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Archive for April 14th, 2009


Posted by terrepruitt on April 14, 2009

I love cheese!  I have often said that if I had to give up cheese life would not be worth living.  I love cheese so much that I recently caught myself in a lie about cheese.  I had convinced myself that cheese was in the protein category and I was allowing myself a lot more cheese than I should have had it been in the correct category.  The correct category is fat.  Cheese is primarily fat, which for me means, I can’t eat it at every meal as I would like.  I need to restrict my fat intake—especially saturated fat.

Anyway, today I had a sandwich and I think the primary reason I wanted a sandwich was so that I could have cheese.  But I also didn’t want to have as much fat as a slice or two of cheese would have been.  So I happily took my yummy chunk of Havarti to the grater.  I grated a little bit on half of the slice of bread and voila!  Cheese taste and creaminess without ALL the fat and calories a whole slice would have added.

Grated cheese on sandwich

Grated cheese on sandwich

I am sure you remember the grater for a lot of your favorite recipes that call for cheese, but don’t forget you can use it to put the cheese in your sandwich and not end up with a big slice.  Yum!

Share with me what your favorite cheese is?  How do you eat it?

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