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Lyrics Gone Wrong

Posted by terrepruitt on July 16, 2009

Are you bold enough?  Are you secure enough?  Do you have it in you?  Can you admit to what you THOUGHT the lyrics were?

Well, here are a few I can share—whether they were from me or not, I won’t tell—hey, maybe I won’t tell.  Let’s make this post twofold.

1–share with me some lyrics you had wrong (or that a friend of yours had wrong or that someone you know of had wrong.) 

2–guess what songs these are:

A–In the Garden of Eden

B–Our Love Is Japanese

C–Painted Glove (oh, c’mon, that one is way easy)

Its too hot here in San Jose, California. I know this will work out, right?   Care to play?

32 Responses to “Lyrics Gone Wrong”

  1. A. In-A-Gadda-da-Vida
    B. Not a clue
    C. Tainted Love (you’re right, that was easy)

    Mine are from many years ago…one is from childhood

    A. Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear
    B. Mairzydoatsanddozeydoatsandliddlelamzidivey
    C. Hold On Looseleaf

    Cute Terre!


    • Yup, on A and C, but I won’t tell B yet. Maybe someone with get it.

      I don’t know your A and B. I get C.

      Maybe someone else can get your A and B for me.

      Back in the day ya had to buy the album to get the words and then sometimes they didn’t even have them. Now I just look them up on the internet.

      Thanks for playing. Let’s see if someone pipes in on your “wrong lyrics”.


  2. I’ll play…

    1. Blinded by the Light,

    I thought the lyrics were “Woke up with a douche another runner in the night.” hahahaha, douche. Why is this guying waking up with a douche? lol


    B-Ugh, don’t know.

    C-Tainted Love. LOL


  3. Stacy Baxter said

    Give to me your leather…take from me your LEGS
    Dirty Deeds…Dunder Jeans


  4. Fredrika Paulig said

    Oh I know Jill’s B!
    I learned it English in 3rd grade: Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Don’t know if the song has another name…

    Stacy’s second is Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. (Don’t know the first one….)

    Ok, here goes:

    A, I’m a cheater in a brothel

    B, Devil in the sky

    C, It’s a fire downtown


  5. Carey said

    I’ve always been a lyrics person . . . but, this is difficult as I’m not sure what ‘genre’ the songs are in/from and I guess without hearing the music I’m clueless. That ‘Blinded By The Light’ song always got me too! I was so excited when I finally figured out what the meaning of Calliope is or rather what it is and where it comes from. You know that Bruce Springsteen wrote that song, right? It wasn’t someone from Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (theirs was the popular version and I didn’t know for the Longest time that Bruce Springsteen wrote it). Anyway, I cannot guess “B”, however, I have to be a little perturbed with you now as I have the song “Turning Japanese” stuck in my head!!


    • Hey, Carey,

      So, should I tell what the “B” song is my list is? Or what? My hint was “Our Love’s . . . .” and it was sung by a guy. More? It was rock-Kihn. (Ha, that is good!)

      Jill’s (the first commentor) “A” and “B” have me stumped:

      A. Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear
      B. Mairzydoatsanddozeydoatsandliddlelamzidivey
      C. Hold On Looseleaf

      Stacy’s make me laugh because I remember those lyrics from high school. And I KNEW she would be able to remember some of them because it seems like one of us was always hearing the lyrics wrong and coming up with funny stuff.

      And, Fredrika, OMG! I have no idea and she keeps giving me clues.


      Ok, here goes:

      A, I’m a cheater in a brothel – Christina Aguilera

      B, Devil in the sky – (You’re a) Devil in the sky – Elvis Song

      C, It’s a fire downtown – It’s from ca 1985 by a Swedish group, play it in any disco anywhere in the world and everrybody starts jumping up and down. This is arock song with not that many words but a very well known synth solo…


      And, I love that people have brought up “I think I’m turning Japeanese” on my blog because blogs with SEX and masturbation get more hits! And you do know that song is about masturbation, right?


  6. Carey said

    B is Our Love’s in Jeopardy!!! I just needed the Rock-Kihn reference, thanks!


  7. Kim said

    second line from Jill’s b. akiddleadivytoowoodenu… A very old song, my Dad used to sing it too me.


  8. Okay…I’m getting all confused with all the posts. The answers to mine are:

    A. Gladly the Cross I’d Bear (old Christian tune sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford)– I always thought he was singing about a crossed-eyed bear named Gladly
    B. Someone guessed this one correctly: Mares Eat Oats and Does Eat Oats and Little Lambs Eat Ivy — I was 30 years old before I figured this one out – duh!
    C. Hold on Loosely (by Loverboy)

    Okay – Devil in the Sky (isn’t it Devil in Disguise?)

    And I always thought it was douche, too!!!

    Fun Terre!!!


    • terrepruitt said

      Yeah, I was thinking it might get a bit confusing that is why I put it all in one big comment.

      I don’t think I have ever heard “Gladly the Cross I’d Bear.” Or if I have not often enough to recognize it. But that is so funny. I wonder how many bears are name Gladly. Quite a few I would guess—-after that song!

      I still don’t get you “B”. Like I have said in response to another comment, I don’t know that song.

      Oh, I might not know the “Hold On Loosely” from Loverboy. I was thinking it was the one I know from .38 Special.

      “Just Hold On Loosely, but don’t let go
      If you cling to tightly,
      you’re gonna lose control
      Your baby needs someone to believe in
      And a whole lot of space to breathe in”

      I wonder if I can do my comments differently? Sometimes I hate “templates” because there are things you like on them and things you don’t but it is a package so you are stuck. I like comments that are all in a line . . . . . I will see what I can do, if anything. Maybe people just have to reply to the comment? I see if differently in the admin part . . . .

      Thank you so much, Jill!

      Now we have to see what Fred is up to . . . . . .


  9. I’m wrong Terre! You’re right — it’s 38 Special that sang Hold On Loosely!!!


  10. And I’m guessing the 80’s Swedish group is ABBA, but I’ve not a clue as to There’s Fire Downtown — I was singing those words though just a second ago to Take a Chance On Me.

    Let’s hear from everyone…what’s the real words???


    • I got the Christina Aguilera one!!!! I’m a Genie in a Bottle!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      I like I’m a Cheater in a Brothel better!!


    • I am not sure which part “There’s Fire Downtown” goes to. Might it be one of these lines”

      If you need me, let me know, gonna be around
      If youve got no place to go, if youre feeling down
      If youre all alone when the pretty birds have flown

      By the way. That is a pretty baaaaad video.


  11. Stacy Baxter said

    Devil in disguise….I think it’s on my iPod


  12. Fredrika Paulig said

    Oh you’re making me laugh!

    Yup, Devil in disguise is correct.

    As is I’m a genie in a bottle – and here’s the best part. It was ME. I was 19. I sang Cheater in a Brothel happily for a year or so… And this was after the semester I spent in Oxoford, learning English…

    As for the tird one, it is It’s the Final Countdown by Europe. I thought it made the charts in the US, perhaps not. Listen to it on youtube and tell me if you’ve heard it 🙂


    • Ok, I just posted on FB that we didn’t get this because I hadn’t checked this before I posted. Yes, Final Countdown was popular here. And to tell you honeslty, I JUST heard this song. Someone or something was using it for a theme, but I can’t remember who . . . . oh, I think the DJ’s before John’s son’s show were using it as their ending music, but I am not sure . . . SOMEONE was using it. And it made the charts here, but that was a long time ago and I would have never remembered.

      But, make note of your “wrong” lyrics you remember or ones that you just come up with as you listen to music, but I could use this as a regular feature! Maybe once a month!

      Thank you so much for all of your input!


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