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Yin Yang

Posted by terrepruitt on April 28, 2011

I have written before about how we set a focus and intent for every Nia class.  With each Nia routine there is a set focus and intent, one that was used at the recording of the training DVD, but with Nia we are invited to use different focuses and different intents.  Using different focuses and intents allows for different sensations to be experienced with the Nia routines.  This week I am teaching the original focus and intent with the routine.  The focus is yin and yang.

I like this information I found regarding Yin and Yang, it states:  “Yin yang are complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, but either of these aspects may manifest more strongly in particular objects, and may ebb or flow over time. ”

With yin yang as a focus when we move our upper extremities in a manner akin to yin and our base in a yang manner we have complementary opposites moving the body which is the greater whole.  Additional yin yang sensations are hard and soft, rough and smooth, straight and curved, up and down, stable and wobbly, loud and quiet, silly and serious . . . . .ooooooh the list goes on and on.

Yin Yang is amazing.  It allows for many different movements, ideas, sensations, and feelings.  We move our bodies slow, then we move hips fast as our arms float slowly in the air, then its our whole body fast.  We hop reminding our legs of the sensation of agility, then we spend time with hands in a flutter so they can experience the fast start and stop of agility.  We invite our neurons to stretch and grow having one hand flutter and the other one move slowly through the air.  There are moments when the whole body is moving in unison in a yin way then it moves in unison in a yang way.  There are points where upper body is move in either yin or yang while the body is moving in yang or yin then there is a switch.  Yin yang is an exercise in coordination.  Also great balance practice.  As an example stand on one leg, then still standing on one leg move your arms around you in a quiet manner, then make them loud.  That yin yang really trains the intrinsic muscles for greater stability.

What made me think about sharing this was today while I was doing something at home I thought, “Do in yin and yang!”  So I did it fast then I did it slow, then I did it on two legs and then I did it on one leg.  Whatever I was doing I realized that I could bring the focus from my Nia class this week into my everyday household chores.  Yes, I know I have actually put this in a post before  . . . in Nia we do “Dance Through Life“.  This is dancing through life.  I just love when I am dancing through life and I can share it in a post easily.

I invite you to move through your day experiencing yin and yang.  So things fast then slow, move one arm fast and the other slow, move big, move little, move big and little at the same time . . . you understand.  Go.  Dance through life . . . be yin . . . be yang . . . be yin and yang!

6 Responses to “Yin Yang”

  1. Yay! YIN and yang. I can do that. 🙂 I have always been fascinated by the balance of yin and yang. What a fun post!

    I just ordered a childrens yoga DVD to do with the girls. I did yoga with them ONE time and they still remember (two years ago), so I promised a kids version. Now, I’m wondering if there is a Nia kid’s. 🙂


    • You can do pretty much anything, Incredible Woman!

      There is not a DVD of Nia for kids. I believe that a lot of the moves we do in Nia mimic the movement of children. Children are much more bold in their movements. I bet they would easily follow a Nia routine on DVD. As for a Nia class directed at children there could be some differences, the verbiage and examples of how to move might be adjusted, but the moves would be basically the same. Kids love Nia because there is so much freedom involved.

      Are you yin yanging through your day?


  2. suzicate said

    I just tried doing one arm fast and the other slow at the same time…wow, that takes concentration!


  3. niachick said

    Ahhhhhh….Yin/Yang; Moon/Sun; Cool/Warm; Black/White — when I think of opposites I think of the focus of Yin/Yang. The right side of my body is associated with Yang (masculine); the left is associated with Yin (feminine). Whenever I have an injury (minor or major) I look at what it is that is attempting to communicate. Yin is associated with the feminine, cool, dark, the moon, circular movements. Yang (properly pronounced it’s “Yawn”, but most people use the “g” and make it sound more like “hang”)is associated with the masculine, warm, light, the sun, linear movements.

    In Nia, Form and Freedom is a great use of the Yin/Yang focus. I believe it’s in the Nia routine “Miracle” that Carlos AyaRosas uses a particular step that is linear and “marching” for Yang and then uses the same step with grace and ease for Yin. I love using this focus in class.

    Thank you as always for your posts. They are so very informative and good reminders of how the world operates!!!


    • I am one of those people that say yanG. Thank you for the comment, adds the information that got away from me when typing up the post. 🙂

      I have danced the focus of Form and Freedom, but I don’t remember connecting it to Yin Yang focus. Thank you. I think you are talking about “Shadows in Silence” and again, I don’t think I have danced that with the thought of Yin Yang specifically, but I have danced it feminine and masculine, light and heavy, and basically Yin Yang but not thinking of it in those terms. Thanks, again.

      Thank you — as always for your comments. They add so much. And I learn a lot! Hugs!


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