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Archive for December 20th, 2011

Practical Gifts – Christmas or Otherwise

Posted by terrepruitt on December 20, 2011

Last Monday on the way home from my Nia Class I stopped at the store to buy a huge bunch of veggies.  I was wondering what I was going to cook them in.  I needed a new pan.  I think that it is perfect acceptable to give pots and pans as a gift — when one asks for it/them.  Last Christmas I asked for a pan.  A 14 inch fry type pan.  I had a really difficult time finding one.  I really wonder why it is so hard to find such a large pan.  It is not as difficult to find a 12 inch pan and everyone; every store, every brand, EVERYONE has a 10 inch pan.  But a 14 inch pan is really difficult to find.  Once they go over 12 inches they start measuring by quart it seems.  Last year I had to search and search and search but I finally found one.  It was great.

Nia class, Nia teacher, Nia in San Jose, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, A lot of my pans spin on the glass top.  The other ones wobble.  When pans don’t lie flat on the glass surface they don’t heat very evenly.  My 12 inch pan is a wobbler AND a spinner.  And it is not as large as I would like.  I wanted a 14 inch pan, and as I said I had finally found one.  I was so happy when I found it that I asked for it for Christmas.  It was 14 inch, it was non-stick, it was affordable.  So that was one of my Christmas presents last year.  I used it all the time.  It was heavy enough that it didn’t spin on the glass top.  It was also flat so it didn’t wobble.  I used it all the time.  A lot of the pictures on my blog of food are in that pan.

But it was affordable and maybe on this side of cheap because after a year it is rusting.  This pan did NOT go in the dishwasher.  Things that say they are dishwasher safe don’t always last as long when they go through a washing with the tough detergent that goes into dishwashers.  Plus I am not even sure this pan would have fit in the dishwasher.  So it never went in the dishwasher.  Well, it started rusting anyway, so now I can’t use it.

I was on a quest for a new 14 inch pan.  I could get another one same as the one I got last year, but then would I be having to buy a new pan every year?  Probably.  I could get one to match my really nice set, but they are not cheap.  So I debated.  Buy it not, buy it.  I have always wanted it, but it is difficult for me to spend that much on a pan, but once you do, they really last forever.  I decided that I would ask for it as a Christmas present.  Not a traditional gift.  A lot of money for just one thing, but I figured if you added up all the other stuff it would equal about the same.

So, I am happy to report that I will be getting a 14 inch all-clad for Christmas.  Just the thought makes me happy.  The other day I wanted to cook a huge pan of veggies.  As I was adding more and more vegetables, I kept hoping they would all fit.  I kept wishing I had a bigger pan.  I kept thinking . . . . why is it so hard to find a 14 inch pan?  Doesn’t everyone want to cook AT LEAST 14 inches of veggies?  I mean a pan full of veggies with a little bit of rice is a great meal.  The larger the pan the more veggies.  Oooooo!  That is exciting!  More veggies.

Can’t wait!  Can’t wait!  Can’t wait.  I am so like a kid at Christmas.  I love getting surprise gifts.  I love getting gifts I know are coming.  I love getting gifts I will use all the time.  And you know I will use that pan all the time.  You know it will become a regular feather on my blog.

What about you?  Are you one to ask for something practical for a gift?  Are you ok with getting a small appliance or cookware for Christmas?

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