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December 31 Day Project . . . One “SOMETHING” a day!

Posted by terrepruitt on November 29, 2011

I am going to embark on a 31 day project . . . idea . . . thing.  With the recent events that have been happening in and around my life, I am reminded again that I have too much junk.  Some of it is “stuff” and some of it is JUNK.  I keep things that I have no immediate use for but “might use someday”.  It might be partial broken, but some of it can be salvaged.  I am sure I have duplicates of a couple of things, like vases, I can probably do with one less vase.

My idea is to get rid of one thing a day.  My hope is that if I commit to doing something with one thing everyday in December it will end up being more than just 31 things.  But I am not going to let “one” thing become a big project.  I might let one thing end up an easy project, but nothing too time consuming, involved, or that takes up a lot of “building” space.  The idea right now is to make more space, so I don’t want to pull out something and start a long sewing or craft project.  But it COULD be that I move something from broken to fixed and useable.  I am going to give myself some rules but I am also going to allow some leeway.

There are many ways it can be done.  It could be that you have a set of dishes that has 31 pieces and you get rid of one piece a day.   It could be that you have a stack of 31 newspapers and you get rid of one a day.  I would hope that would not be the way you choose to participate, but, hey, whatever works for you.  It could be that you have a few stacks (of newspapers or clothes or magazines) and you get rid of one entire stack.  Could be that you decide to donate a pair of pants and once you pull it off the hanger or out of the drawer you realize there is another pair or a blouse.  You could decide to count two articles as one.  It is up to you, I am inviting you to join me in using the entire month of December to make more space or clean up a bit.

What I plan on doing is letting you know THAT I got rid of something, cleaned, fixed, transformed.  I might not tell you WHAT I did exactly because I can think of some things I have saved or plan on doing you just might think is odd and I don’t want this turning into a blog with posts about hoarding, like an episode of Hoarders.  I just want to try to help us maybe get somethings done.  Maybe fix something that is broken.  Maybe clear a space.  At this point I don’t plan on posting everyday.  But I will post at least once a week about that I did something for the number of days between that post and the last.  I might not use my regular post days for these posts.  I am thinking I will post about this on Mondays, but I am not sure yet.  But I will do something everyday!

I already have two things in mind, both I am thinking I will not share details with you because they might have you thinking I am crazy.  But maybe not.  But this to me is part of wellness.  Reducing and making space.  Getting rid of some of the clutter.  Starting December 1st, I am going to get rid of something, fix something that is broken, or use something that I have save to be used “someday”.  Taking this slow approach might make it less of a hassle during the holidays, yet still make a small dent in the clutter.

So what do you think?

2 Responses to “December 31 Day Project . . . One “SOMETHING” a day!”

  1. Excellent!! This is a great idea! I could apply it to my garage. It might not get cleaned out, but at least it’d be a start. 🙂


    • GREAT! One thing a day from your garage! That is even a beter idea – taking an AREA and doing one thing a day. But a rule would have to be in place that taking something from one area to another does not count. HA, HA!


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