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Some Foods Can Boost Your Immune System

Posted by terrepruitt on February 14, 2012

Our local warehouse store puts out a magazine, it is called The Costco Connection. In the February 2012 issue there was an article about “Foods to protect your immune system”, by Carl Germano. The magazine said that Whey Protein, cultured yogurt, mushrooms, elderberry, garlic, and oats helps protect the immune system.

Whey protein is a by-product of cheese from cow’s milk. So it could cause allergic reactions to people with milk allergies. But the article said it is the only protein that contains powerful substances called immunoglobulins. Funny that they use that word instead of the more familiar “antibody”. Antibodies are the much needed part of our immune system that guard against infections by fighting off bacteria and viruses. Antibodies are also made by our immune system in response to foreign objects in the body.

I had always been told to eat only yogurt with “live cultures” (eww, that grosses me out just like yeast!). But back in the day they were not publicly called probiotics and it was not the latest marketing trend. Although, I am thinking that other people also have an aversion to the term “live cultures” and that is why marketing has used “probiotics”. Probiotics help keep the balance in your gut (intestines). And a healthy gut is an important part of the immune system.

Mushrooms are a healthy fungus. This article made me feel much better because all my life I had thought mushrooms didn’t have any nutritional value. This article said “once thought to be nutrient void”. I knew it! I knew they were thought to be “nothing”. They deserve their own separate post! According to Wiki the actions are not understood, some clinical trials are showing results that mushrooms might help fight diseases. I think that anything that fights diseases qualifies as something that helps the immune system, right?

The University of Maryland has information regarding the Elderberry, saying that it has been used to treat wounds for centuries and it is used to treat colds and respiratory issues. Those things alone can point to immune boosts, right? I mean, if it treats a wound it probably helps fight against infection – which is an immune function. If it helps fight colds and respiratory issues – that sounds like something helping the immune system.

ALL MY LIFE, I have been told about the benefits of garlic. My family is huge on eating garlic. My grandfather used to fry it. It is pretty good that way. Strong, but good. (Not deep fried, just fried in a pan.) Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Eating it can help fight bacteria. And Dr. Oz has stated that putting a clove in your ear can help fight off ear infections.

Oats are the cholesterol-lowering food. Oats also have a lot of fiber which we know helps the body maintain balance. According to the article “studies have shown that beta-glucans, powerful immune-regulating compounds . . . . have positive effects in animals and humans.”

So if you eat these things as part of your diet you are helping your immune system. If you don’t, you might want to include them in your diet. If you include them in your diet already, how do you do it? I am really curious about Elderberries in the diet.

11 Responses to “Some Foods Can Boost Your Immune System”

  1. I have one of those probIotics yogurt every day. My sister got me on them when I had to take antibiotics. Never heard of elderberries 🙂


    • I am not sure that one needs to eat “one of those probiotic” yogurts. I think “regular” yogurt with live cultures might do the trick, but I am not sure. I am not sure how many live cultures are in the “probiotic” yogurts compared to regular yogurt. As I mentioned I think the word “probiotic” was latched onto by a marketing expert. 😉

      I recently learned of elderberries because it is what a new liqueur I was introduced to is made with. Yum!


  2. suzicate said

    I’m not a big fan of yogurt…however, I do love frozen yogurt!
    I made the best sauteed mushrooms last night…easy and delish!


    • Not all frozen yogurt sold as such has the live active cultures. Just like not all yogurt has them, so it could be that the frozen yogurt is not really any better than ice cream in terms of probiotics. I guess, if one cares, they would have to ask, unless the store actually posts it somewhere.

      I love yogurt, but I don’t eat it often. Greek yogurt is awesome.

      Great for you getting in your immune boosting mushrooms. Did you use garlic on them?


  3. Linda said

    I’ve always wondered about the probiotic thing and felt it was more of a marketing gimmick. I love yogurt, but go in stints on eating it. Just not always in the mood for it, I guess.


    • Well as long as I can remembered I have always been told to eat yogurt with the live cultures in it. Expecially if taking an antibiotic. However I do believe that the “term” probiotic has been commandeered by marketing people.

      I love yogurt. I love to eat it out of the container or add it to things to make things creamy. Yum. Makes me want yogurt now. The Greek kind! Yum!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. niachick said

    I have an Elderberry Juice drink that I can take when I start to get a cold. Had I done this early on during my “great purge” I might’ve experienced some improvements quicker, but alas, I forgot I had it. I hear great things about Elderberries.


    • The first I can remember hearing about elderberries is that it is used to make a liqueur I just learned about. I don’t know where one could purchase elderberries. The rest are easy to find.

      Thanks for being back, Jill. Big smoothes to you and Frank!


  5. Pauline said

    I only eat organic plain yoghurt, and I put lsa (linseeds, sunflower seeds, and almonds) in it and some organic raw honey. It tastes great and I feel great. 🙂


  6. […] the body’s immune system’s response to infection.  They were mentioned in my post Some Foods Can Boost Your Immune System. Oats also help stabilize blood sugar.   You have probably heard a lot of talk about flora in the […]


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