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Plank It, Plank It Good! (Day Eight)

Posted by terrepruitt on March 8, 2013

So, even though we eventually want to add time to the duration of our plank, we also want to make certain that our plank is “good”.  So before you add on some time, make certain that you are in proper form.  As I mentioned before, a mirror would be helpful.  If you don’t have a mirror maybe you have a camera with a timer and you can set it up to take a picture of you while you are planking so you can see the position of your body.  Or if you have an iPad you can set it up so the camera is on you while you are looking at the display.  Or if you have someone that can take a picture for you, do that.  I would strongly recommend YOU looking at you as opposed to you asking someone, “Hey, how do I look?” or “Am I in alignment?”  When you ask someone they might not really know what you mean by “straight” or “in alignment” so they might say yes and you aren’t.  Or, they might say no but you really believe you are so you don’t really think they know what they are talking about.  Or a hundred other possibilities.

I am not sure if I’ve shared this before, but once I was working with a trainer and she told me to bring my foot straight back.  And I did.  I did the exercise again and she told me to try to bring my foot straight back next time.  So I did the exercise again, and she said, bring your foot straight back.  Every time I brought my foot back I THOUGHT I was going straight back.  Finally I just asked her to move my foot to where “straight back” actually was.  I stopped and sensed the difference and said, “Oh.”  I was really off.  But I didn’t realize it.  I thought I was going straight back.  So you might think you are in alignment so it really helps to be able to SEE for YOURSELF.  That way you can also figure out how much of an adjustment you need.  Maybe your hips are sagging so you need to move them up.  Maybe your hips are too high.  Whatever it is YOU can see with your own eyes and then use your body sense to adjust!

So . . . are you?  Are you planking it?  Are you planking it good?

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Have You Planked Today (Day 5)

Posted by terrepruitt on March 5, 2013

Fifth Day Of Our Month Of Planking.  Well, what is your report?  If you are just learning the plank it is ok to do it for really short periods.  Then as you get stronger, build up your muscle endurance you can do it for longer.

Remember to keep your spine straight and everything; head, belly, hips, knees all in alignment.  Also remember to breathe.  The habit is to hold one’s breath, but muscles and your brain need oxygen, so breathe!

Still with us?

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A Few Seconds CAN Make A Difference

Posted by terrepruitt on February 28, 2013

So, a new month, a new challenge, yes?  Wanna?  This one will be super easy — time wise — I know, KNOW that you can fit it into your schedule because it is only going to be from 15 seconds — yes, SECONDS, to 90 seconds!  You can find 15 seconds in a day to do something right?  Fifteen seconds every day!  What do you say, wanna commit up to 90 seconds a day for the month of March?  Well, before you say yes you want to know what it is you are saying yes too, huh?  Well, ok.  Planking!  You know the position where most people start a push-up?  There is that plank or the version where you are on your forearms.  The forearm position is the one I am going to recommend for this little challenge.  Now remember it is a “challenge” for different people for different reasons.  Some may not know how to do a plank so learning it will be the thing they accomplish.  Some people can do it perfect no problem, but they never actually take the time to do it.  So there are many reasons why we have these little “challenges”.  There are different reasons for different people.

My thought is that you pick your own length of time and add onto it every week.  If you are starting at 15 seconds and you add 15 seconds per “week” you could end up doing the plank for 75 seconds. The main point is to do it EVERY DAY!  The idea is to add time each week.

I would suggest picking the starting time you can do and the length of time you want to end up doing, then add time accordingly.

As I said in the opening paragraph this position is easily compared to the starting position of a push up.  Instead of moving the body toward the earth and back up, the body is stationary.  So one can do this with straight arms — as the starting position of a push up would dictate, or one can place their palms on the ground and rest on the forearms.  I recommend the forearm on ground position to help allow for an easier time of not letting the shoulder/chest sag.

You might actually want to use a mirror for this if you have one because you want to make certain that your body is in complete alignment.  Your head is aligned with your hips in a straight line.  Your hips do not pitch up nor sink down.  Because your arms are holding your body weight this is a great exercise for the arms.  Because your abdominals are engaged this is a great workout for your abs.  Your legs are working in connection with your back and holding your hips in alignment.  This position engages so many muscles it is almost a whole body workout/exercise.

Be very conscious of your hips.  Remember to keep them in alignment the entire time.  Don’t let them sag nor peak up!  Having a mirror is really a great tool because sometimes even when you think the hips are in alignment you might look at notice they are a bit low or a bit high.

Like the challenge we did in December 2012, I’ve made a calendar for you to help remind you and to help you keep track.  Also, I will be post on my blog so that you can check in!  Let’s do it!

What do you say?  Wanna plank?

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