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Salad On My Mind

Posted by terrepruitt on April 21, 2011

What do you think of when you hear “salad”?  When I was young when I heard salad I thought of lettuce with a few veggies in it.  I don’t eat potato salad and egg salad so I never thought of them, but they are salads.  There are so many other types of salads too.  Wiki says:

“Salad is any of a wide variety of dishes including: vegetable salads; salads of pasta, legumes, eggs, or grains; mixed salads incorporating meat, poultry, or seafood; and fruit salads.  They may include a mixture of cold and hot, often including raw vegetables or fruits.”

Salads could be considered the perfect food.  At least in my opinion.  As mentioned in wiki there are “vegetable salads” and “pasta salads”.  When you put veggies and meat in a pasta salad you can have a pretty balanced MEAL.  It also depends the ingredients you use when talking meal.  Like my last post, the quinoa has a good amount of protein so mixing it with veggies makes a great meal.

There are salads that are a meal and salads that are a side.  When I make a green salad I add cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, sometimes tomatoes, sometimes broccoli, sometimes nuts, sometimes cheese, sometimes seeds.  For a long time we were using baby spinach as our “lettuce” but then I switched to a mix of lettuces.  We buy spinach every once in a while.  Either way I like the green for a salad.  I don’t use iceberg.

Salads are fascinating.

I mean we even call jello with fruit in it salad.  And they are really fun because they are usually prepared in a jello MOLD so you have a salad in a fun shape.  And oh, fruit salad.  When I was young we called one salad fruit salad and one ambrosia.  Fruit salad was all different kinds of fresh fruit cut up and put tossed together and served in a bowl.  Ambrosia was the same thing but with cool whip mixed in with all the fruit.

Ha . . . I should have checked my past posts before I posted because I already have a posted about salad, pretty much the same thing.  But I can tell you a bit about the salad I posted about.  It is clear to me that some of us have ideas in our mind about what a salad is because there was a time when my hubby (yes, Dear, I am dragging you into my post again!) wouldn’t eat a “salad” that didn’t have lettuce in it.  He would claim it was not a salad, even though his family is a “jello salad family”.  But after we visited Europe and they would often serve a “salad” without lettuce I was able to do the same thing when we got home.  Ahh . . . travel is awesome.   (I think I’ve said this before in a post too!  The part about my hubby.)

One of the comments on my one of my previous posts about salad talked about the dressing on a Greek Salad.  The commenter said she didn’t like the dressing.  But that is one of the great things about a salad if you make it yourself you can put whatever dressing you want on it!

I have yet to make the tomato and watermelon salad that my friend mention in the comments of my “salad” post.  I am putting that in my calendar in June.  So I remember.

Usually I check my blog to see if I have posted about a subject before, but it was late (really late) and I didn’t check and now that I am looking I have several posts on salad*.  As I said and as is now totally obvious, salads are fascinating.

*Here’s a few of the “salad” posts:

Quinoa Salad

Bean Salad

Awesome Salad

Summer Salad

So?  I’ve said a whole lot about salad.  What do you have to say?  Have a recipe?  Like one thing over another?  Have you tried any of the salads on my blog or the suggestions people have posted?  Do tell?  Salad is awesome!

(I think I need to make a “Salad” Category.)

8 Responses to “Salad On My Mind”

  1. niachick said

    I love salads…potato, egg, tuna, chicken, green — whatever. In my green salads, I usually put some walnuts, pinenuts or sunflower seeds and if I’ve thought ahead, I like to cut up some boiled eggs. Add some avocado, apple, tomato and voila’, a salad deluxe.

    In my tuna salad I like to put apple and pickle relish. My husband hates it when I do that, so I usually make him a separate bowl. He’s pretty much a straight tuna salad guy — just a little salt and pepper and he’s good. He makes a mean egg salad that I adore.

    Salads are indeed fascinating! Thanks as always for your post!



    • I am suddenly fascinated with salads as I am soup. Do you put all those nuts in one salad? And you mix avocado with apple? You ARE a wild woman.

      I could see sometimes wanting apple in the tuna, but not all the time and only if the tuna was actually chicken. :-). I think I will post my chicken salad “recipe”. :-). Do you use mayo in yours (tuna salad)?

      So many different types of salad. Awesome!


  2. I love fruit salad and macaroni salad. Yum!

    Lately, when I eat a salad with iceberg lettuce, it hurts my tummy. I have no idea why. Guess I should try romaine or spinach leaves?

    Keep those salad posts coming!


    • I wonder why iceberg hurts your tummy? Maybe it is the combination of what you are eating with it? I think romaine and spinach are a better choice nutritionally anyway. Try ’em and see if your tummy likes ’em.

      This iceberg/sore tummy thing has me curious.

      Thanks for visiting!


  3. suzicate said

    Love salads but mostly a garden salad. My favorite is a layered vegetable salad that includes green peas.


    • I am not a pea fan. I will eat them, but I don’t like a lot. So, for example I will eat them in chow mein, but I won’t eat them as a side veggie. I bet I would eat them in the salad because they would be mixed in with the other stuff.

      If you want to share your recipe I can put it on my blog. You could be a guest poster? Oooooo.


      • suzicate said

        OK, I’ll have to make it again so I can measure it out and take a picture…it is very pretty, but I am famous for throwing stuff together without measuring!!!


        • Ha. I know that is part of the “problem” when you make stuff all the time then people want the recipe and there really isn’t one.

          If you do make it and send me the recipe that would be cool. Or you could just “ballpark it”. Pictures are always fun.


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