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Posture Creates Attitude

Posted by terrepruitt on October 29, 2011

Who designed airline seats?  Someone who knew the psychology of crowd control?  Think about it. No better yet let’s do a little exercise.  Sit in your chair.  Sit tall.  Allow your eyes – better yet, set your gaze forward.  Reach the top of your head to the sky, allowing the energy from above to assist in the lengthening of your spine.  Imagine space between each vertebrae.  Establish distance between your shoulders and your ears, creating a long neck.  Pull your shoulders back (shoulder blades in your pants pockets).  Sense your posture.  Sense the placement of your arm bones.  Let your arm bones hang straight down from your shoulders.  Now feel.  How do you feel?  Take a few moments to acknowledge and recognize what you feel and what you sense with your confident posture.

Now imagine you are on an airplane sitting in the typical (coach) airline seat.  I know many of us probably vary in height. But just imagine for a moment that you are seated on a plane.  Let your lower back round out toward the chair.  What happens to the rest of your body?  What do you sense?  How do you feel?  Do you feel subdued?  Do you feel controllable? Maybe just in comparison to the other posture?  When I push my lower back into the seat my postures becomes a slump, my shoulders round, my belly pushes out, and my head goes down.  I have always wondered about airplane seats.  I think they are very uncomfortable.  I could never understand why they were designed to be the opposite of the human spine.  I could never understand why they were designed to be so absolutely uncomfortable.  I think they are very bad for the human body.  I really think they are not designed at all for comfort.  Now after having been on a few planes after not having been on them for a long time, I think I might understand why.  I might actually sense why.  If I am in a state of mind where I feel I need to just comply it is easy for me to just do what I am told.  If my postures is “slumped” my head is already down and my shoulders are rounded, I can’t even take a full and proper breath, why not just sit there and be a blob.  I don’t want to think, I just want to get my free drink and get the ride over with.  I can see why people don’t want to make eye contact and be social.  It is almost as if our will has been sucked out of us.

Airline seats make me feel like a blob.  That is all I truly have room to be.  It just occurred to me on this past trip that this could be the feeling and the mentality that airlines are going after.  It is a lot easier to control 300+ people when they don’t feel very confident or very human for that matter.  I would think that people will just do what they are told when they can’t even take a full breath.  Since it is just for a short while and we “need” to be on the airplane we just put up with it.  With the advent of all the portable electronics it makes it even easier for us to just sit there like blobs all slumped over and compliant.

It is amazing how posture can affect attitude.  So the next time you aren’t feeling as chipper as you would like, check your posture.  Or if you are in a situation where you know you might get a little down, try sitting up or walking taller.  And when you are on a plane try to find a way to sit where your back can be straight, your posture good, and you can breathe fully.  I put my jacket in the small of my back so that I can sit up and not slumped over.  How about you?

8 Responses to “Posture Creates Attitude”

  1. niachick said

    Yep, my husband and I always go for the “pillow” or blankets for our lower backs while traveling via airplane. The airline with whom we travel no longer carries blankets or pillows, so the folded up jacket is the next best thing…I’ve even used my purse. We also don’t like airplane air, so we use the Young Living Essential Oil called Thieves and/or Basil. Dab a little under each nostril and it acts as a filter for yucky air. My body used to get sick after traveling due to the crummy airflow and many folks traveling with colds, flu, etc. Since we’ve been using Young Living oils, that hasn’t happened.

    Great blog Terre.


    • I have not been on an airline that has pillows or blankets, lately. They have gotten rid of those comforts, just as you said. You can buy a package that contains all that, but the airlines I have flown do not offer the use of them any longer. I think my sinuses are a little tender right now due to the airplane rides.

      Thanks for visiting.


  2. Dwight burke said

    Terre,So sorry for your loss. Hope your husband can feel better soon. When the lady that help raise me(Sara Thatcher) passed,I was lost for a while. Peggy was a pillar of strength. Sorry that we were out of town,would have love to seen the both of you. Maybe someday soon.


    • Oh, thank you, Sweet Dwight! So kind of you to stop by. I think that there will always — from here on out — be moments. Sometimes it just hits ya. I think we will feel it a lot over the Holidays. Glad that Peggy helped you through your sad time.

      When I saw Peg post that she was going to be gone all week, I thought, “Bummer!” I always told her when I was out there I would look her up. It would have been great to meet, but I am sure it will happen one of these days! It was probably for the best actually because I had wondered how I would explain to the family that I wanted to go meet a blogger. They might not have understood. Ya know? Not everyone understands how people can become friends online and through blogs and stuff. Thanks again. You are so kind!


  3. I have terrible posture. I tend to slump. My mom used to thunk me on the back and tell me to stand up straight. She is a big believer in proper posture. I am breathing and sitting straight now. Feels good. 🙂


    • I think a lot of us have a tendency to slump. I worked with a girl who’s desk was on the other side of a group of cubes (from me) and every once in a while we would “shout”, “Are you sitting up straight?” It was a great reminder.

      I think if we stand taller we feel more confident.


  4. suzicate said

    I don’t fly much, but on my last flight I was on the second row. The lady in the front row rolled in with an attitude. she stretched her feet out pushing them into the wall in front of her and pushing her seatback into us behind her…and she was plain rude to the stewardess and other passengers, griping at everyone because for some reason she had been traveling stuck in an airport for three hours…well, hey, we’d been traveling in a car for four hours to get to the airport and we were still pleasant to those around us!


    • Oh, it is so unfortunate when people are like that.

      We booked our flight very last minute, about 15 hours before, so my husband and I didn’t get to sit together. We were both stuck with middle seats. I was very fortunate on the long flight to have sat next to a very nice man who didn’t seem bothered at all when I had to get up. I think it is important to stay hydrated and that means trips to the bathroom, plus I just get bored sitting for so long. He was REALLY nice and would jump up for me. Makes flying so much nicer especially when you are stuck in the middle seat.


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