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Archive for October 8th, 2013

Avocado Eggs Helpful Tips

Posted by terrepruitt on October 8, 2013

I have been making avocado eggs for my husband almost every weekend.  Sometimes BOTH days of the weekend.  Once I think I made them for him for dinner.  They are easy and he loves them.  So I really don’t mind.  I have not tried eating them, myself.  I am not a fan of avocados nor baked eggs.  But preparing them is easy, cooking them is easy, and clean up is easy.  What more could you ask for, right?  Since cooking them for my hubby, I have learned a few things that I thought I would share.  I shared what I have learned about Smashed Banana Eggs, I thought I would share about these too.  Hopefully these things will make it even easier for you to enjoy Avocado Eggs.

—Wash the avocado

First thing I do is I wash the avocado.  Normally I wouldn’t wash the outside of a fruit I am just going to peel off and throw away, but this one SITS in the egg, so I figure it would be nice if it were clean.  So I wash it.

—Oil the foil

At first I didn’t put anything on the foil and the egg whites stuck to it.  So now I oil it so the egg whites slide right off.

—Be sure to pick the correct way to cut the avocado

Find the two sides of the avocado that allow it to rest level.  Then slice it accordingly.  This helps with it staying level.  Doesn’t always ENSURE that it will be level once you slice it.  It also doesn’t ensure it will STAY level in the oven.

—Remove enough avocado from the skin

If you like egg whites/fried eggs, then the part of the egg that spills on the foil will be ok especially if you wash the avocado and don’t over cook the egg whites.  But you still want a good portion of the egg IN the avocado, so make sure you take enough out.  And “enough” is how much YOU decide.  But it is good to decide BEFORE you crack the egg into it.  🙂

—Remove eggs whites from oven when done cooking

I take the egg whites off the pan before the egg in the avocado is done cooking.  The egg whites that spill onto the foil get done cooking a lot faster than the eggs in the avocado so I just pick up the avocado with some tongs and scoop up the egg whites.  With the oil on the foil the egg whites just slide right off.  Taking them out of the oven before the rest is done ensure they don’t get over cooked and turn into rubber.

—Check the eggs while baking

Be sure to check the eggs while baking.  While the time is a great guide every egg and avocado is different.  I usually set the time for 7 minutes and check them then.  Often that is enough time for the egg whites on the foil to cook.

So that is what I have learned with the avocado eggs.  What can you add to help us out?

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