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Butterfly, Baddha Konasana, Bound Angle

Posted by terrepruitt on August 11, 2015

A great hip opener is Baddha Konasana.  Baddha means bound and kona means angle.  So this is Bound Angle.  I learned this pose as Butterfly.  I like this pose.  This is great for the hips.  It can be a very intense stretch for the inner thighs.  This is the pose where you sit up tall, legs straight out in front of you, then bend your knees and roll your thighs outward, so your knees are facing out to the sides.  You have the soles of your feet together.  Your heels are as close to your pelvis as is comfortable.  Then you hook your two fingers of each hand around your big toes.  Your knees are the “angle” and your hands hold your feet for the “bound”.

In my gentle yoga classes I instruct the students to bring the soles of the feet together while their legs are out in front of them.  Then I have them bring their their feet to their pelvis.  This way people are getting the stretch that is enough for them.  People will bring their feet in as far as they can.  I have also instructed this asana where the students bring one leg in close to the pelvis, then the other.  The idea is to get the stretch your body needs and will allow.  When props are available they can be used to help support the knees.  Without props it works to bring your feet in only as far as is comfortable.

If holding your toes is not comfortable, you can use your hands to support you, allowing you to keep your spine long and tall.  Check to make certain your weight is balanced on both sitz bones.

This pose is said to have the following benefits:

frees the hip joints
stretches the adductors
relieves mild depression
relieves anxiety
relieves fatigue
strengthens the back and the spine
improves circulation through the hips, legs, and pelvic region
keeps kidney and prostrate gland healthy
treats urinary tract disorders
keeps ovaries healthy
helps open blocked fallopian tubes
good prep for child birth

If you want MORE of a stretch you can gently press on the knees, pushing them towards the floor.  Or you can fold forward from the hips.  But remember to listen to your body.  Having your knees touch the ground is not necessarily better.  Wherever you SENSE the stretch (“wherever” as in wherever your knees are) is where you should be.  The pose is about stretching the hips and legs, so whatever you do that does that is great!

Also . . . keep in mind that the benefits are listed as possible benefits people may have experienced.  The list in no way represents a substitution for medical attention.  This is pose is not a substitute for seeing a doctor if you have known or suspected issues with any of the things listed.

Also, if you have knee issues this might not be the best pose for you.  Again . . . .listen to your body.

Are you familiar with this asana?  Do you do this asana?  Do you like this asana?

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