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Metal Knobs

Posted by terrepruitt on September 16, 2010

I am turning to the bloggey-sphere for answers.  The corners of our sidewalks were curbs and not ramps. I don’t even know if that is what they are called–ramps.   Not too long ago people came and jack hammered up the corners and put in ramps.  I don’t remember exactly when it was but you can see that the new ramp is still bright and new.  I actually think it has been in the last two years because I think I was teaching Nia when they put in the ramps.  I remember commenting on it because we always see the work trucks and the “don’t park here” signs but we can’t always figure out what work has been done.  With the ramps it was obvious.  The whole corner section was bright cement. 

Well, just this week the jack hammers have been back.  Again they have made cement rubble of the corners.  They did it rather quickly, I think.  They have redone all the corners and they have replaced the ramps they created not too long ago with this metal knobby stuff.


I tried to Google it, but what I came up with was how to get a permit in San Jose to work on the sidewalk.  What I want to know is what is the knobby metal for?

I would think things that need the ramp, things with wheels, like wheel chairs, skates, and strollers would not roll well over the knobs.  You might be able to tell in one of the pictures that the knobby plates don’t seem to come together but it actually looks like the plates are already rusting or something.

So . . . . do you know what the knobby metal plates in the sidewalk ramps are?  Also, do you know WHY the knobs are better than the cement? 

I am so curious.

10 Responses to “Metal Knobs”

  1. maulpartin said

    This is a complete guess, but it could be to stop things with wheels from rolling into the road accidentally.


  2. I would think that the knobby metal plates open up to allow access to whatever is underneath…maybe there’s a whole ‘nother city underground…


  3. Those bumps are called “truncated domes,” and they are a federal design requirement for the Americans With Disabilities Act. According to Tom Cunningham, Huntsville’s director of city engineering, they are detectable warnings for determining the boundary between the sidewalk and the street for people with visual disabilities. These warnings became a requirement for new sidewalk construction with the passage of the ADA.

    They have some names for it like Braille for the road and etc

    Just because a person is handicap doesn’t mean they are in a wheelchair handicap can to apply to being deaf, visionary impaired, and etc.


    • I thought it might be something like that, but it must be an amendment that came into play AFTER our corners were done because they were not done that long ago. I am seeing reference to an amendment in 2008 and that sounds about right. (I don’t have time to research it, that is why I couldn’t find it in the first place.) I would think that if it is a safety thing driveways would have to have it too.

      Cool thanks, they seem more difficult to maneuver on . . . but I guess it is a warning not a maneuverability issue. People around here don’t use the sidewalks anyway . . . they even push their strollers in the street.

      Thank you. I knew someone could do the research for me.


  4. Becky said

    Not a clue! Just wanted to tell you that. 😉


  5. SuziCate said

    Ok, see you got an answer…hubby just told me what it is. It cost about $3000 a piece to install those.


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