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Baby Bok Choy and Spinach Soup

Posted by terrepruitt on April 12, 2011

I was going off the “recipe” for Green Garlic and Spinach Soup, but I was not measuring and making it up as I went along so the measurements are not exact.

When I served it I put some mozzarella in it.  For hubby I put some raw onions and mozzarella.  But I made him taste it BEFORE I added anything and he thought is was good without the added onions and cheese.  I would imagine if you like pepper it would be a GREAT addition to this soup.  I was going to serve it with hot sauce to my hubby because originally I thought it was going to be rather flavorless, but it turned out not to be flavorless and he liked it.

Keep in mind that I made this up, never having made a soup like this and never having used the immersion blender.  So you might want to read my “Experimental Soup” post so that you know some of the issues if you haven’t done something like this before.  Basically keep an eye on things because this post is not a step by step, “turn stove on, turn stove off” kind of recipe.
Baby Bok Choy and Spinach Soup

–olive oil
–1/2 (ish) of a medium sized onion chopped
–some chopped onion (for garnish)
–2 bundles of baby bok choy
(chopped, bottom portion separate from leafy portion)
–2 or 3 tsp of minced garlic
–garlic powder
–garlic salt
–48 oz of chicken broth
–some beer
–shake or two of teriyaki
–1 6-oz bag of spinach
–1.5 (ish) wooden spoonful of cream cheese

Sautee onions in the olive oil.  When the onions look tender add in the chopped bottom portion of the bok choy. Let it cook a minute, then add the garlic.  While the bok choy is cooking, add garlic powder and garlic salt to help the veggies sweat.  Sautee until tender.  Then pour in the broth.  Added some beer and teriyaki.

Stir it as you feel necessary throughout the entire process.

Bring to boil. Add the cream cheese if you are going to use it.  Add leafy portion of the bok choy and bag of spinach.  Gently boil for a few minutes or until the veggies are wilted.

Once the veggies looked wilted use the blender to mix it all up.

Ok, so if you try this let me know.  If you make changes let me know.  Sometimes I just stick to what I have tried because I don’t wanna ruin a good thing so you can do the experimenting for me and let me know what you’ve done that works!  😉

11 Responses to “Baby Bok Choy and Spinach Soup”

  1. I am a fan of ANYTHING garlic! Not sure if I’ve had Bok Choy before, but I really love soups. I think you are sooo good to just be able to make it up as you go. 🙂


    • I had posted that I had never had bok choy before but many people told me I had because it is in a lot of Chinese Food dishes. So you’ve probably had it too, just like I have, I just didn’t realize it.

      It is really not so good that I can make it up as I go along. I bascially follow the same “pattern”. It is soooooooooo good that my husband will pretty much eat whatever I cook. Kind of because I always follow the same basic pattern and also because he is not really picky. So I am fortunate in that I know he will pretty much eat whatever I cook. But thank you anyway. 🙂

      This actually made enough soup for a few meals and everytime my hubby ate it he went on and on about it. So . . . this will be something that we eat a lot. Once I get a deeper post it will be uber easy to make!


  2. Slurp, slurp, drool, drool. Tummy growling. Yum.


  3. I have to say this was one of the above and beyond dishes you have made. I know I keep saying everything is five stars from you but this really was five stars. Great great soup and “Soup is food” There.. I said it 🙂

    Love ya,



    • Well, you did admit that soup was food after that potato cheese, but that really had to be over 10 years ago. I haven’t made it since.

      I love ya too, Hubby! Thanks for reading and commenting.


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  5. Lina said

    Sounds really good! I like all the ingredients, so can can it go wrong? I have one of those emulsion blenders that I use to make tomato bisque and butternut squash soup. I’ll keep this in mind when I feel like making a big pot of soup next time. -Lina


    • OMG! I LOVE THAT YOU ARE HERE! You are awesome. Thank you for commenting.

      I just made this again last night and I used FOUR little bunches of baby bok choy. I think they were smaller than the other ones. I also used a different beer. Since I actually planned on putting beer in this time, I actually BOUGHT a beer for it. I bought a DARK porter. I also thought a regular onion, I think I used a sweet one last time, would work better. Well, I think I am going back to the sweet onion and I will just stick to using whatever beer we have. Ha!

      I knew when I bought the blender I would like it and want to use it, but it was that darn “blade removal tool” that I allowed to scare me. I put it away and never used it because I thought it would be too difficult. Now I am so ashamed that I let that scare me. Removing the blade is NOTHING. It just slips right off.

      I might make butternut squash soup this weekend. The first time I did it I used a blender and I made a mess. The emulsion blender is so much easier!


  6. I have say to you this is really nice information about baby bok choy and spinach soup i like.
    Thank you for post.


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