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Making It Stop

Posted by terrepruitt on November 7, 2022

Ahh-haa! I’ve got it! The real way to get people to vote. Ok, I know it is a privilege and as a woman I know it was a hard won one, but it is such a challenge.  I feel pretty confident in saying that we all know that our devices spy on us.  Most of us have experienced a situation where we were looking on the internet or talking to someone about something and the next thing you know there is an ad for it showing up on your device.  We know marketing is insidious.  They pretty much can know what we have done, are doing, or are going to do so I want them to put that to constructive use.  Instead of having reminders on Facebook and Twitter, and ads with celebrities telling us to vote why don’t they make it so once we DO vote we no longer have to see or receive any more voting propaganda?  They would stop showing us the endless ads and sending all the flyers.

Both the ads and the flyers are beyond ridiculous and the amounts in which they are done (both played and sent) are on the verge of harassment!!!  This year is the first year in a long time that I was done before election day . . . yet I have still been suffering through all of the ridiculous ads.   And the mailers . . . . my word, it amazes me that these politicians have the gall to say they are concerned about the environment yet I have stacks and stacks of flyers that just get thrown away.  It could be set up that big-bang-boom–you did your civic duty you don’t have to suffer through all the endless crap! If they can send me ads for things I’ve looked for and talked about they can stop the ads once my ballot has been dropped off/mailed.

If voting would make the stuff stop I think some of us might be encouraged to do it sooner.  I think THAT would be a good use of all the technology they have been creating!  Wouldn’t that be cool?

Do you get tired of the ads on TV?  Do you have a garbage can full of mailers that you didn’t even look at? (Maybe you looked at them, but your garbage is still full of them.)

4 Responses to “Making It Stop”

  1. Absolutely!! Since the marketing world (and the government) know everything else about out us, the least they could so is stop sending us campaign literature after we’ve voted. I hate those things, but the commercials are worst. They’re all so negative that it makes me not want to vote for anyone!

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    • Exactly. I believe it can be done. I also, sadly, believe it is a fantasy. They will never stop. Earlier this year I mentioned to someone, “Oh no, it is election time we are going to get all the mailers.” And she said that she never DOES NOT get them. She says she gets them all the time because (in her area) there is always some sort of election going on. And, the big thing is, as you said, they are so negative. All they do is claim all the “bad” stuff the other party did, but never tell me what they are going to do. I am tired of propaganda that says, “I believe everyone should have clean air, clean water, good jobs, affordable housing, less traffic, etc. . . . . ” Yeah, they all say that (we all want that) but very few explain how they feel they can accomplish all of that OR ANY of that. It is so very disheartening.

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      • That’s exactly how I feel!!! Don’t tell me the obvious, and don’t slam your opponent. Just tell me, in detail, exactly how you plan to address our problems. Only then will I vote for candidate. I wrote about this today, too. I know it won’t be one of my popular posts, but I don’t care. It’s how I really feel!

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        • OBVIOUS is right! And one of our candidates that is all he did. Everything; mailers and website it was JUST the obvious with no suggestion as to how he was going to accomplish it! And when they just bad-mouth the opposition it sometimes seems like slight-of-hand . . . what did YOU do that you are so guilty about that you have to say your opponent did something bad? They probably don’t tell us how they can accomplish anything they talk about because they can’t. They can’t actually do anything because it is all a nasty game about money.

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