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Really? The Goodie Jar?

Posted by terrepruitt on March 29, 2014

I had started a post telling the story of my mom’s last few years but then I had to go be with her. It was the first half of Deciding On Death. I was trying to finish it today, but I have to go. I have to get to her.

I realized as I was typing the title Deciding On Death that it might make people think my mom decided to die instead of stay alive. But that really was not the case earlier this week. She was told by the doctors that she had to pick the day. So a more accurate title would have been Deciding Which Day To Die.

Anyway . . . you might be wondering how I can be thinking about a Goodie Jar when faced with this awful thing. Well, I will tell you. First of all everyone deals with death differently. I’ve know this, but I very much experienced when my mother-in-law died. We all have our own way.

The way we are having to go through this is really awful and hard, but death is a part of life. We all die. Period. There is no getting around that.

For me, I have faith. I have faith in a plan, I have faith in an after life, I have faith in God. My mom, is really strong and is just being amazing . . . . she is helping us through this. I am also keeping really busy. I have also turned to my social network. I have an idea that when a loved one dies most people want to shout it out, most people want the world to know their pain — for whatever reason —- and I wanted to shout it out, so I did. And let me tell you, best thing I did! BEST. THING.

At one moment I was peaceful. Then someone shared an issue with me and wanted me to deal with it — even though it was not MY issue it was theirs and someone else’s — and that raised my stress level. Then I looked at my phone and saw an unfamiliar number. I thought it was a sales call but decided to listen to it anyway. And — SNAP! — Right then and there two seconds after I heard the voice and Jill announced her name, I was calmed. I was FILLED to the brim with joy. She has a beautiful voice and I had NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE. Her voice calmed me. Her words filled me. I am loved. I am supported. I said to myself, “HECK YEAH!” Because I had hesitated before I posted and then — BAM! — right away, the return was fabulous. I was transported into a good place.

And it is continuing to come. I am getting love, support, all the sparkles I asked for. I am getting stories about my mom. Stuff I didn’t know that is really cool to know. I just commented on my blog post to someone, “I guess they don’t call it support for nothing! ;-)”

So, remember all this time I have been telling you that the Goodie Jar is to remind us to take a moment to look at the good even though there is “other stuff”. Yeah, I wasn’t just blowing smoke people. There is ALWAYS good. And — for me, I am not saying that anyone else has to do this, this is ME, for me, myself and I — I HAVE to look at the good. I have to focus on the positive otherwise you would need a huge SHAM-WOW to mop up a huge Terre-size puddle that was on the floor!

So everyone of you that has taken time to share a story, send uber goodness at me and my family — YOU are all going in my Goodie Jar! I am ready to transfer to a bigger container now. Thank you.

(Monday, March 31, 2014, 1:00 pm)

What are YOU putting in your Goodie Jar?


PS  –  I reserve the right to become a puddle.  🙂

8 Responses to “Really? The Goodie Jar?”

  1. Joan Meyer said

    Great perspective! Glad you are getting support and that you shared this! Way to stay strong and supported! All the best you can get! I”m sure you give this much all the time also.. so not it’s your turn!! Take care….. yes, and breathe!


  2. stacy b said

    Oh my you are an amazing and strong and I am in awe of you. As you know my Mom is going through chemo right now (8 down and 4 to go). I was a puddle reading your original post putting myself in your shoes and wondering how I will cope when it is my turn. All day today I thought of you when I let my customer’s know they can pick up their mail on the 31st. I thought they have no idea what is going on that day. I am not good at remembering dates (hence the tattoo of our anniversary on my wrist) but I think I will forever remember the 31st and the decision you mom has made to let go of this world and venture into the next life. Now I know where you get it from. Peace my friend to you and your family.


    • XOXO!

      The card you sent me is going in the Goodie Jar. Thank you so much for that. I received it at the perfect time even though you had no idea, huh? Funny how that works. It is lovely. Thank you!


  3. Diva said

    I always look for the good so I am with you! ❤ When my mom passed I was thankful. She was no longer in pain, She had a VERY strong faith in God! I know she's in a MUCH BETTER place! This place can be depressing and full of hurt and pain and she was no longer going to be subjected to any of that! My mom was fun and funny….even right in the middle of her storm! This also made finding the happy memories easy. I hope the same for you. Those silly moments and the fun memories we had are very special, healing remedies ❤ I am praying for you to remember all of the wonderful things about her and your relationship with her! BIG HUGS to you!


  4. Joan Meyer said

    Thought about you all day yesterday… Talked with others about you and your mom… still thinking about you and wondering…… hugs!


    • Hello,

      I was debating on whether to write another post or not, then I saw your comment and since I was going to have to type it up to a lot of people I decided to post something. I don’t mean for my blog to turn into a “Death of Diane” thing, but this is what is going on with me right now. And I did share the story so I need to keep sharing until it is over. I think. Plus I might back up a bit to brag about how incredible my mom is/was (see? I don’t even know what tense to use.) because of all she went through.

      Thanks for the hugs.



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