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My Latest Favorite

Posted by terrepruitt on October 4, 2021

Lately I am loving this stretch. Looks yummy, huh? I have been stretching everyday for about nine months now and this is one I love. It gets a lot of the body. As you are more-than-likely aware the more often you stretch the more chance there is that your body becomes more flexible. There are always going to be days where the body is more tight than others, but if you have a daily or even a three-times-a-week stretching practice you will notice a difference.

There are all kinds of stretches, but I think a lot of people will agree that lying down stretches are nice. It gives you the air of resting while also doing something to help with flexibility. This stretch might be touted as a side stretch or a lower back stretch . . . but it really depends on where you need it because it has the potential of being a lot of muscles/area stretch. And with a modification the areas that can be stretch can increase.

So, let me explain what is going on. Keep in mind that I may not be perfectly posed as it is a hilarious feat to press the button then get down on the ground . . . once I get down I always manage to forget something (foot angle, arm straight, smile, etc.) in the short time of the timer then as soon as it clicks I think, “Oh . . . ”

First of all make sure there is enough empty space around you so you don’t hit or kick anything when you are fully lengthened.
Then lie on your back. I will explain one side then just do the opposite to stretch the other side.
Turn to lie on your right side, putting your knees together. Knees are slightly bent and thighs are at about a 45° angle.
Straighten out the left (top) leg.
Keeping your knees together, roll onto your shoulders creating a twist in your torso.
Straighten your left (top) arm. The idea is to create a line from your left fingers to your left toes, like a slash or half of an X. Your right arm can be however it is most comfortable for you.

I gently lift my shoulders off the ground so I can reach my right shoulder more to the left and try to get both my shoulders and left arm on the ground.

For me, I feel the stretch in my left arm, my left side, my lower back, and my left hamstring.

In order to increase the intensity to sense “more of a stretch” I like to bring my left (top) foot/leg up closer to my right hand and hold it and really reach further away with my left hand. This moves the stretch a bit and I feel as if it gets more of the side I am stretching.

I often suggest to my students, to move their top arm around to see which stretch is best for them. As I said some days we are more tight than others and sometimes the areas of tightness change so it is sometimes necessary to tweak the stretches so we get the best out of our time.

So? What do you think? Is this yummy? I think it is.

Let me hear it. What have you got to say about this post?

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