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Wrapping Tips

Posted by terrepruitt on December 17, 2009

As you know I post about things other than health, wellness, exercise, and working out.  I do try to post helpful things.

Recently we got a box of wrapping paper down and I opened it up and there was a pile of folded kind of crumpled paper.  I pulled it out and set it aside.  I figured that I saved it to use to re-use for wrapping.  But it was so crumbled I didn’t have the heart to try to deal with it at that moment.  So as I was wrapping over the next couple of days it dawned on me what that pile of paper really was for—-packing.  A couple of years ago I started saving paper that had been used.  If it was pretty or I really liked it I save it.

I use my shredder to shred the wrapping paper.  When I use those handy gift bags I use the paper shredded instead of using tissue paper.  I also use shredding wrapping paper when I am shipping packages (usually in addition to another recycled packing product).  I really like this idea of re-using the paper.  Other paper that works is the paper that is too small to use to actually wrap a gift.  It all looks really pretty and festive once it is shredded.  It works really great when you have two sided paper.

I love wrapping paper, but I think it is a huge waste, so if I can re-use something I love it.  I save bows to re-use themDrives my husband crazy  It used to drive my husband crazy, but I save them and re-use them.  Please don’t be offended if you ever receive a gift from me with a bow taped on the package.  That actually means that I recued that bow from being thrown away then loveing stored it and saved it until it had the perfect recepient.

I also don’t usually write on the gift bag or put the stick name tag directly on it.  I usually stick the tag on the shredded paper or stick it to itself over the cord/handle of the bag.  That way the recipient can use the bag again.

Sometimes these bags can become family traditions.  You can use a gift special back to swap back and forth.  For years my family had a bag going back and forth.  It was a sea of white cartoon rabbits with one rabbit dressed in red and white.  It lasted a long time, but eventually it tore and we moved on, but it was fun while it lasted.

Bags, tissue, bows, and shredding aren’t meant to last forever, but if they get more than one use, that is a great thing.

If you really want to be resourceful and “green” you could always give one of those reusable grocery bags as the gift bag, “wrap” the gift it that!

Do you have any wrapping re-use ideas?  What works out for you and your family?

13 Responses to “Wrapping Tips”

  1. You’re green tips do not make me see red 😉 I’m actually quite proud of how smart and recycle conscious you are.


    • Ahh, thank you. But . . . . it used to annoy you, until I explained that me saving bows, ribbons, bags, tissue paper, and wrapping paper was MY way of recycling. I am glad you are ok with it now. I can’t remember what the post says, if it says you “DO” get mad I will change it to you “used to”.

      And it makes me happy to make you proud.

      Thank you for stopping by.


  2. Michele said

    I love the shredded gift wrapping paper idea, it does look so festive and I think kids would really like too! I often give the re-usable shopping bags with a gift or as the gift wrapping. I always love it when I get a gift bag that I can re-use, and thanks for reminder about not sticking tags onto the bag, it usually makes re-using them impossible, or at least requiries more work.
    Thanks for your ideas!


  3. Melisa said

    I bought a bunch of marked down Chanukah fabric a few years ago and made very simple bags with seams on 3 sides and an open top. I put the gifts in and then tie the bags closed with yarn or ribbon and a name tag. I feel so much better about this given that my gifts are usually only “wrapped” for a few hours. Nothing to buy, nothing to throw away.


  4. Tricia said

    I love the shredded idea!


  5. I like the way the shredded paper looks in the gift bag. I’m very likely to use that. I haven’t wrapped anything. Only joked about wrapping presents with eyelids.


  6. Ito said

    Brilliant! And…. perfect timing, thanks!


    • Thanks. The day after Christmas is making me sad. I am looking outside and seeing bags and bags and bags of wrapping and trash. I am seeing some stuff that could easily be re-used. Bummer. Those people must not have read my blog. 😉

      Oh well.

      Glad you liked the tip. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.


  7. […] too small to use as in a bag as I mentioned in my Wrapping Tips post (you can read about that by clicking here).  But it was big enough to write a good thing […]


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