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Guaranteed Parking

Posted by terrepruitt on July 17, 2017

I hate paying for parking. I just don’t like it. I will drive around and look for a spot that is free. I don’t mind having to walk a bit to where I am going to save on a parking fee. If I am going to be shopping where I am parking I would rather spend my money on items than parking. I won’t even get into the exorbitant amount charged for parking at sporting events or concerts. I really would like to see the costs to operate for those events, because I think $25 to park is ludicrous. I don’t even go to downtown in my city because parking is paid. I just hate to pay for parking. Even though I hate to pay for parking sometimes it seems as if I just have to. I mean, sometimes I do go downtown and if I want to, I have to pay for parking. So when I do I try to remember to look online ahead of time to see the closest and least expensive place to park. I had never thought there would be apps for that. But OF COURSE there are! Right? I bet the people who go to areas all the time that charge for parking are aware of these apps . . . but since I don’t, I wasn’t. Did you know? Did you know there are applications (yeah, remember, that is their long name) that allow you to book and pay ahead of time?

Not only can you book and pay ahead of time these apps will guarantee you a spot! Ahhhhhh. . . . that makes it much better, yes? So instead of having to leave early to make sure you can get a parking space you can use the app and book in advance. That might make parking downtown and having to pay for it a little less annoying. At least I would know I had a spot. I mean, sometimes even after I have checked out the “best” place for me to park when I go downtown it might be full. So then I am left driving around trying to find another place. And another reason I hate going downtown is all of the one way streets. Ugh. Make one wrong turn and I am left driving for blocks just to get back to where I started. So having a spot waiting for me would make it less stressful.

Since I just learned about these applications, I only am aware of three. There is ParkWhiz, SpotHero, and Parking Panda.

ParkWhiz’s website claims you can reserve a spot in over 200 cities. That is pretty amazing. It is based in Chicago so that is definitely one of the cities the app works in. Of course they can reserve spots in all the large cities. They claim that you can save up to 50% on “drive up rates”. You can book daily and monthly parking. And they have airport and special event parking. ParkWhiz has the most cities available.

I also glanced at SpotHero’s website. They have parking available in 32 cities. For most people that would probably be enough. I mean even with just 32 (compared to ParkWhiz’s 200) you are going to find it available in all of the major cities. Their site says that you can save up to 50%.

Parking Panda’s banner says, “Find and Reserve Parking Purchase guaranteed parking in over 40 cities!” So they work in 40 cities. Even Toronto, Canada – which I don’t see on the list of either of the other websites. Parking Panda’s website boasts that you can save of to 70% on parking.

Since San Jose is a major city, they would work for me if I ever go downtown again!  Now the key will be for me to remember to use these applications when I do venture downtown.

So there you go. I learned something new . . . and helpful. I mean, I actually did learn a lot of new stuff today, but I don’t think much, if any of it was helpful . . . but this . . . this is helpful. I hope I helped you, too.

Did you know? Is this something you would use? Does driving around looking for parking seem like something you could do without?


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