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Terre’s Cruising Rule

Posted by terrepruitt on May 16, 2009

Oh my, one of my favorite things to do is go on cruises.  I have talked to several people that are going on cruises in the near future and so it made me think that I could share my rule with you.  I have implemented a rule for myself on cruises.  NEVER take the elevator.  When we first board we take the elevator because there is usually a glass one and we like to see it.  But then that is it.  I never take the elevator again.  The last two cruises we went on our cabin was on the 9th deck.  When we went on excursions we disembarked from the 1st or maybe the 2nd deck.  But we always took the stairs.  I will tell you that this is not easy after walking around all day we usually came back with extra weight in the backpack from all the goodies we bought and the hubby would whimper as we passed the elevator  because sometimes the legs didn’t want to carry all that extra weight  up the nine decks, but we did.

Honestly, I remember once I used my arms to drag me up the last set of stairs, but I did it.  There are way too many extra calories that are consumed on cruises.  That can barely be helped because, for me, even if I didn’t eat more, the food that is served is way different than what I eat at home.

Anyway, I just thought I would share that simple tip with you in case you ever find yourself fortunate enough to be going on a cruise.  I would advise that you make the decision before you go to NEVER use the elevator.  Then tell everyone what your plan is.  Really commit to it.  All of these things will help you stick to it.  It really helps especially if your cabin is very far away from all of the activities.

Oh yeah, and no cheating just because you get lost!  That is even better, you add to the calorie burning equation if you end up on the wrong deck at the wrong end of the ship.  Yay!  Think of it as a blessing in disguise and just get back on the stairs and go to the correct deck!

Safe Travels!

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