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Nia is Like That

Posted by terrepruitt on September 23, 2010

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This week I went to San Carlos to teach my Nia Class for the San Carlos Park and Recreation Department.  Only a couple of people had signed up but I was hoping more would show up and sign up.  As with most Park and Rec Departments and community classes, there needs to be a minimum amount of participants.  Well, in this case the people that had thought were going to make it didn’t.  I had just tweeted @JohnPruitt that I was going to be leaving in a few minutes when a woman came in.  She said something about she guessed no one signed up and how that happens with Park and Rec classes.  People don’t sign up and they get cancelled.  She was hoping to just watch the class to see if she wanted to take it.  Ha!  I invited her to BE my class, she was game.

We did the warm up song, then the next one, and part way into the third song she said, “WAHOOOO!  I like this.”  After the song was over she said that was her favorite, she loved it and she could do it all night long.  Made me happy.  Nia is like that.  She loved it.  With only a couple of people signed up though, we cancelled the class, but we will try again when the next six week session starts in November (2nd, 2010).

The enthusiasm of this woman was fun and very contagious.  I am confident that we have a new Nia participant in our midst.  I believe that she will excitedly join in the other Nia events that happen around the San Francisco Bay Area and the South Bay Area.  I love that.  I love that I decided to drive up there from San Jose, to give the people that had signed up for Nia at least one class and explain in person that we need more participants.  I love that even though they didn’t show up I was able to share Nia with a new person.  I love that she loved it.  I loved that even though it was her first time she was not worried about how she was doing—-she was just doing—and loving it.

I really enjoy working with the people in San Carlos Park and Recreation Department.  They are very kind and supportive.  I sense they feel sad when a class has to cancel, no one likes to see classes and programs cancelled.  So maybe we can rally the troops and make the next session on Nia classes in San Carlos a huge success.  I am certain my new student would love to be able to take a class with more people, more energy, more people shouting “Woohoooo!” Because Nia is like that.

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