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Positive Denial and Realistic Negativity

Posted by terrepruitt on May 7, 2013

There is such a thin line in regards to so many things.  I recently was listening to a song called “The Thin Line Between Love And Hate.” and while I don’t necessarily believe that, I do believe there is a thin line between being positive and being in denial and being realistic and being negative.  Well, maybe the line is not so thin, but there is a difference.  I believe that a positive attitude can help with a lot of things.  It can help make a situation better.  It can defuse a situation.  It can allow for more positive things to happen.  It can heal.  But at the same time it is important to not be in denial of a situation.  Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, ZumbaEven if there is acknowledgement at some point and then you chose to never look at the situation again because you are concentrating on being positive.  I think that is somewhat ok.  As long as you know somewhere deep inside and can face it when and if you need to.  Then, there is also being realistic.  With some things you just have to face the facts.  It is good to know what is going on.  It is important to know the situation, but that doesn’t mean you are being negative.  There could be a situation in which it is important to look at the facts and make decisions based on those facts even if those “facts” are actually POSSIBLE consequences or outcomes.  Even if they are less than favorable.  I choose to be realistic, but then not dwell on it.  I think dwelling on the less than favorable stuff becomes negative.  And negativity doesn’t really get you anywhere.  It blocks positive energy.  To me, it thwarts your power.  But again . . . there are fine lines between all of this.  And everyone has different limits.  It is so difficult to know people’s limits and their lines.

There could be a situation where you happen to be with the person at their point of being so positive you might think they are in denial.  Sometimes you have to wait these times out to see.  Sometimes it could be that the person will just function better being in that constant endless state of denial.  Sometimes they are just doing what they feel they need to do to get through the situation.  Sometimes they know, but they are being positive.

And it could also be that you happen to be with the person in their state of recognizing and coming to terms with reality and it might appear as if they are super duper negative.  I like to wait that out a bit too.  I am usually so eager to be the cheerleader and start with the “positives” but I also think it is good to be realistic, but I don’t like to “stay” there. In some instances, I feel that I need to not contribute to the reality and just let them state their beliefs or facts they know to be true.

It is all so interesting the human psyche.  Whew.  At times it is difficult to know when to be positive, when to support the denial, and when to contribute to the reality.  I rarely believe in dwelling on the negative, but you might catch me in a moment where I am facing the reality of it and think that I am negative, but give me a few minutes and I am sure I will get back to the positive!

Do you know what I mean?  Ever been in a situation where you have to stop and think about which state you will be in; positive, denial, realistic, or negative?  Ever have to decide where you need to be to be the most helpful?

2 Responses to “Positive Denial and Realistic Negativity”

  1. My French Heaven said

    Great post!!


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