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Bra Fix-Its

Posted by terrepruitt on January 12, 2022

From the get go I am going to say it in case it isn’t something that you care to read about . . . bras. I am going to be talking bras here. First I am going to explain a bit about one aspect of bras so that, if you are unfamiliar, you will understand why I am mending them. I have a broken bra. With many things when it breaks or tears just going out and buying a new one will suffice, but that is where some explaining needs to take place. For some of us, we can not just “go out” and buy a new bra. For many of us it is quite an ordeal, that is why I am fixing mine.

First of all bras are expensive. Now I know there are many different kinds and “expensive” is very relative to people, but I personally believe that $75.00 is a lot of for a piece of underclothing. I have an impossible time spending that much so I shop sales and try other avenues to avoid spending that much, but for those that don’t know I feel confident saying that the average price for a good bra is at least $75.00. So, for me I don’t have as many of them as I have of say, t-shirts.

Then there is the idea of finding a “good” bra. Now that word is in quotes because that is a very personal thing. But even though the definition of “good” is personal most of us require certain qualifications and in searching have been through the same thing. It must fit good, look good, and be comfortable. Again, we all have different ideas of fit, look, and comfort, but I would bet that we all have struggled to find it. We many even go so far as to go into a dressing room and put one on then put our own clothes on over it and spend ten minutes moving around to see if it looks right and is comfortable. They can be very deceiving in the store dressing room.  What it boils down to is it is an ordeal.  You may think you found a good one only to get home and be so confused because it is almost as if the sales clerk switched it on you because at home it looks weird and is NO WAY comfortable.  So when I have one I like, I want to keep it.

So, here I am at the mending part. Sometimes, part of the construction fails. And for those of you that don’t know you may be as surprised as us that do know, at which part fails. Is it a strap? No. Is it the hooks in the back? No. It is the portion close to the arm pit that holds in that pointy little wire. And when that pointy little wire makes its way out IT WILL NOT GO BACK IN! It takes a herculean effort to get it back in. And there is no thread and no amount of sewing that will keep it in if you manage to get it back in, once it has made its way out. And you don’t know the frustration and the pain until you have had one of those wires poke and pinch you. Owwww.

So, one would think, just buy a new one, right? But I already covered that. And I just explained that truly there is no way to sew it so it does not come out (at least for me, if you have managed to find the trick, please let me know). What I have resorted to is — PATCHES.

Yup, iron-on patches. That is the only thing I have found that will hold that wire in. This may not be the solution you would like, it may ruin the aesthetic of the bra, but it really all depends on what you want. I want a bra that does not stab me.


I just cut the iron-on patch to fit over the offending hole on both the front of the bra and the back. So I don’t patch it only on the side that it ripped, but I fold it over so it covers both sides and the top so there is no escaping for that evil pointy wire! I had purchased these patches for other things and ended up using them on my bra, but I know they have some cute ones out there that might bring a smile to your face if you had them holding in that evil wire!

Now you may have found a way to get the wire back in and keep it in . . . . if so, please let me know.  In the mean time I am going to patch those wires in!

Do any of you relate to this?

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