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Exciting Times

Posted by terrepruitt on October 18, 2021

We recently got a new set of pots and pans. Crazy thing to post about, huh? But I like ’em and wanted to share, plus I wanted to see if anyone else had them and how they are holding up. I understand that non-stick pans may allow things to leech into your food, but I was led to believe that the newer coatings might be more safe. But . . . who knows . . . years from now they will claim they are bad. You know how things are. I am not good at cooking in pots and pans that are not coated. I have a very nice, very expensive set of pans that have no coating, but I rarely use them because it is difficult for me to cook in them. What had finally happen to the set we just replaced was ALL of the coating was coming off. I am pretty sure THAT was not good.

I, of course, was looking for BLUE pots and pans and I found a few sets. But the manufacturers of pots and pans are horrific in the sets they put together. As with anything, one gets used to cooking with certain sized pans so I was tasked with getting the exact sizes that we had. We had THREE pots – THREE, not two and for some reason most sets only came with two sizes. They had things I didn’t want like strainers and other sized pans but not the three sized pots we had.

But I kept searching and I found a set that had the three sized pots we wanted to have. It had more pans than we needed, but . . . it had the pots. Oh, another thing the set had to have was a good return policy. I was shopping online and need to be able to return it if we didn’t like it.

We ended up with a set that includes – 8” skillet, 10” fry pan, 12.5” fry pan, 1.5-quart sauce pan with lid, 2.5-quart sauce pan with lid, 3-quart chef’s pan with lid, 3-quart sauté pan with lid, 6-quart stock pot with lid. It was the 2.5 quart sauce pan (pot) that most sets were missing. And since I call sauce pans pots I wasn’t sure I was getting what I wanted. And none of my current pots had information on them as to what size they were.  So I wasn’t exactly sure we were getting the EXACT same sizes (as I was tasked to do).

Anyway . . . so far so good. The bottom of one pan is already scratched up . . . but that is ok. They are not hanging out. It is the inside I am more concerned with. They are flat and sit on the stove . . . that was something I was missing as all of our pans were warped. These ones are light enough to pick up with something in them, but not so light they spin on the stove. So far so good. They are also truly non-stick. I have cooked without fat in them, although I do prefer the flavor and crispiness that one gets from cooking with fat or oil . . . but I can do without it sometimes.

So . . . does anyone else have these Granitestone Pro Pots and Pans with Ultra Nonstick Diamond & Mineral Coating? If so, how are they holding up? If not, what kind of pots and pans do you have?

8 Responses to “Exciting Times”

  1. Donna S Holt said

    looks great I hope you will have wonderful cooking experiences.


  2. KDKH said

    Once we got parrots, we had to switch to stainless Steel or cast iron cookware. Not because the coating leaches into the food, but because it leaches into the air. And the chemicals they leach into the air could kill our parrots. There are many documented cases of this. 😳 So we made the switch about 12 years ago and have liked it. No more worries about scratching the coating, never having to wonder which tiny scratch in the coating is too many, and the pan must be replaced. So, give yourself a bonus congratulations that you not only have new pots & Pans, but that you also don’t have a parrot!


    • Yes, it was the coating and the birds in which I first heard that non-stick coating was not good. That is why I bought a full set of pans without the coating. I figured if it is not good for birds it is probably not good for humans and any pets. But, apparently I am not a skilled enough cook to cook without the non-stick coating. I enjoy cooking but when cleaning one pan up takes as long as both the cooking and the eating combined I get frustrated. I was hoping the ones I bought didn’t have that bad stuff, but sadly it does.

      Liked by 1 person

      • KDKH said

        Well, parrot chests are made of huge air sacs, and not much more. A few tiny organs. So you may console yourself with knowing that proportionally, you are more solid and the tiny bit of off-gas isn’t going to bother you. Enjoy your new pots and pans! I think that is something to celebrate!


  3. Hi Terre, How you store your nonstick pots and pans also has a bearing on how long they last. I have 4 nonstick frying pans and I bought 4 black hand towels and sewed then into “pillowcases” for each frying pan. So I can stack them ontop of each other without the nonstick surface getting incidental scratches when being stored.


    • Thank you. I have things I purchased (they look like asterisks!), old potholders, and old hand towels that we place in between pots and pans. Could be why the last ones last at least 18 years!


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