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A Deep Calm With Which To Face New Experiences

Posted by terrepruitt on August 3, 2013

I was to meet some friends for lunch on one of my friend’s birthday.  I was the first one to arrive.  There is a little store, Moonfyre Metaphysical, between the two restaurants we were deciding between.  While I was waiting I popped in to see what stones they have.  It is one of those stores that has stones, crystals, candles, incense, books, CD’s and stuff.  They have a wide range of books.  They also do readings and Reiki.  I was primarily looking at the stones. One caught my attention — Mookaite (aka Australian Jasper).

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Zumba, PiYoMy friend walked over to where I was and immediately reached for one and was about to say something when she saw that I had already noticed how pretty they were and was reading about it.  It is a combination of jaspers; red and yellow.  Some of the stones were primary red, some primarily yellow, and some a nice mix.  I chose two.  One with a multitude of striations.  They are so pretty.  Normally I am attracted to blue.  So I always gravitate toward blue stones and crystals, but this time I was fascinated by a RED (and yellow) stone.  Which is really funny because I normally don’t care for either.  But these were really beautiful.

In the container in which the stone were held there was a little piece of paper describing the stones.  I asked the clerk if I could have one of the papers if I bought the stone and he said that I could have it no matter what.  They are printed for people to take.  So I was happy.

The paper says:


Mookaite is a unique combination of red and yellow jaspers from Australia.  It imparts both a desire for new experiences and a deep calm with which to face them.  Flexible mookaite encourages versatility.  It points out all possibilities and assists in choosing the right one.  Mookaite is a physically stabilizing stone that fortifies the immune system, heals wounds, and purifies blood.

Ha.  When I read that I figured I needed this stone and that is why I was attracted to it.  At this time I am not sure about the “desire” for new experiences, but I am certain I am having new experiences.  I am having to face situations with an extremely ill pet and so I focused on the “deep calm with which to face them”.  It has been my experience that with medical situations you have to be versatile because diagnoses change along with treatments as things progress.  I need to see all possibilities and need assistance in choosing the right one.  While my beliefs actually are in God, I do believe that He has created tools for us that can help us along the way.  So it is not outside of my scope to think that a stone might actually encourage some of these things.  Even if it is just in the form of reminding me to pray and trust.

As I was typing this up I thought if it really is a stabilizing stone that fortified the immune system, heals wounds, and purifies blood, I should make a collar that will hold it and have my cat wear it.  Oh, yeah, she would love that.

Information on a website regarding Mookaite made me laugh because it is so fitting.  It said this stone helps when working with animals.  Also it helps make you more aware of natural cycles and see life patterns.  Trippy, huh?  I walk into a store and pick up a stone that is thought to help with facing decisions and allows you to be aware of the circle of life.

I always wonder where the information comes from about what properties the stones and crystals have.  Maybe that is another blog post.

Anyway . . . I was pretty convinced I was suppose to find it when I read the little paper, but the information on the website has me really amazed and even more certain.

Where do you stand in the belief about stones providing assistance?

9 Responses to “A Deep Calm With Which To Face New Experiences”

  1. Michele said

    I am still trying to read your posts through my “crazy busy traveling visiting life”! I think you found the perfect touchstone at the exact right time, or maybe it was they found you, amazing! Yes I believe. Wishing you a deep calm.


    • THANKS! I appreciate it. It is nice to know you are there.

      And . . . yup . . . whichever . . . I think God created the tools and he is good about making sure we find them when we need them. 🙂

      I think the calm will have to be really deep because you know me . . . . I am a “let it out” kinda person so if I don’t I will break. So if I am to remain calm it will have to be deep and penetrating or just stay in the depths. LOL!


  2. Looks like some Jasper, I have a collection of rocks and crystals for meditation and inner balance, and crystal therapy. Don’t forget to clear your crystals after some use. You can clear by letting them sit in a dish overnight, or by putting on a dish or in a bowl, and then letting them sit in the sun. You’re taking me back to The Haight in SF when I managed TouchStone Arcane Jewelers. We carried a full line of rocks, crystals, and minerals. I mixed a few potions in my day. I love Picture Jasper.


    • Yup, two different types of jaspers. And thanks for reminding me about clearing the crystals and stones. I don’t think I have ever done that!

      Thanks for being here, Yoshi! 😉


  3. Addendum, A bowl of water overnight. lol


    • Bowl of water in the sun?


      • Yes Terre, they were formed from liquid, and the sunlight through the water seems to re charge the stones. I actually when I worked as the house “Mr. Goodwitch” had a special place on the Coast, adjacent to Stinson Beach in marin county, where there is a fresh water marsh that ran into the Ocean. I would go there and collect the fresh water and the ocean water where they mixed. I would then , keep a 5 gallon bucket of the miixed waters collected during a high moon that was even with the setting sun., under a pyramid to charge the water. I then bottled it and labled it and sold it in our arcane jewelry store as crystal clearing solution.. That is my personal secret for the best clearing solution you can get. But the simpler methods also work. Maybe sometime you and John want to go walk on the beach . There is a place closer to you where you could get this water and the proper time to collect it. You and John could take 92 to 1 then turn left like your heading towards Santa Cruz keep your eye open for Bean Hollow sate park. Very tiny only hold 10 cars but there is a fresh water marsh that fills from the runoff in the hills and it comes down mixes with the Ocean. So now you really know. As an agnostic and student of the worlds religious and spritual practices. I was a Wiccian for a good 25 years I learned many inner developmental skills. we all have them just some of us work at developing those abilities. Your one of those, through your Nia, and your expansive mindset. I still wish I could talk you two up here for a face to face. Think about it. I would love to actually meet the both of you and swap stories. Thanks for all your support and your friendship. You and John and Lucretia, are some of the people that I have met online, that I know keep it real, When we first were using FB there were us real folks/ Now there is a lot of BS to sift through. Take care. you can always call 530 876 8214 Cheers!


        • Wow, such an interesting history.

          John is a difficult one to get out of the house. He works all week and likes to just stay home – hermit like. But who knows . . .

          Thanks for the info.


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