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Ready to Receive – Natural Time

Posted by terrepruitt on October 22, 2011

Nia class, Nia Teacher, Nia San Jose, San Jose Nia, cardio workout, cardio dance class, fun exerciseI have learned a lot in my 43 years.  I know there is a lot more I could learn, but one thing I have learned AND that I find fascinating is that I need to be ready to receive.  Have you ever shared something with someone and they “pishawed” you?  You had tried to tell them something you found fascinating/interesting/money-saving/yummy/good to do and they had acted as if you didn’t know what you were talking about.  Then two weeks later they come to you to tell you the very thing you tried to share with them?  I used to get offended, even upset, but I am starting to see it differently.  I am starting to see that when I tell people things and I feel as if I have been “pishawed” it is not as I once perceived it . . . it is not their mind is snapping closed . . . but, maybe, just maybe it is the mind just saying, “What? I have never heard of that . . . let me deal with that later . . .” And then when it is heard again the mind has a space for it because they had heard it before, so their mind is more open to accepting and listening.

It is somewhat like Natural Time in a Nia workout.  In Nia, in our workouts, we have natural time allowing individuals to move their bodies in their own time.  Could be they are not ready to do the move the first time they see it, but after a few repetitions they are ready to receive.  Their bodies are ready.  — Funny.  I didn’t start this post off as relating to Nia, but as I was sitting here typing it dawned on me that being ready to receive is Natural Time.  And as you know, all of the Nia White Belt Principles can be applied to everyday life.  Just as many principles from any practice; Yoga, Jujitsu, aikido, Ballet, etc. can be applied to life.

Sometimes we have so much on our minds that adding something new just isn’t gonna work.  So maybe when we first hear something we just say, “NO!”  Then our brains move on.  But maybe the new “thing” left a spot, like rust . . . . but good, where it just stays and either it actually starts seeping into our brain or it just sits there until we hear it again.  Then we are able to open to the idea.  It is like the old idea of a seed.  Sometimes it is not ready to be planted, but it is there in its own little space.

I can actually remember specific times when this has happened, especially with my hubby, but I am posting about it because I recognized awhile ago that I do this.  Because I have heard something and pishawed it then later examined it.  It fascinates me.  It makes me wonder why I didn’t recognize good advice/information when I first heard it.  I wonder why I am not smart enough to recognize beneficial information when I see it.  So that is why I think that we have to be ready to receive.  It really doesn’t have to do with being intelligent.  Sometimes being ready is something of natural time.  We have to be ready in our own time.  In our own time is the best time in which to learn.  Amazes me.

Have you ever learned or heard something and when you really thought about it realized that you had heard the same thing before but it didn’t sink in?  Have you ever experienced the second time around as being the time you benefited from something?

4 Responses to “Ready to Receive – Natural Time”

  1. niachick said

    I absolutely LOVE this blog post, Terre. And the picture of you receiving is so poignant and beautiful.

    I’ve had similar experiences to what you mention in your blog, and back along the way I would also get offended or even angry that someone wasn’t “getting” what I was offering them. In my 10 years of teaching Nia, I’ve come to recognize Natural Time as a gift…to me and to others. One of the things that has astounded me in the past 7 years specifically is the body’s way of naturally healing itself. Rather than using antibiotics, I’ve changed my way of thinking to encompass alternative ways of healing — acupuncture, essential oils, and just plain old rest and relaxation. Fevers are not foes…fever is the body’s way of burning something out that is no longer needed. Obviously if the fever is high and lasts longer than 24 hours, it’s essential to look at it more closely. The body’s Natural Time seldom relieves the mind’s need to control. Nia has helped me in oh so many ways in learning how to listen to the voice of my body — the voice of sensation — rather than listening to my mind’s chatter about “what ifs” and “buts”.

    Many times, many, many times it’s been the second time around that I learned to listen. My husband and I have an awesome way of offering each other something that doesn’t make sense in the moment, but within, oh I’d say 24-48 hours, we will have the experience of what we’ve talked about. Then when we talk about it again, we can attest to the benefits of what was offered the first time. We do things like that with each other all the time.

    Natural Time is awesome. Thanks for sharing!!!



    • It is really funny, I re-wrote this post several times. It did not start out as a “Natural Time” post. It started out with a different feeling, but I adjusted it. Natural Time is the way so many things can be received, from information to a new movement.

      I am grateful that you appreciated the picture. It was done rather quickly and without a lot of fuss. Thanks for being here, Jill. Means a lot. XOXOXO


  2. This is sooo true and I never thought about it this way. I definitely have to be open to it, or I think I just can’t comprehend it. Well put! You have a way of simplifing things. And you look so peaceful in this pic. 🙂


    • Well, that is somewhat the idea of this blog. I like to post things that a quick read and part of that is “simple”. Plus sometimes things can be very complicated or complex so it is nice to simplify them or examine pieces so it is easier. I was trying to look like I was in a state to “receive.”


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