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Gotta Be Paranoid

Posted by terrepruitt on May 8, 2019

Recently I was reminded about how no matter what, you have to be diligent. It helped me feel better about my recent actions at the grocery store. I was at the grocery store and pulled my cart next to the produce I wanted to buy but then realized that the bags were across the aisle. It really was only about four or five steps away and I took one step toward the bags but then decided that as much as it was an annoyance I had better either take my purse or the whole cart. I felt foolish, but I pulled my cart over to the bag dispenser and grabbed a few bags. Sadly that is what we have to do in order to keep (adjective) thieves that see things as opportunities at bay. It only takes a second for a practiced pickpocket/thief/(adjective) to take your purse or your wallet out of your purse. And it only takes that one time for you to drop your guard and then you are stuck dealing with the aftermath. It can happen to anyone.

I won’t buy a purse that does not zip and it is not really because people can easily slip their hand into bags with one snap, it is more because I literally throw my purses around and I don’t like the stuff to fall out. It is just an extra added bonus that a zipped purse is more difficult to grab a wallet out of.

It is so unfortunate that we always have to be on the alert and on the defensive but there are experts (adjective) thieves out there that know how to use sleight of hand and distraction to take what they want. When they take what they want they leave a trail of waste. The violation they have done. They have taken what is yours and what you have worked for. They have taken your information and your sense of safety. It is just so awful.

I have often wanted to post about my habit when I go to the grocery store, because I think it might help someone. Then I convince myself that it is silly. But this past week has made me think that being cautious is not silly and while it may seem paranoid, if it saves us from having to deal with the aftermath of the (adjective) thieves then it is needed.

In addition to guarding my purse in my cart like a mother bear guards her cubs, my diligence doesn’t stop when I leave the store. I park my cart next to my car. I unlock my car and put my purse in my car then I LOCK my car. I want my purse locked in my car and not sitting in my cart while I am busy putting my groceries in my trunk. I want to make sure my car is locked so that someone can’t just walk by while I am bent over in my truck and grab my purse. Those cars that have all the doors unlock when one door is open are just asking for trouble. I make sure my purse is locked up.

That way if the “I need help” type of (adjective) thieves try to get my purse the door will be locked. One person trying to distract me while the other one gets my purse type of thing can’t happen.

Sadly, we just must be diligent. You can’t hang your purse on your chair and think it is ok. You can’t leave your purse in your cart and be a step away from it and think it is ok. You can’t have your purse in your unlocked car while you are right there getting gas and think it is ok. Thieves are *adjectives* so you have to guard against them.

I hope you all stay safe.

What savvy thing do you do to protect against adjective thieves? What advise do you have? What stories do you have to share?

8 Responses to “Gotta Be Paranoid”

  1. Sonja Troncoso said

    I started using the cart baby seatbelts to lock in my purse straps, and snap the purse closed. I have been fearful though if my cell phone is exposed, that has my shopping list on it. Costco has a simple shopping list page that i use and check off deletes items once in the cart. You pointed out locking the car, yes, purse first, then empty the cart. My hatchback opens when my key is near, so sometimes i dont unlock the car at all and put my purse in the trunk first, then grab it at the end. Just grab those keys first lol..

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know that the carts I use have straps, that is a good idea – and making sure it is closed. The (adjective) thieves don’t always take the whole purse, they a slick enough to just grab the wallet . . . that is all they really need. I used to not worry about my phone because it was six years old, but now I do. Nice Costco has made it easy for shoppers. With putting my purse in the car and locking it that is one sure way I don’t lock my keys in my car! That would be a drag! I usually hook my keys in my waistband, but I am always wearing my workout pants and they often fall all the way through! Oh yeah, a lot of cars open with key fobs are near . . . I have an old car that has actually keys and I have to use one to unlock my trunk!

      Thanks for reading and sharing your tips and habits!


  2. I put my wallet in my front pocket. I also use the extra security features available for online services such as banking. In case I lose my keys I have a lock box with a spare key so I can get in.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gail said

    Hi Terry, yes unfortunately we need to be proactive. Copy the cards you carry in your wallet front and back. In the event your wallet is lost or stolen, you will have all the information needed to quickly report the theft/loss! Gail


  4. Lucia Foster said

    So glad you shared this. I preach this all the time. I even warn some women who I see being sized up for the big snatch. One of the times this happened at a Starbucks in the mall. She was carrying a very expensive purse unzipped with her IPhone and wallet right at the top. Some guy was sitting there watching her the whole time. I give her the heads up and after that he left.

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