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Party With No Guests

Posted by terrepruitt on April 16, 2011

All week long I have been thinking about the Nia Class I am having to Benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.  I have been thinking and planning, but I waited until the last minute to DO.  It is late the night before and I am printing, practicing, creating, thinking, writing, but at least I am not worrying.  All week long I felt like the person who plans a party and then worries that no one will show up.  Have you ever had that worry?  I was worried but then I talked to a few people who said they are going to come.  I would like a full house, but I am just glad that I won’t be by myself.

As I was thinking about having a party and having no one show up I remembered something about a party when I was young.  I remembered being invited to a party.  It was a birthday party.  I don’t think I knew the girl well, she was one of those quiet children that hadn’t been around for long.  Sadly I don’t remember her name, nor do I remember when she left.  But I do remember her party.  Well, that isn’t even true.  I remember at one point I didn’t want to go.  I remember hemming and hawing and talking to my mom about not going.  But then I decided to go.

My mom drove me to the place where the party was.  I remember it was a trailer park.  I think it was not far from my house.  I remember the birthday girl in a dress.  I remember us waiting together for more people to show up.  No one else came.  I remember feeling so bad for my friend.  I remembering feeling bad that I almost didn’t even show up myself.  This all came to me in a rush this past week as I was thinking, “What if no one shows up?”  I remember how hurt my friend was.  It made me sad remembering.

As I mentioned, I can’t remember much more of the party.  I don’t remember a lot of the details obviously, but I do remember I was the only one that went.  I don’t think I have ever been to another party where that had happened.  I don’t think I have ever had that happen.  I usually pester a couple of friends into telling me whether they are coming or not because I DON’T want to have a party and have no one show up.  Hosting a party and hosting a class are two different things.  I don’t feel it is as bad pestering people about whether they are attending your party, but I don’t feel right doing that when it comes to having a class.  I am just happy that a few people are coming and so I won’t be dancing by myself and I will at least have a few donations to add to the relay.

It is odd the things you remember.  While I was remembering about my friend from grade school I sent out a little positive thought.  I hope that she is doing well.  Maybe you can send out a positive thought for me too . . . help the benefit for cancer Nia class be a success.  Thanks!


10 Responses to “Party With No Guests”

  1. niachick said

    Whew! Your remembering and posting about the little girl’s party where you were the only guest that showed up really brought up a lot of emotion. I remember being a happy child at home, but at school I was not popular — kind of geeky, gawky, gangly and self-conscious. I didn’t have many friends and was very seldom invited to parties. Even last night, my husband and I were talking about friends from junior high and high school (we had just watched a silly but sweet movie called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”). He was naming off all of his friends that he had in school. I could only name one. She was my friend from 1st grade on — now we hardly keep in touch at all. And now I have friends all over the world — thanks to Facebook and LinkedIn and blogs (like yours) and Twitter…and of course Nia!!!

    So, I hope your class is full of excitement. I love receiving your blogs. I look forward to them. They make me happy, they make me smile, they make me feel connected to you beyond Facebook. So no matter how many folks come to your class today, you make the world a better place EVERY day just by being in it.




    • My memory brought up some emotions too, but they were for that friend. I felt so bad. I have faith she is doing awesome now.

      The internet is great for meeting and keeping in contact with people. I am so happy that you have so many friends all over the world because of it and Nia!

      I am continually grateful for Nia and the internet because we are friend. Thank you so much always for your support.

      I believe the class was full of excitement. There was actually “sounders” in class. One woman love whooping, HA-ing, and singing . . . . it was awesome! It was a small intimate group of 7, but a generous group . . . $141.00 for the American Cancer Society.

      Thank you, Sweetie. Your comment made me teary-eyed. I didn’t cry in class, but I am teary-eyed now. XOXOXOXOXO


  2. Michele said

    Yay Terre! You are awesome, and what a great way to raise money for cancer, by teaching what you love! Thank you for being a part of Team Tiff! Love you!


  3. suzicate said

    I think you’re awesome for doing it. I am walking the relay. I didn’t even put it out for donations and don’t know if I will or not. I just made my own donation and am helping a team.


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