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Archive for March 8th, 2012

Small Acts of Kindness

Posted by terrepruitt on March 8, 2012

Have you ever heard about doing a random act of kindness?  We are often encouraged to commit acts of kindness.  The acts can be simple and they could be random.  Pay the toll on the bridge for the person behind you, pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop, help someone whose car is broken down, things like that.  Always for other people.  But how often do you hear about doing small acts of kindness for yourself?  Small acts of kindness for your body?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say not often.  I am not talking about getting a massage or buying something new that will add to our happiness.  I am not talking about the “take time for yourself” kind of kindness.  I am talking about little things that we probably don’t even realize would be a small act of kindness to ourself and to our body.

I was listening to a Nia Continuing Education recording and Debbie Rosas said to do small acts of kindness for ourselves throughout the day.  In this Nia training she briefly mentioned the act being a shift in posture, something having to do with the body.  The reference to an adjustment in the body reminded me of the information in my post about Dance Conditioning Tips.  In reading the tips I thought they were not just for dance and could be applied to everyday living.  The tip was to sense your body while doing a task and see if is in alignment.  Well there are more things than just “off” alignment that could cause discomfort, so I was thinking of things that we could do to be kind to the body.  Maybe some of them are just adjustments in the way we are sitting that can be made.  If your neck is tense is your keyboard to high?  Can it be lowered or can your seat be raised?  Would the small act of sitting straighter be kind to you back?  How about the much talked about and needed break?  Taking just a few minutes away from the desk for a little stretch or shake out.

What about a glass of water?  A small and simple way to be kind to your body. Would you object to closing your eyes for a moment and taking deep breaths?  It’s a great way to show some body kindness.  I bet you could go for taking off your shoes and wiggling your toes and flexing your feet moving your ankles—-I bet your feet would LOVE you for that small kindness.
Ok, I have one, it is a big one, and don’t deny you have done it because I would bet we ALL have done it at one time or another . . . . . don’t wait!  Don’t hold it.  Get up and go to the restroom.  I bet more of us have done that than not.  We have to go to the restroom because of that small kindness of a glass of water, but we just want to finish one more thing, then we will go.  Then that one thing turns into another and next thing you realize you are sprinting to the restroom.  Do your bladder a small kindness and don’t “do one more thing”.  Stop what you are doing and go to the restroom. 

These are all little things, so small, you might not even realize how big of an impact they can have until you try one.  The “small” part allows you to do them without much or any interruption to your day.  Just little adjustments or small acts of kindness for yourself to fit in easily to your day.

So what do you think?  Do you think you any of these would be something you can do?  Can you think of a small act of kindness that you can do?  Can you think of a small act of kindness that you can do for your body?  Do tell.

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