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Archive for October 20th, 2009

Catch the Wave

Posted by terrepruitt on October 20, 2009

Everyone can pretty much go out there and look at all the videos that are posted regarding the Google Wave, but since I have a previous post regarding it, I thought I would add some additional information on my blog that I have since learned.  Plus I will link to some of the videos that I have seen.

The first video created by EpipheoStudios.com is a great little explanation of what the wave is.  The video is cute.  It also sounds like a plea to get an invitation.  (Which after watching the Google Wave Overview, I can’t really blame him for begging.)

The next video is from Google and it is almost 8 minutes, but if you watch it, it will have you going, “WHOOOOOAAAAA!”

Here I’ve typed up a summary in case you don’t want to watch the video, but I included a time stamp for each point in case you want to zap to it to see what it is about.

E-mail is 40 years old.  Google is trying to “update it”.  An e-mail sent is somewhat like a letter.  If you send an e-mail to five people there are five copies of the “letter”.  But a wave is a “hosted conversation”.  There is only one copy and it is in one place.  So when people comment on it the comments are stored on one wave and there are not multiple copies floating about. (Time stamp 0:30 of the Google video)

One use could be:  You can open a wave to plan a party (Time stamp 0:58).  Adding your contacts to the wave allows people to see and comment.  You can add a gadget to use it as an invite to a party (Time stamp 1:47) and your invitees can RSVP in the wave.  While in the wave you can click on your address which will pop a google map right into your wave (Time stamp 2:19).

After your party, everyone can drag and drop their pictures into the wave (Time stamp 2:39).

You can embed a wave into your blog (Time stamp 3:20)!  In an embedded wave comments can be on the blog or the wave (Time stamp 3:35).   (UI*)

There is a feature called “Playback” that allows you to see the wave in order of how it was created.  So you can see comments added in order even if they were added after a new blip (comment).  (Time stamp 4:35)

“Robots” can be added to a wave (Time stamp 5:06).  You can tweet and see the people you follow from a wave using a “Robot” (Time stamp 5:25).  The video says “Robots can be used to interface with other systems–anything with an API.”  (Time stamp 6:41)

There is translation in a wave using Rosy the robot.  You can type in English and your contact can receive it in his/her language.  (Time stamp 6:49)

*UI = User Interface

Well, if you watched the video, I bet you can see some of the possibilites that the Google Wave has to offer.  As the video begins the 80 minute video is mentioned so I am sure that you can imagine there are a lot of other things that wave can do.  I will learn about them a little at a time.  I am excited about the possibilites.

When I first heard about this I filed it away under “good for big companies”, but as I was watching the video I had some ideas on how I could use it to help grow my business and to help get the word out about Nia.  Using the internet to market a local business is very different than using it to market a business where product is shipped or can be downloaded.  So this would be a valuable tool . . . . . I can see that now.  I am ready to catch the wave!

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