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Archive for January 15th, 2011

Horseradish – the Root

Posted by terrepruitt on January 15, 2011

Just a short follow-up on the Horseradish root.  The root is basically odorless and flavorless until it is grated or crushed.  As part of the mustard family it has a bite or heat to it.  The grated or crushed root is mixed with vinegar to make the condiment.  Other ingredient and spices can be added to make it creamy or more flavorful, but the vinegar helps keep it from turning dark.

There is a lot of medicinal uses for horseradish.  It is thought to aid in digestion when mixed with vinegar.  Which is great because that is what is contained in most of the prepared versions, and most often eaten with meat.  Since it aides in digestion that could be why it is sometimes considered a laxative.

It is also thought to help with circulation.  It is also on record as an antiseptic and a diuretic.

Horseradish is a good source of Vitamin C.  There is a site on horseradish that has some great information about processing horseradish.  It says that if you cry when cutting onions process your horseradish outside.

One website states that milk infused with horseradish can actually help with skin clearness and color.  I have to remember this site because it also says that a horseradish eaten throughout the day can help get rid of a cough following the flu.

I don’t eat horseradish but after reading some of the benefits I think I should start . . . or at least use it to improve my skin color.  I would consider learning how to prepare it since the “hot” versions of prepared horseradish I found contain High Fructuose Corn Sryup.  I think if my hubs is going to eat Prime Rib HFCS is something that could be avoided.

Do you eat horseradish?  How do you eat it?  What do you eat it with?

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