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Grilled Bell Peppers and Feta

Posted by terrepruitt on September 3, 2009

I wanted to share this with you just in time for Labor Day.  This past summer I went to a barbeque and the hostess had made grilled bell peppers and feta.  She had bought the bag of bell peppers that you get from Costco that have the different colors in them.

Well, I brought some home to Hubby and he liked them.  Since then we have made them several times but we have been using the green bell peppers.

It is so easy.  You just cut the bell peppers so they form a little boat.  If they are flat that is ok, it just makes it more possible for the cheese to escape.  🙂  Then you grill them 5 minutes on each side, or if you like them less cooked just grill them on the inside for five minutes.

After you grill them either on the outside for five and the inside for five or just the inside for five you put feta in them.  You can put as much as you would like.  You can also use blue cheese.  It is a litte bit more greasy so it is a little tricky to deal with, but it is good.  I prefer the feta.

Then you grill the feta filled boats for five minutes.  Yum.  Nothing else is needed.  No salt, no oil, nothing.  And they are so yummy.

Recently we went to a barbeque and started talking about all the ways you can do them and there are a lot of ways.  You can get elaborate and makes some pretty yummy concoctions, or you can just keep it simple.  It is really good.  This is an easy treat that is in a class by itself.

I don’t know if you have a Costco in your area but that is what we have in San Jose and the Bay Area where we get our large quantities.

If you end up trying this and make any variation, let me know how it works out.  I would love to hear how different types of cheeses work.  Although it is an exercise in will power to not over do it on the cheese.  You know how I love cheese!

7 Responses to “Grilled Bell Peppers and Feta”

  1. OMG. It’s 5:00 a.m. on Friday morning and I’m sitting here salivating over grilled bell peppers and feta cheese.

    It will be yogurt and berries for me though this morning…perhaps this weekend we’ll look at grillin’ up some gbp and fc. Yum. Thanks for posting Terre. Your blogs either make me want to eat or do Nia. Either way, it’s a win win!!!




    • Funny. I did the same thing last night. Just before I turned my computer off I said, I am going to look at my post. Looking at it how it is seen by others is different than the little box on the admin page. When it came up I was thinking dang, that makes me want some now. And it was 1:30 am. Too funny.

      I think you can tell that some of them look different. The ones that look soupy are the blue cheese ones. A bit strong for me, but Hubby likes them. I think a mixture might be good, but I prefer the feta.

      Your blogs make me want to give you a big hug.


  2. Michele said

    mmmmmmmm, that looks yummy – I will be trying this sometime in the next two weeks, as my in-laws are arriving tomorrow for a two week visit and I am always looking for something new with vegetables to serve them. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


    • Nice. I hope that like bell peppers not every does.

      We were talking you could put diced tomatoes in them or something as simple as chucky salsa. There is all kinds of stuff to do but one of the things I love is that they are so simple: simple to make, simple to cook, simple to eat, yet they pack a walup of flavor.

      Can’t wait to hear!


  3. I LOVE CHEESE too! But I would use red or yellow bell peppers. I can’t wait to try this!


    • HI! LOVE SEEING YOU HERE! Thank you so much for stopping by. You are awesome.

      The person that showed me these did use red and yellow, but they are so much more expensive. Last time I was in a store it was $.99 for green and $3.29 for red or yellow. So, it is all dependent upon what you want. I love all colors of the bell peppers (except purple because I have not tried them), so it does not matter taste-wise to me. I do like the “bitter” of the green with the saltiness of the feta. But I love the sweet of the red and yellow with the saltiness of the feta. So all is yummy to me!

      Let me know what you think!


  4. […] vegetable I would eat. GREEN bell peppers. I like all colors now. As you may have seen I like them grilled and filled with cheese. I also like them on sandwiches and salads. I prefer them raw. The only way I like them cooked is […]


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