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A Cool Way To Sleep

Posted by terrepruitt on September 6, 2017

I really think that my body’s temperature is higher than everyone else’s. Not my temperature so much as the way I feel. Maybe not EVERYONE, but most people. When people tell me they are too hot to sleep I share with them I sleep with a bag of ice and they look at me as if I am insane, when to me, since we don’t have air conditioning, that is the ONLY way I can get to sleep and stay a sleep.  I wrote a post about what I did before we were in a drought, Relief From Too Hot To Sleep, but with the drought I thought I shouldn’t waste the water so I started putting ice in a baggie and sleeping with it. People ask me a lot of questions regarding that so I thought I would answer them here. First of all I put the ice in a zip lock sandwich bag, then I put that in a big zip lock freezer bag. I have no fear of it leaking, but then if it did, so what? It is only a little baggie full of water. I am sure some beds get a lot more liquid on them than that.

So the most common questions have to do with leaking.  Does it leak?  Aren’t you afraid it will leak? No. I double bag it and even if it does, I am not afraid of a little water on my bed.

Then there are the questions about why your feet? Well, have you ever had a bag of ice pressed up against your chest? Even when it is really hot having a bag of ice on your chest is REALLY cold. Same thing with my back or arms. What do people often do when they want to cool off? They hang their feet into a pool. Also putting the bag of ice at the end of the bed by my feet allows me to easily move away or close to the ice. Whereas if it were at my mid-body it is more difficult to move away or closer to. Feet are easy to move. I don’t even have to move my body. I can put my feet on the bag of ice then when it gets too cold move them off, then back on, then off. It is a great way to regulate the amount of cold. Sometimes I use the towel or a sheet as a buffer between the bag and my feet.

Does it melt? Well, most of the time yes. Especially if it is really hot and I have had my feet on it most of the night. Usually when I wake up the water in the baggie is room temperature. A couple of time it has still been cold. A couple of times I have pushed it off the bed. (It didn’t break or leak. It was just on the floor next to the bed.)

Over this last heat wave I have gotten up in the middle of the night to replace the ice. Granted when I do that I am half asleep and I don’t use the water to water my plants like I would normally do when emptying the bag.

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I prefer the bag of ice because it is more malleable and it can conform to my feet. The ice packer/cooler chiller things are just straight, they don’t bend so it doesn’t get my whole foot cold. Only the little portion that is resting on it gets cool. But, they don’t have any leakage risk involved, so that might be good for some.

Anyway, it was so hot, I haven’t slept upstairs in a week. The bag of ice and the ice packer allowed me to sleep downstairs on the couch. I thought I would share it again and the idea of the ice packer/cooler chiller things because I think we might have some more hot weather to come.

What did you do to keep cool?  Were you able to get any sleep?

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