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Archive for September 23rd, 2020

Magnetic Eyeliner And Magnetic Eyelashes Part 1

Posted by terrepruitt on September 23, 2020

Ohmyword! I can make my eyelashes pretty long. Curling them and putting mascara on. But I have very few eye lashes. I always have had sparse eyelashes. At a couple of points in my life I’ve worn fake eyelashes to fill in “bald” spots in my lash line, first one eye then the other. I have very deep set eyes so I think eyelashes help bring them out a little bit. So I really like to have eyelashes. I remember buying a full set with glitter on them thinking it would be fun to wear them when I dressed up for an anniversary. But I didn’t take into account the glitter falling off into my eyes. I remember contacts and glitter don’t mix, but I don’t remember if I wore them through the night or took them off or what . . . maybe as I was getting ready I realized it and didn’t wear them . . . I don’t know. As time goes on my eyes are even more hooded than they used to be and my eyelashes even more sparse.  I know there are some amazing mascaras out there that can plump, lengthen, and multiply your eyelashes, but I have not invested in them. I rarely wear makeup so it is impossible for me to spend more than $7.00 on a tube of mascara because I might only get five uses out of it because it dries up and gets clumpy so fast. If I were wearing makeup every day that would be a different story, since I am not, it is just not worth spending more. Those magnetic eyelashes had intrigued me. The ones that are a top and a bottom (think sandwich) and you put your real lashes in between them. But those are always REALLY big and thick and it doesn’t seem like my poor little eyelashes would do well smooshed between a set of eyelashes so I never got any of those. But you may be aware, nowadays they have magnetic eyeliner that attracts the magnetic eyelashes. So you can actually just wear one line of eyelashes instead of two like sandwich bread. I decided to treat myself to some for my birthday.

We have some friends that we Zoom with every week and since it is the ONLY socialization that we do where I can wear regular clothes and put on makeup*, I do. But on camera my puny little eyelashes look even less “there” and sometimes it is so hot by the time the meeting has started the curl (and length) has completely fallen out of my eyelashes and I am back to looking like I have no eyelashes. Now, mind you, the couple that we Zoom with COULD NOT careless, neither could my husband (bless all of their hearts), it is just me. I like to have it LOOK like I put on makeup when I actually put on makeup. And, this is seriously the only “regular” socialization that we do. So . . . I decided a little treat would be fun.

Now, since I started thinking about getting the magnetic eyelashes I have been inundated with ads on Facebook. There were two companies that were showing up, once I actually did a search I received ads from many more companies. There are a lot of companies that sell lashes. I was looking for a lash with five magnets because I was under the impression that the lashes are long and I would have to cut them to fit my eye so I didn’t want a three magnet lash and end up cutting one off. I was also looking for something REALLY affordable because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money when I wasn’t even sure I was going to like them or if they would work. And then I started thinking I wanted some that came in a set with more than one pair because it would be fun to have REALLY big crazy ones. I would always look at the lashes and choose the less long length and “sparse” ones (those terms are relative). I had just wanted to add to mine not take them over.  (Spoiler alert:  THAT CHANGED!)

I ordered some and they arrived a day earlier then I was told. I was so excited, I ripped them out of the box ready to slap ’em on to see what they were like. Then I thought, “Ugh. I better read the directions.” So I did, the directions say to do an “allergy test”. That sounded like a great idea. But it didn’t say WHAT that was. The internet said to put the eyeliner behind your ear or something. And to wait 24 hours. Well, yeah . . . no. I am not that patient. So I shook the eyeliner bottle (I followed that instruction at least) and applied a thin line of one layer on my eyelid. Then I put the eyelash up to my eyelid and “schloop!” it stuck. It’s cool. It’s fun. That first time I didn’t do it close enough to my nose. I also didn’t do the second eye because if I was allergic I didn’t need BOTH eyes swollen and/or crusty.

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I got the set on Amazon for $15.29 since then the price went down to $14.99. They are FAKE eyelashes, as in, they are not real hair/fur. The kit comes with four pair of eyelashes (in little round cases), magnetic eyeliner, and a METAL pair of tweezers. I don’t understand the metal tweezers because the second time (the time I was going to actually wear the eyelashes) I picked the eyelash up with the tweezers and it stuck to it. No! I don’t want it sticking then it won’t attract nicely to my eye!  So I just use my fingers to put the lashes on.

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The eyeliner is like a coating. So when I take the eyelashes off the liner sticks to the eyelash/magnet and peels it off my eye. I can scratch/peel the rest off of my eye if I want or just use make up remover.  I use makeup remover.

I don’t want a THICK line of eyeliner so I do it as thin as possible and I only do one coat. I don’t wear them for a long time. The first time it was about 3.5 to 4 hours and they made it pretty well. This last time (only the second time) they started to come off on the inside. Again, I might have needed more eyeliner or they just might have been at their time limit – it was about 7 hours.

UGH – post is so long . . . tune in for part 2.

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