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Balance of Acid and Alkaline

Posted by terrepruitt on August 12, 2010

Nia emphasizes balance.  Balance between yin and yang.  Balance between feminine and masculine.  Balance between strength and flexibility.  Our bodies systems work to keep balance.  I found this video extreme enlightening.  Even though the title makes it sound like it is all about how diet soda causes weight gain, it is not.

The video says our bodies have to have the right pH level, which is the acid/alkaline balance.  It explains that the body will keep the balance with several mechanism.  The body must be in balance or we will die.  What it goes on to explain is that the typical American Diet and life style has a tendency to make our bodies work really hard to keep that balance.  We eat too many acid producing foods and beverages and have fast pace lives that cause unhealthy stress.

It points out some of the foods that are acid forming and the ones that are not.  There are also examples of beverages given.  It goes onto explain that what happens to the body when it becomes to acidic is that is uses minerals to put the body back in balance.  The minerals are taken away from the other functions that the body needs them for. The video points out that while the United States has a high consumption of calcium rich foods, we have the worst bone health, because one of the minerals used to balance the body when it becomes to acidic is calcium.  Hmmm?  I wonder if that is why a lot of antacids have calcium in them.

The last minute or so is where they explain how diet soda causes weight gain.

In my next post I will share with you how this video came to me at the perfect time.  In the meantime leave a comment telling me what you think of this video.  I learned a lot from it.  Did you learn anything?  Did you find it interesting?

If you would like, check out the food target he mentions in the video.

7 Responses to “Balance of Acid and Alkaline”

  1. We are a coffee drinking society…not everyone, but alot of folks — caffeine robs the body of calcium. Caffeine is found in chocolate, in regular and diet sodas and yes, even in decaffeinated coffee. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to the lack of calcium in our bodies.

    I always suggest that folks read Nourishing Traditions. It looks like a cookbook, but it’s waaaaay much more than a cookbook. Sally Fallon (along with Weston A Price Foundation) are looking to educate our fast-paced, stressed out, instantaneous gratification seeking society. If you get a chance, look it up and grab yourself a copy when you have a couple of extra bucks to spend on something. Sign up for Weston A Price Foundations “Wise Traditions” newsletter (on their website). They also have a page on Facebook.

    I appreciate all that you do, Terre, to educate your own audience around nutrition, fitness and general well being. You rock sister.



    • Thanks. My goal is to share stuff I have learned. I am not saying that I am perfect at all this stuff, I am just saying, “Look what I learned.” Just wait until tomorrow’s post. Sharing how this video came right when I needed it and didn’t even know it.

      I appreciate all of your support. It is awesome!


  2. suzicate said

    Wow…thank you! Too bad I went right bad to my coffee habit. I am going to go watch the whole series on youtube.


    • I love coffee. I don’t believe IT is bad. I drink about two to three cups in the morning. I might cut that down to one or two, but it is my habit . . . .the WAY I was drinking it that I am going to work on first. GULPING it down before I run to teach Nia class is probably not the best way to drink it. This video helped remind me that sometimes our HABITS and the way we eat is just as important as WHAT we eat.


  3. […] I don’t like the taste.  I don’t like lemon, but as I learned from the video in my Balance of Acid and Alkaline post, in the body it digests to alkaline.  Lemon helps the water be less acidic.  One of my […]


  4. diana said

    very good description of what is happening in our bodies. I couldn’t have explained it like that although I am trying to balance us all through our friend who studies under the works of Dr. Rheem (I think that is his name). We’ve known our friend for like 14 years so we totally trust the list of foods and calcium pills and the amount of distilled water he has told us to follow in order to get our ph balanced . i would not really know how to explain it as simply as this guy in the video did. That was simple and practical. We were told not all fruit and vegi’s are good to help balance. Some fruits and some vegi’s are on the acidic side so if you are more on alkaline side you have to avoid acidic fruits and vegi’s. The meat thing was right on and the effects of the body due to being unbalanced was explained well.


    • I liked it because it was easy to understand and basic. I liked the medium they used.

      Most I think most people are trying to get their bodies less acidic where you had said “we are alkaline verses being acidic.”

      I think it is awesome that you have a Body Chemistry Analyst and Nutritional Consultant helping you. That is something that we all don’t have. I think that should be part of the make up or doctors that we see. Insurance should cover that. It would probably take care of a lot of health issues. Acid Refulx being a BIG one.

      Thanks for reading, Diana. And thanks for commenting. And thanks for always posting your findings on FB.


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