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We Interrupt Your Quest For Health

Posted by terrepruitt on July 7, 2009

This past weekend we went to a park in Fremont, not too far from San Jose.  I was thinking we would be in shade, but we were not so much.  I was terrible and got sunburned and worse, I “let” Hubby get sunburned too.

Now we all know the bad stuff about sunburns.  You got the whole risk of skin cancer increase going on.  This, of course is serious because the sun damages the skin’s cells and when they try to rebuild if something doesn’t work out right that is when cancer occurs.  Since most of us are immune to cancer  (Ya know, “That won’t happen to me.”), maybe we can use some other incentive.

What about the other things that happen that might interrupt our quest for health? In comparison to cancer these things are really nothing but inconveniences, but sometimes that is what it takes for us to take action.

I am talking about being uncomfortable.  I was looking outside and I wanted to go, but I knew it was too hot.  Even if I didn’t go out in the direct sun, I knew just the heat of the day would be too much.  So any normal activity you might do outside could be restricted.

What about sleep?  One of the best things we can do for our body and one of the things that is absolutely essential to health, but ya can’t do it well when you are sunburned.  The first night I think I woke up four or five times.

And exercise.  How uncomfortable is that?  Think about bending a sunburned limb into a yoga pose just gives me chills.  I wore a big shirt to teach the day after (the sunburn occurred) because I was thinking a shirt with tighter arms would be too much but every time I lifted my arms I was in pain because my shirt rubbed on my sunburned arms.

And shower just plain hurts.  Even if you opt for cold water sometimes just the water hitting the sunburn is enough to hurt!

So, I guess, I wrote this blog to myself, because I need to remember the inconveniences so that I remember the sunscreen not matter what.

The latest information is stating that products that block the UVA and UVB rays on the best.  Products containing titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide.  They don’t soak into the skin, they sit on top and scatter the rays.  Also, I am seeing that it doesn’t matter what number SPF you buy, you should apply it often.

So, think not only about avoiding the BIG thing, think short term, think in the now, think about wanting to remain healthy by continuing your normal outdoor activities, sleeping soundly, being able to exercise, and, oh yeah, for the sake of the rest of us—shower!  If you do get sunburned, what do you do to ease it?

2 Responses to “We Interrupt Your Quest For Health”

  1. Aloe, aloe, aloe and maybe some Young Living Lavender Essential Oil. WOW…so sorry to hear about your sunburn. I used to do that when I was younger…I loved it…loved the red glow (how sick is that?). At the age of 55 (I’m 58 now) I developed basal cell carcinoma. It’s the lesser evil of the skin cancers…easily treatable (thank God). But I watch my time in the sun now. I’m still a sun goddess…I just worship it from afar.

    Thanks Terre. Hope the sunburn is healing nicely…second stage of it will be the “peeling”. Itchy, scaly. Keep yourself moisturized sweetie!


    • Thank you. Yes, I did aloe and SeaPlasma back and forth. My nose is already peeling—lovely!

      Sorry to hear about your basal cell carcinoma. Glad it is easily treatable. I don’t like the red glow, but I just never think I am going to be out long enough to get burned and I do like a little color so I tend to get burned thinking, “Oh, I just want a little sun.”


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