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Posts Tagged ‘Fall’

Cool Temps, Sun, A Book, And A Lovely Mug

Posted by terrepruitt on October 31, 2022

We do not need another mug in the house.  I have already said this on Twitter after I bought – yes, bought this mug.  I really liked everything about it.  The color, the design, the shape, the size, and the fact that the handle is high on the mug itself.  It is a great mug.  I like to use all our different mugs, but I do have a few favorites and this is now one of them.

And then last week I posted how I love our winters and was reminded by a friend that it is actually fall – snap!  My point was that our winters are mellow (not much different than fall/autumn) and both seasons bring temps that actually allow me to sit outside in the sun.  I enjoyed the rest of my coffee outside while listening to a book.

What I find funny when I look at the mug is, I bought it loving the bird on it, but didn’t even notice the heart until I got it and really looked at it.  There are a few hearts on it.  It is a great mug . . . even though it was not needed.  🙂

Does your household have a lot of mugs?  What are you reading/listening to?

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Fall Scent

Posted by terrepruitt on October 13, 2021

So what are your Fall traditions? I recently saw a friend post about one of her Fall traditions – Cinnamon Brooms – and I had to look it up. She said that it was the first but not the last of the season. I looked it up and found that Trader Joe’s has a decorative little broom that is scented with cinnamon. Pumpkin spice and cinnamon seem to be a “Fall-type” of scent. Something that might make a space feel more cozy.

And later look what arrived in the mail. Isn’t it cute? A little Cinnamon whisk. It is still in the package because I am following the tradition of my friend. It is very fragrant in the package so I’ll leave it in there until I can’t smell it any more then take it out and VOILA it is like it is renewed when in fact the removal of the plastic just lets the scent be free.

Have you heard of the Cinnamon Broom? What are some of your Fall traditions?

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