive and well and I know you will find ways to let her know that, too. Rest in peace.


  3. niachick said

    I trust it’s okay to comment on what others are posting. John, your post brought tears to my eyes and smiles.


    • Yes, Jill. And thank you. I am hoping more people will share and it will become like a conversation . . . ya know? Maybe some, “Oh, I remember that, what about when . . . . ” kind of thing. We will see . . .

      Thank you for being here! XOXO


  4. Donna said

    I met Terre because I met, laugh with and love John… I met you Diane because I met, appreciate and love Terre.

    Terre speaks of you in sparkles and glitter… A living embodiment of Christmas, Easter, and New Years all rolled together– and from knowing Terre, albeit just a little, I believe it – because you live in her.

    I love the picture of the two of you she posted. So sweet.

    Maybe parents always wonder their impact on their children… And the world. I always hope to give love and happiness and be a blessing to people I meet, know and love. Maybe you think so too. If so, I think your life is well lived and complete.

    I don’t know you personally but thank you for being in my life. I hope you have even a more sparkly place to enjoy.

    “…Hi yo you got light in your eyes
    And you’re standing here beside me
    I love the passing of time
    Never for money
    Always for love
    Cover up say goodnight . . . say goodnight…

    Out of all those kinds of people
    You got a face with a view…

    And you love me till my heart stops
    Love me till I’m dead
    Eyes that light up, eyes look through you…(Cover up say goodnight . . . say goodnight)…”

    ❤ donna


  5. Cheryl McGovern said

    Your mom had the most joyful laugh!
    I will never forget the evening
    at my house when I introduced
    her to a new board game. I think
    it might have been Scruples but I
    remember that night as one of the
    top ten fun evenings of my life because
    of the laughter and joy we shared, your mom and me. We laughed so hard
    I might have peed in my pants. Years
    later we would fondly recall the fun
    answers we came up during the game.
    It was always a treat when she could
    be with us. She was very popular and
    we were grateful when she could fit
    us in the schedule 🙂
    Love the story by John, too funny!!!


  6. Sonja said

    Terre, You had asked for other stories about people in my life. My Grandma Esther was a truly wonderful inspiration for me in my life. She used to sing, and I wanted to share my singing with her. About a year before she died, I compiled a lot of songs, and went over to her house, and sang and sang…song after song. She enjoyed the concert and really put up with a lot of music that was not in her generation. I remember the sunny day fondly and it holds a place in my heart of sharing a personal bond with her. She was known for singing the small phrase “The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be.” Of course referencing herself in the cute song. In her day I heard that she did sing often and that meant we shared the effort of practicing and time. I love you Grandma “S.”


  7. In 2005 I bought a new car. An Electric Blue PT Cruiser. It had all the bells and whistles and I loved it. I still do today. in 2006 or there about Terre and I went on a Mediterranean Cruise for two weeks. Our cat Spot was very healthy and young at this point so she needed little supervision while we were gone but Diane said she would stay at our house. This was such a big deal as Spot would love the company and we’d feel more comfortable with our Mom watching her granddaughter-cat and our house while we were out of the country. The rest of the story was given to me second hand by Diane and I may have the timing or the details out of order, but she showed up to our house with House keys and a garage door opener. Our house has a front door in the back yard, behind a fence which is locked. So the only way to get into the house is to open the garage door and come in through the garage kitchen entrance with a key. This key required jiggling to work. Diane didn’t jiggle it right and that door remained closed. In case of emergencies like this I had given her a couple of local family names and phones but she didn’t want to bother them. She decided she would scale the fence door (I’m picturing it being less glamorous than Spiderman). There was a ladder suspended above my PT Cruiser by two hooks. The ladder looks deceptively light. So mom took the ladder off the first hook and it seemed ok and manageable. She took the ladder off the second hook and it immediately increased it’s weight by 50 pounds and proceeded to bounce up and down on the roof of my new car. The marks are still there today. Mom was mortified. She still managed to use the ladder and hop the fence and get into the house via the front door, whose keys did not require jiggling. Soooo we move along to the end of the cruise and Terre and I come home to mom who gives us the run down of her time at the house and with the cat. She then stoically told me what happened with my ladder and Car. I didn’t think much of it and went out and saw the marks and said “Whatever.” In my head, a car will get marked and damaged all in good time. I had someone that I trusted and loved watching my house and cat for a couple of weeks free of charge. In my head I still owed her so very much that who cared about the car. no big deal. Well that was my mistake. She then starts crying saying she was afraid for the whole week I would hate her for marking my new car which I regularly professed my love for. I felt so bad she had worried about it. It was a car. She was my mom. And the marks/damage we are talking about is near impossible to see if you don’t know where to look or what to look for. There were many many things I would tease mom about for the rest of our time together but I never teased her about the PT. You see, before she left us, I never cared about the mark. But now? Every time I get into the drivers side, I see a little mark on the roof above my door and think “Hah. I love you mom. You big goof.”


  8. Sonja said

    Great story! I just loved her ingenuity.


  9. Laura Lewandowski said

    For those who don’t know, I had the distinct pleasure of being Terre’s best friend in childhood. From third grade through junior high, I spent many an afternoon, overnights, and trips with Terre and her family. I also used to walk to Terre’s house every morning before school and then we’d walk to school together, so I got to watch all the things moms do for their kids to get ready. So although my memories of Diane are from when I was a child, I have lots of them!

    Terre, I always think of your mom as the happiest, most beautiful and playful mom of a friend I ever knew. I felt very cared for by her and welcomed into your home and family. It’s hard to remember a time when she was more than annoyed, and who isn’t annoyed by their children at least sometimes! She was always smiling, in a great mood, happy to help, unrushed, and sending us off with a smile for our day at school. I remember all the cute things she’d do, like whack you on the butt with a hairbrush as you’d walk by and she’d call you darling.

    My mom and I both remember her wearing heels often and looking so stylish. I had never met (and still haven’t met to this day) a mom as beautiful as Diane. Who else’s mom had graced the cover of a record album!

    I remember mornings, her doing extra things to help you. When we were younger she’d fix your hair in specials ways, I think she even gave you a perm once. To get your jeans just right in the morning (or to warm you up on cold mornings, I don’t remember) she’d warm them in the dryer before you’d put them on right before we left the house. And if we should miss the bus to school, of course she’d give us a ride. I remember many a summer day spent at War Memorial pool where she’d drive us and spend the day with us.

    She would make us the yummiest snacks. Do you remember how your mom would prepare us a refrigerated roll of biscuits? She’s cover them in butter, bake them in a round glass dish, then we’d eat them drenched with maple syrup, our breakfast special treat! I also remember frozen ding-dongs and Twinkies in the freezer in the garage. Treasures I never had at home, so it made them all the more special. And what was more fun than sitting in your family room, each of us at our own TV tray loaded with stacks of Archie comic books and bowls of sunflower seeds.

    I also remember her as being very patient, as you’d do your chores, or have a group of girls over for a sleepover or when you’d have quarrels with your brother. I just don’t ever remember her losing it, she was always fun and light-hearted. When your dad had his appendix burst, I remember your mom had to change the dressing of his wound often, it wasn’t pretty but she did it.

    She did those special mom things so well, taking care of all the mundane stuff (like meals, snacks, cleaning up, buying fun toys) so we could just play & have fun. Do you remember one birthday when you came home and your bedroom was totally new & redecorated?

    My heart and thoughts are with you today. Diane was a shining example of what it is to be a supportive, loving, fun mother. She’s an inspiration to me as I parent my girls, and I feel blessed to have spent so many years in your and your family’s life.


    • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Whoa! That was a hop, skip, and a jump down memory lane. Some stuff you mentioned I don’t even remember. My mom would be thrilled to know she helped create some happy memories for you. Thank you for sharing. It is always nice to hear others appreciated her efforts, too. She was a fun mom!

      Thank you, again, so much for sharing – especially today.


  10. suzicate said

    Terre, these comments show what a wonderful woman your mom was. John’s comments brought tears to my eyes. I love the photos, especially the one of you kissing your mom’s cheek.


  11. Rosemarie Pecanic said

    Too many good memories…. but the first one is when your Dad was fixing a section of the shared fence and we just moved in next door and your Mom came over to introduce herself and apologize for the mess. After that we became good friends. She encouraged me as I was a young Mom like her and she always offered to babysit. We had lots of great conversations and laughs. She always had a smile and encouraging word for me. Love your Mom


    • Rose-
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share a story. I don’t know that I knew about the fence and how you two met. How funny. I loved having you and your family for our neighbors.

      I hope it works out that you can attend the event we are throwing in her honor. If not I understand.

      Thank you again for the story!


  12. We have a family friend who made a dessert one time. My mom and I loved that dessert. Our friend doesn’t even remember it, but it is a beloved dessert to my mom and me. I am not a cake enthusiast, so I would request this dessert to be made for my birthdays instead of cake. Well, it had been YEARS since we had the dessert and on one of my trips up to visit my parents my mom surprised me with the dessert!

    She explained how she had to go out again – after her initial shopping trip – to buy powdered sugar because she had forgotten it or thought she had some . . . either way, she bought a brand new box of powdered sugar for the dessert.

    We had some of the dessert the first night and it was yummy. A tiny bit lacking and I just contributed that to my having had this dessert held in such high regard in my head.

    The next morning we had French Toast for breakfast. I like powdered sugar on mine. So I asked my mom, “Where’s the powdered sugar?” She said right in front in the fridge. And I said, “But mom that box is unopened. Didn’t you buy some to use in the dessert?” The look on her face was so funny. That unopened box was the box she bought to use and then she forgot to use it. The reason it was so funny was because it was such a “big deal” having to go out again to get it, then she forgot to use.

    I will probably post that recipe one of these days. 🙂


  13. Sara Bacho said

    Terre, you and I were looking at pictures the other day and we ran across some that their neighbor, Brandon, was in. Brandon was at least a few years older than me, but I remember having the biggest crush on him. His family eventually moved, but they kept in touch with my grandparents for a while. One time, when I was probably six or so, I was sitting on the couch with my grandma and she said something about Brandon and just the mention of him threw me into a fit of giggles. Eventually my grandma started giggling too. So, of course, I kept saying his name over and over again while the both of us were sitting on the couch giggling like crazy. I remember she started crying because she was laughing so hard, which in turn made me laugh even harder. We must’ve spent at least five minutes cracking up. We always talked about that day and wondered why on earth Brandon’s name was so funny to us, but that is one of my favorite memories of her. Laughing, full of joy, being my best “gal pal.” She was the best.

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