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February 2021

Posted by terrepruitt on February 1, 2021

So, it is February . . . already.  Time is so weird.  In some respects it flies and in some respects it drags.  So, I am having to do some things – business-wise and I am trying some new things personal-wise.  What is up with you?  What do you have planned for February 2021?  Or what do you think is in store?  What are you looking forward to?

While I don’t think anything HAS to be “up”, nor do I think one has to have plans, I just thought I would ask because I seemed to be busy and I see a few things brewing so some people and there seems to be some excitement in the air.  So . . .tell me . . .

6 Responses to “February 2021”

  1. I’m learning Hebrew. I’ve tried it before, but I think this time I just might learn it enough to read the Bible. But if I don’t it doesn’t matter.

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    • WOW! That is a big thing – learning another language. I imagining knowing it enough to read the bible – which is a challenge in English – is a big task. I am sure you will have fun along the way!

      Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Michelle said

    I know what you mean about time. Some days in January seemed to really drag. But now that it’s over it seems it went by quickly!
    This month we’re house hunting. Today we’re going to look at a house that I’ve been watching for a while. Fingers crossed!


    • Oh wow! House hunting. Another thing that is two things, or even more – it is fun and exciting, but scaring and nerve wracking. I always have to remember that the perfect house (for me) is out there – I mean, when I was house hunting – I was so disappointed when we didn’t get what we wanted, but it turned out the perfect house was what we ended up with. Enjoy.

      Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Donna S Holt said

    I recently learned how to host a zoom meeting and show a video presentation as well. I’m leading an online Bible Study. So far so good. My participants range in age from mid 60’s to 80. So I’m very pleased they have mastered zoom.


    • That is so great, Donna. I am amazed. I haven’t even mastered Zoom and I don’t plan on getting it down anytime soon. As soon as something seems to settle they do an update. I just did an update today and hopefully it wasn’t anything new or groundbreaking and it won’t mess with any of my settings . . . but who knows . . . every day is a new day! So nice of you to lead a Bible Study online so that people can safely get in their studies from home! Thanks for sharing, Donna!


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