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Sometimes Things Are Not What They Seem

Posted by terrepruitt on October 1, 2011

This is not something new to you, I am certain.  Sometimes things are not what they seem.  I get contacted almost every day by people wanting to help me advertise Nia and my business.  I am always interested because Nia is not yet a household name.  Nia is not yet as big as Zumba.  More often than not,  I listen to what the caller has to say.  I was recently disappointed after I received a call from a rather large company.  The woman identified herself as a person working for this large company.  She said that they were contacting people in my industry who might be interested in being on this company’s list of preferred service providers.  Since I had never had any dealings with this HUGE company, when she asked if she could send me some information regarding being on this preferred list I said yes.  I was curious as to how I could be a preferred service provider when I had never worked with this company or for this company.  Well, I got my answer rather quickly as this person did as she said.  She sent me an e-mail with the information within minutes of talking to me.  It seems that all one has to do to be included on this HUGE company’s preferred service provider list is pay, at the bottom of the scale, $395.00 for an ad.  Then — boom! — you are a preferred service provider.

I was disappointed, not that I wouldn’t be on the list, but I was disappointed about the list.  This list of preferred service providers is provided to the employees of this company.  If I were an employee of this to-remain-nameless-HUGE-technological-company, I would expect them to be preferring people that they have had some experience with.  I would think that, if I was employed by this company that they would be recommending people to me for some other reason then the company, the service provider, paid them.  The pricing started at $395.00 and went to $995.00, with something else (I am not certain what type of ad) for $100 each.

In addition to payment to be preferred the item that was to be advertised on this “preferred service provider list” was DISCOUNTED services.  So it was a preferred service provider list that offers discounts to the employees.  I honestly didn’t know that is how it worked.  I thought the preferred service provider list was more than just advertising.

Also, I would like to point out that while the caller said she worked for the company, she meant as a hired outside marketing company.  So . . . not only does this company have a preferred list of providers that are nothing more than people who pay for adverting in a preferred magazine of discounts for the employees, but the company doesn’t even do its own selling of ads in this “prefered service vendor list”.  So not only are the service vendors not actually preferred they aren’t even known to the company whose list they are on.

Bummer.  Just another lesson in some things not actually being what they seem.  If you are one that works for a company that has a preferred service provider list you might want to find out HOW they get to be “preferred”. I guess I just thought of preferred as one having been chosen over another, not just having paid to be so.

4 Responses to “Sometimes Things Are Not What They Seem”

  1. niachick said

    Advertising is a bite in the ass. Sorry for the language, but it has become so vile, so deceitful, so competitive that in the business my husband and I own, we do NO advertising other than word of mouth and through our own customer e-mail list. Same thing with phone companies. They are such liars and cheats and most of the people who call saying they’re from this phone company or that phone company are hired out people who work from their homes. It’s disgusting.

    I answer no surveys — either by phone, e-mail or US mail. I give out no information to anyone phoning me and asking for information or telling me that they want our company to be on their preferred list. We are on ONE preferred list and that was only after doing months of checking out how it was working and what they wanted, etc. To REALLY be on their super preferred list we had to pay money which we were not willing to do, so we’re on their “sort of preferred” list.

    Fortunately, we are well known enough in the market that it’s not too big of a deal. We’ve been in business over 20 years and have a very good reputation.

    The world is full of losers whose only method of winning is at someone else’s expense. No thanks.

    Sorry you had to go through that. Now ya know.


    • I think that advertising is necessary, and if the company has the money it is great to do. I don’t think that all advertisers or companies that work in that industry are liars and cheats. I do understand it is a big business and a lot of money and research goes into it.

      It is great that you are able to go with word of mouth. That is awesome. It is also helpful that you sell products that can be sold via storefront AND online. Having a service is a little different, as you are aware because you do that in addition to the treats you sell.

      You are so cute. I am fine that I had to deal with that. I get companies calling me all the time wanting me to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising. One time a caller “kept” me on the phone for about 20 minutes or however long it took me to do my grocery shopping. He talked the entire time, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. I set the phone in my grocery cart and let him ramble after having telling him no, several times. It was way back when, now I say, “No thank you.” and hang up. At first, with this guy I wanted to hear how he could get me on page one of Google without actually being Google and him not even knowing what I would be page one of (he didn’t know what I did).

      This recent incident just made me sad because it was an employee referral program or a preferred list. I was sad that this company was not actually helping their employees by supplying a list of reliable companies. They were just supplying a list of people that paid for advertising. I just wanted to point out to people that “preferred” doesn’t necessarily mean diddle squat!


  2. Becky said

    yes <~~~~ this comment is just to let you know I'm here and reading all your information. 😉


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