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Library Books Delivered By Horseback

Posted by terrepruitt on November 13, 2019

I have mentioned a few times that my husband and I listen to books via Audible. My husband has a long commute that gets longer each school year. What used to be 45 minutes is now pushing 90. He is the driving force regarding Audible. He is a sci-fi fan, he likes books about aliens and fighters, spaceships and black holes. I have shared a few of his picks before. And actually he does have a lot of different types of books in his library, but a big portion of it is the sci-fi and part of that is because we have gotten hooked on a few series. He has read three series by J.S. Morin. I have only read two. I think some of the books in his library were free or he thought they were such a good deal he didn’t want to pass them up. I had just finished one book – I think it might have been a free one – and it was a bit gruesome. So I wanted something light and quick. I didn’t want to start another series. He pointed me at one he got for free and it was really short and enjoyable. But I still wanted something else. So I looked at Audible’s “Discover” and I came across a book I decided I wanted to read. I texted him and he when he answered he said, “It’s in the library.”

So I started reading “The Giver of Stars”. I was interested in the story and also that it was going to be made into a movie. I figured it would be a movie I would want to see and I like to read the books before the movies so I thought I could get a jump on things.

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During the Great Depression there was an initiative paid for by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) that set out to delivery books to people settled in the remote areas of the Appalachian Mountains, between 1934 and 1943. The Pack Horse Library was a group of women that would deliver books and other reading materials to people that might not have the means to make it down into a town to visit a library. Many of them couldn’t even read. They would have their children read to them or the librarians would sometime take time to read to them. Even though little over 30 percent of the population in eastern Kentucky couldn’t read in 1930 many of them understood that learning to read might help allow them to improve their economic status.

Many locals participated in the “libraries” themselves as anyone that had the means was encouraged to store the books for lending. In addition to storing books, many places needed to help by storing the supplies and things the Pack Horse Librarians would need. There would be a head librarian that worked at each place and she would give the books to the riders to take them to the various homes and schools. The head librarian would also make any repairs that may have been needed on the books themselves.

Some books would get in too bad of shape to lend out so the librarians would keep what they could save and create new books. They would use binders to hold stories and pictures that had been salvaged. They created recipe books and binders of quilt patterns.  These patched together books were very popular among the clients.

The Pack Horse Librarians would use their own horse or mule. Some were leased. It’s been documented that a woman would average walking or riding almost 5,000 miles a month. Each book pack could hold up to 100 books. The Pack Horse Librarians would ride out at least twice a month and cover 100 to 120 miles a week. Their salary was $28.00 a month. The books and reading material they delivered to the people on their assigned routes had been donated from multiple sources.

There were about 100,000 people that were the recipients of the work of the Pack Horse Librarians and by 1937 they were also bringing books to 155 public schools.

In 1943 the program stopped due to no more funds and the end of the WPA. For nine years there were woman who rode out in the cold, in the rain, in the snow, in the heat – whatever – just like mailmen, to deliver reading material to people wouldn’t have had access to it normally.

I thought that was pretty interesting. The story had a few of those details and a lot of information, but when reading a story I don’t always know what is true and what is fiction. I was very happy to learn that there really had been such a thing as the Pack House Librarians.  Oh, and the story, it was good too!

Did you know about the Pack Horse Librarians?

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Strongly Recommended Reads – Listens, Actually

Posted by terrepruitt on June 10, 2019

In past posts I have mentioned: my husband getting Audible and listening to books and he and I discussing the books we were listening to.

Well, I wanted to post about the books we have been listening too. First we listened to a series of “Renegade” books by J.N. Chaney. Six books about a Renegade named Jace Hughes. He takes “almost any job that comes his way, no matter the situation. But that all changes when he meets a nun looking for safe passage out of the system.” It is a six book series (so far) about their adventures. It is very good made all the better by Luke Daniels performance.

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Sad to be done – for now, J.S. Morin promises

Then we moved onto a Galaxy Outlaws which is part of the Black Ocean series. I can’t tell how many books are in it. It is on Audible as an 8 part download with 138 chapters. The collection is touted as being all 16 missions with 6 stowaways. Stowaways are little breakaway stories. It totals over 80 hours. It is a very fun series of books. The characters are just like all your favorite characters – meaning you love them and you don’t. You love them, but they might do stupid and/or frustrating things . . . depends on what type of shows you usually watch and books you read. These guys are a ragtag group of characters.

After the Galaxy Outlaw series there are two more, Astral Prime, which is four “missions” that total over eight hours. It doesn’t have the same characters in it as the Galaxy Outlaws series, but it is a somewhat related story in that you hear of some of the characters from Black Ocean.  After Astral Prime there is another series called Mercy for Hire it has at least two of the original characters from Galaxy Outlaws, although both not my favorites.

It is always really hard to “let go” of characters that authors have created that you really love and enjoy. I just want J.S. Morin to keep writing about the Galaxy Outlaws. The “captain” of the Mobius and his ragtag crew. There are “cat” and “dog” people and other great races. And this set of books has yet another great narrator in Mikael Naramore. He does a great job bringing each one to life.

At the time I initially wrote this (5.27.19) I was in the middle of Astral Prime. I have since finished Astral Prime and Mercy for Hire. I loved the entire Black Ocean series. J.S. Morin really makes some lovable characters. Even though I am not a fan of the main character in Mercy for Hire Mr. Morin added a new character that I love so much I can’t even tell you – not without spoilers. You will have to read/hear for yourself.

I love that Mikael Naramore has read all of the books so far. As I said, he is great.

Both the Renegade series and the Black Ocean series are somewhat along the lines of Firefly. In fact that is what J.S. Morin was trying to do. He was trying to meet the desire of those who loved Firefly but give us something different – in space. What he managed to do was leave us just like Joss did — wanting more. But with my post on Facebook showing all the books finished he commented that there are more to come. More Astral Prime and more Mercy for Hire.  That is exciting.  I am counting on that meaning more of my favorite characters.

I know there are thousands of books to listen to on Audible and millions of books available to read, with so many it is sometimes hard to pick one. So, if you are a fan of fun, quirky science-fiction then download or pick up a copy of either of these series and you will not be disappointed. I say grab both.

If you are not a fan of science-fiction AT ALL, but want to try a new genre I say go for the Black Ocean Series.  There are times while listening that you will forget it is science fiction it is very down-to-earth and the you will love the characters.  “Two thumbs skyward, Buddy!”

What types of books do you like to read? Do you like to listen to books?

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