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The Five Basic Principles of the Body’s Way

Posted by terrepruitt on August 5, 2010

In Nia there are five basic principles of the body’s way that we like to keep in mind. Listed here are just the highlights, for the details on each point you can visit the page on my website.

1—The Body Thrives on Dynamic Ease. Dynamic ease is somewhat comparable to muscle memory. When you are first learning a movement the challenge of doing so generally keeps you from being creative.

2—The Body Demands Balance. The body was built with balance in mind with body parts on each side.

3—The Body is Balanced in Yin and Yang. Both have a place in the body.

4—The Body’s Way Demands Simultaneous Mobility and Stability. The body’s joints allow for mobility and the muscles for stability.

5—The Body Itself Reveals the Body’s Way. Its very design instructs us on its use.

Also our bodies give us feedback both negative and positive. Both can be used to help guide our movements. Which ever is necessary Nia can help achieve the balance. Nia respects the body’s way and can successful assist in achieve balance in the body.

 The Five Basic Principles of the Body’s Way on Help You Well’s website.

4 Responses to “The Five Basic Principles of the Body’s Way”

  1. This post makes me want to stretch. I really do need to get my body balanced again! I am way off kilter. 😦


  2. niachick said

    Hi Terre! I was at a 52 Moves workshop with the wonderful Denise Medved on Thursday. One of the examples of dynamic ease Denise offered was with “the fist”. Some people were clinching their fists really tight…which is my tendency when I’m not aware that there is to be “dynamic ease” with “the fist”. She suggested putting a marble or a small silk flower bud in the palm of the hand when making a fist. The palm should be relaxed in making a “Nia” fist. I thought that was just superb! I’d never thought about making a fist with a relaxed palm!

    Thanks, as always, for your post!!! Full of such good information about Nia! I love it!



    • Oh how fun.

      I love the idea of a “Nia” fist, when going after dynamic ease. Someone had told me that Carlos has said “as if you are holding a bird”. I understand this technique and I also understand that technique of an isometric contraction. When one is wanting to contract and make a muscle. I am usually clenching to give it that strength and power.

      Thank you for stopping by! HUGS to you!!!


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