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Awareness – Dancing Through Life

Posted by terrepruitt on May 4, 2010

Nia White Belt Principle #5 – Awareness – Dancing Through Life

I have been avoiding this principle because it can be very complex. To me, all of Nia’s White Belt Principles can be complex because they can be applied strictly to the cardio workout that is one aspect of Nia, they can be applied to Nia as a practice—which translates into, they can be applied to life, or they can just be applied to life.

Debbie Rosas Stewart talked about Principle #5 in this month’s Nia Teleconference for EveryBODY. She kept it simple. In all the calls she talks for about 15 minutes then she takes questions for the last 15. The call is 30 minutes. I will share with you what she said, but I recommend you listen to the call when they have it up on the site. They record each call every month.

Since I like to keep my posts relatively short, I have realized that I can post short summaries of Nia information and re-visit the information in additional posts.

One of the first things she said is very true, and I would like you to think about it. She pointed out that we are often aware of pain whereas we are not aware of pleasure. If we have a sore body part, we are aware of it. It makes its presence known and we listen. I personally don’t think we always listen to what it needs, but that is topic of another post. But we certainly don’t always pay attention to pleasure.

With Nia we seek pleasure. We seek to move away from the pain and go towards the pleasure.

There are a few things we can do to assist with that. One way is to be aware. Be aware of what brings us pleasure. As we move throughout our day we can make our movements a dance. While we are “doing”, we can dance through life. As you are reading this and you shift in your chair, notice the movement of your hips, notice to tilt of your head, do it like a dance.

While you are not moving, while you are “not doing”. Notice the stillness in your body. Allow the stillness to bring calm, relaxation, a sort of meditation, if you will. Notice what it is you are touching. Not just touching with your hands, but with your entire body. Are you sitting on a chair? Are you leaning on a desk? Benefit from that touch and that “not doing”.

Life as art so notice the art around you. Notice the noises and allow them to filter in as sound. Breath in the sensation of life. Not talking about “art” that would be in a museum art, but just the beauty of the world. Whatever you find beautiful.

There is so much about Nia I always find myself saying, “Another thing . . . one thing . . . Nia this . . . and Nia that. . .” but really. Another thing about Nia is that it is kind. Nia believes that we receive what we need to receive. We are not expected to hear something and walk away knowing it all or knowing it perfectly. With that in mind, understand that this is what I heard. These are the notes I took. Please, I invite you to listen for yourself and glean from it what you need. Focus on what resonates with you.  Take away something you can share.

My site shows Nia class schedule in San Jose and San Carlos. On Nia’s main site you can look up classes in your area. There are classes all over the world.

Touching and Being Touched / May 3, 2010 Teleconference call is the call I have summarized here.

Presently in your life, do you dance through it?  Do you practice awareness?  Do you notice life as art?

5 Responses to “Awareness – Dancing Through Life”

  1. niachick said

    Wow. I love this post Terre. Each time I read about one of Nia’s principles, I say “oh, this is my favorite” — and in all actuality they are ALL my favorites. Each one carries with it so much information about the specifics related to the cardio class (as you say in your post) and how the principle relates to one’s everyday living (as you also mention in your post).

    To answer your questions, I make it an intention to dance through life, to practice awareness and to notice life as art. I can be aware of pain in my body and dance through life. I can also be aware of pleasure in my body and dance through life. Everything becomes the canvas and I am the artist. I look out and see a blue sky with big puffy white clouds, I hear the birds singing and the tulips are blooming their radiant tulip colors. That is life as art. So is being aware of the torn meniscus of my right knee and knowing that I have to be aware of how I move, how I turn, how I go up and down steps — this to me is also life as art. Every step I take, every move I make, every breath I take is a brush stroke of color on the canvas. Life As Art. Inspiration.

    I used “Navigating” as my focus in yesterday morning’s class…how do you nagivate through life? There’s a variety of answers I’m sure — but my focus centered around “Awareness”. I navigate through life using Awareness. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to hit some bumps along the way, but awareness is key.

    I love how you kept the triad simple. Doing, Not Doing, Inspiration. Doing, or “Dancing Through Life” — everything one does is a dance of energy and relationship. Not Doing, or “Living Meditation” requires a certain stillness from within WHILE moving about one’s daily activities. The Doing and the Not Doing create the opportunity for Inspiration. This triad makes me smile!!! 🙂

    And how did you create that gorgeous triangle??? I squealed with delight when I saw it.
    It gave me such PLEASURE!!!

    Thanks Terre!



    • Well the principles are amazing because they are so simple and nothing really new. Information that we have heard before in some way, shape, or form. But, to me, how they present it and tie it all together is what makes me go, “Oh yeah. Wow!”

      Being aware and in the moment is a practice. Life is so busy and it seems in order to keep up we have to be doing 5/10 things at once. Sometimes it is difficult for me to slow down and be aware and notice life as art.

      I keep the triads simple because I am trying to present the principle on just one level. As I explained (and you know) in the beginning of the post they principles can be complex since they apply to so much. But I am just introducing readers. I really would love for people to attend the intensives and listen to the calls for themselves so I don’t want to give it all away. The triad here is what Debbie covered in the call. Simple yet powerful.

      The triangle is a “shape” in word. Then I formatted it to make the line thick.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jill.


  2. suzicate said

    Love this post…sounds like poetry to me. Words and emotion are like dance. I have found now that I have achieved a balance in my life (what I often refer to as an inner peace) I have found that I am much more aware mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


    • That is awesome. I think that I sometimes get too rushed to be aware. When I try multitask too much awareness slips away. It is great that you have found balance.


  3. […] chores.  Yes, I know I have actually put this in a post before  . . . in Nia we do “Dance Through Life“.  This is dancing through life.  I just love when I am dancing through life and I can […]


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