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Archive for April 22nd, 2014

I Could Use To Get “Smarter Every Day”

Posted by terrepruitt on April 22, 2014

I am not a science person, although I love the science of cooking and understand that you do certain things and use certain ingredients to get a specific outcome. I don’t know a lot about science. I don’t even claim to KNOW about the science of cooking, I just like it. I think some science is interesting. When I say I don’t know a lot about science I am admitting to not knowing what some might think of as basics. So this video that my friend posted on her Facebook page not only entertained me, but educated me. I thought it was really cool. I thought it was a great way to explain it to kids and people. I really loved the liquid in the jar. I also laughed because, if what he said is true, now it makes sense why my mom was always so “stuffy” in the front seat and I was always so cold and felt like I was being wind blown in the back seat.

With the way Facebook is working lately the a picture of the video is on her wall, but there was a link to another person’s blog post. Below is the video of Destin showing his kids some “Fluid Mechanics”. I put that in quotes because that is what he calls it, and again, that is not something I know. Listen to the end so you can hear his speel about a free audio book.


Also click over to his site Smarter Every Day where you can read stuff to help make you smarter every day.

In the blog post Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown by a Balloon and a Minivan Robert T. Gonzalez explains in detail what is going on in the van. I didn’t read his entire post because I was satisfied with Destin’s explanation. This link is actually what my friend had posted on Facebook.

I did click over from Destin’s Youtube page to read his post regarding Re: People confused by children who say “Yes Sir” which I enjoyed and I thought was well written.

So the funny thing about this is as I mentioned I learned a lot and I learned why my mom was always stuffy while I was freezing whenever we went somewhere in the car with my parents. As I was watching the video I thought, “Dang! I can’t tell her. But this makes sense”. When my hubby and I would go places with my mom and dad we usually would all pile into their vehicle with my hubby and I in the back seat. My mom would always claim to be “stuffy”. Ya know a little more than hot as if there is not enough air around you . . . it seems a little difficult to breathe? We call that “stuffy”. We say, “I feel stuffy. Or, “the air is stuffy.” Well, now I know why.  When the car is moving the air goes to the back.

Whether you know this stuff or not I hope you watch the video because it is entertaining.  I think I have seen Destin’s stuff before, but I forget about it.  I could watch it and read it and I am sure I would get a little smarter every day.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Thanks, Destin!

Well, what did you think?  Did you know this?  Don’t you think this is a great teaching tool (the experiment)?

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