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HELP! Which Emoji Do I Use?

Posted by terrepruitt on August 28, 2019

Do you use emojis? Frankly I am afraid to! I don’t know what half of them mean and sometimes the meaning that is assigned to them is just way off target, in my opinion. I don’t actually text that many people and so I really don’t have that many opportunities to use them – thank God! – but sometimes even then I use them wrong. My most used emoji is the kissing face with a heart*

Face Blowing a Kiss on Apple iOS 12.2 because I primarily only text with people I love; my husband, my niece, three or four of my friends.  I just recently noticed it was winking and promptly forgot that it was.

And, just a side note, what is up with that “FREQUENTLY USED”? I can use an emoji once OR . . . . or really not even USE it, just click on it to see what it is or click on it accidentally and not even send it and it still appears on my “FREQUENTLY USED”. That bugs me because then it takes the place of one I do use, but maybe not “”FREQUENTLY” and then I have to go searching for it again.

Ok, back to the emojis themselves. I recently read a post where there was

Hugging Face on Apple iOS 12.2



Kissing Face on Apple iOS 12.2

and someone wrote “why the hug and kiss emojis?” I was surprised, I really thought the first one was Jazz Hands and that is how I use it. And you might wonder how one uses Jazz Hands in a conversation . . . well, I can’t really explain that, but I do! So case in point as to why I am afraid to use emojis. I think a lot of them are not what I think they are.

Before I started typing this I did a search to see if the first one was a hug, I found 25 Secret Second Meanings of These Popular Emojis and it said

Open Hands on Apple iOS 12.2is a hug. Again, not sure I would have used X as a hug. But then again those are the SECRET SECOND MEANINGS. I just type HUG or HUGS (or hug or hugs) since I don’t know the correct emoji. I didn’t even read all of the explanations in that article because I don’t see myself needing to know the SECRET meanings.

Ah . . . .looking at the other results; here it is Emojipedia. Now I can use emoji safely. I knew there was a site that would steer me in the right directions I just haven’t looked it up before.

What about you? Do you use emojis?  What do you use the most? Are you going to use emojipedia to see if you are using them “correctly”?  Do you have your own meaning for any of them?

*which I just learned was blowing a kiss, I always use it as I love you and I am kissing you!

4 Responses to “HELP! Which Emoji Do I Use?”

  1. I use them all the time! I stay away from hands and kisses tho… don’t want peeps to feel molested lol. I use hearts for love (and I love lots of things!), cats with heart eyes, regular heart eyes, starry eyes (for excitement), barfy faces (for yucky things), laughing faces, lots of smileys… and my “most used” would be the sarcastic eye roll!

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    • Ha! I do use hearts, cats, cats with heart eyes, I have used the barfy face but not much. I use the sarcastic eye roll, too! Some of the faces though just seem like they could have a lot of different meanings. As I said I usually stick to using them with close friends and family. Sometimes they just end up being a question mark because we are all on different iOS. Thanks for sharing!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I usually use the cat smiling or hearts, but that’s about it. I’m not a big emoji user.

    Liked by 1 person

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