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We ALL Make Mistakes

Posted by terrepruitt on February 27, 2017

I don’t often post about current events.  I want my blogs to be timeless.  🙂  But tonight as it approached 11:00 pm and I had not yet posted anything and I was doing dinner dishes some questions popped into my head.  How long have the Oscars been going on?  Had no one, in all of those years, ever made a mistake?  Are the current procedures at the Oscars a set up for people to make mistakes?  What is up?

I don’t know about you but my mind wanders a lot while I am sudsing, washing, and rinsing dishes.  Sometimes I come up with brilliant plans only to have completely forgotten about them by the time I am done doing the dishes and have dry enough hands to make notes of such brilliance.  But tonight I was so curious.

Were the procedures so different in past years that the mistakes could not have been made?  I don’t watch the Academy Awards so I didn’t even see it, but it was such a big thing that my Facebook feed was full of it and all of the radio stations that I listen to were talking about it (or so it seemed as I pressed every button to get away from it).

Were there never mistakes before or was it that it was filmed on a delay so we didn’t see the mistakes?  Were they able to edit them out?  But now that there is Twitter and Facebook live and all types of ways for the award show go-er to post it live or record it, the Academy has to come clean?  Or is it that there IS such things as Twitter and Facebook that the Academy wants everyone to be “talking” about it that they set this type of stuff up?  I mean, again, I don’t even know what Steve Harvey announced wrong, but I know that he announced something wrong and we are STILL talking about it.

As I mentioned, I don’t even watch the show – I don’t have network TV – but I know about it because my entire feed on Facebook was commenting on it.  Then this morning all the radio stations seemed to be talking – or at least mentioning – about it.

I wonder if it had to do with the fact that their audience seems to be dwindling?  According to Time.com, there were 4 percent less people watching than last year.

I’ve heard the “explanation” that there are two envelopes and the “wrong” set was grabbed.  But who is in charge of the envelopes?  Who is in charge of the “grabbing”?  In the past 89 years how is it that the “envelope giver” or the “envelope grabber” has never made that mistake (or was it not broadcast?)?  So odd.

What do you think?  Or more importantly, do you care? 

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Going On Five Years Of Good Things

Posted by terrepruitt on February 6, 2017

We are doing our Goodie Jar again this year.  Right now it is a divided bowl.  On one side there is paper which we can write the good things on and pens.  On the other side is where we are putting our notes.  It is getting full.  At the end of last year it seemed like we were not adding many good things.  It probably didn’t help that my dad died and we were shocked and thrust into having to do a lot of things we had never thought of and things that took up a lot of time and energy.  But also it could be that the goodie jar got overlooked.  Like many of us, my husband is a creature of habit and he claims his habit, regarding the good things jar, consists of it looking like it did when we very FIRST did it and having it be in the same exact spot.  And for ME, that is an overlooking type of habit.  With the pitcher in the same spot all year long – for me, it tends to blend into the surroundings and I don’t see it.  Ya know, like that item that you have to take to your friend the next time you meet, so you put it near the door.  But after a week you begin to ignore it.  You don’t really see it there any longer, it blends into the surroundings.  So when you finally leave the house to meet your friend you totally forget the item.  Having it there was supposed to remind you, but it became so normal for it to be there, it did nothing to help you remember.  So I like to switch it up.  I like to change the vessel that holds the good things.  I thought keeping it on the peninsula in the kitchen was good because we would see it.  And with it being different it would attract our attention.  Well, at the end of the year it got kinda over shone by other Christmas decorations.  So this year we started out with it on the coffee table in the living room.  It is pretty in our faces.  But as I said, it is getting full.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, Nia Technique, SJ City Fit, SJCityFitI am trying to decide what to do.  I am trying to decide on something else to keep the notes in.  Or I might just move some of the notes into another vessel and keep using the bowl for now.  I have so many pretty dishes that are seldom used so having them out with good things in them makes me happy.  I might move it off the coffee table for now.  If so, I do plan on moving it back during the year so that it is in our faces and we remember.  Sometimes it is easier to remember to make a note of a good thing.  Sometime it is helpful if there is a reminder or a prompt.

Either way, I am happy to continue this little project that we started years ago.  This will be our fifth year.  For us we put anything any it that makes us smile.  I think I saw my hubby put a receipt from dinner in there.  I don’t know what he wrote, but I am guessing it had to do with the nice dinner we had.  I was going to put a Dove chocolate wrapper in there.  They have sayings on them, so I saved it and I was going to write on it, but it got mistaken for trash and thrown away.  But the idea is that you can put whatever you want in your jar.

When I was commenting about it on a friend’s post someone asked if I date my notes.  Sometimes I do.  Like the other day when I was excited we had 18 people in Nia and 16 people in stretch class.  I put the date on that note.  But when I was looking at my cats and happy that they are so sweet and I feel lucky to have them, I wrote a note about it, but I didn’t date it.  A receipt or a ticket stub is going to have a date, but a candy wrapper would not.  It is whatever you want.  However you want to document the things that make you smile now and that will make you smile when you read them at the end of the year.

I am thankful to my friend Uptown Girl Denver for posting the practice on her Facebook page back in 2013.  I don’t think she is doing it any longer, but we are still enjoying the practice.

Are you doing a Goodie Jar this year?  What do you use for your “jar”?  What do you use for your notes?

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A Friday Flower

Posted by terrepruitt on January 27, 2017

I love our yard roses.  I have hundreds of pictures of them.  I post some pictures on Facebook or even twitter, but I don’t like to just fill up my feed(s) with them.  I mean, I wouldn’t mind, but I think that would annoy people.  So I am sharing one here.  This is from April of 2016.

In case you are wondering . . . they smell GREAT!

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Random “Love” Sightings

Posted by terrepruitt on January 20, 2017

I saw this on a chair at the community center in San Jose where I teach Nia.  I thought it was cute.  I figured I would post it later to Facebook and never got around to it.  I saved it on my phone and whenever I saw it, it made me smile.  So I thought I could post it and it would make you smile.

A random heart for a Friday Photo.


Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, Nia Technique, SJ City Fit, SJCityFit

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New For 2016

Posted by terrepruitt on January 4, 2016

WHOA!  2016!  Welcome, huh?  I think I remember posting last year about how the year felt different.  Didn’t feel so NEW.  Perhaps that is just a symptom of age?  Nothing new here, move along.  No, no, not you, don’t move along!  I am going to do something new on my blog.  I would love to be doing something exciting, but these next two months are going to be super busy for me.  So, I am going to make a shift that MIGHT help with that.  You may have noticed that the last half of 2015, I didn’t post on Thursdays every month.  Then a couple of months I skipped posting on Saturday.  A few of the times I didn’t post throughout the year it was because I forgot, but the majority, I had decided not to post.  Sometimes it doesn’t come as easy as other times so, I just gave in.  Well, I am going to try a new schedule to see if that helps with being able to post on my self imposed schedule.  I am going to try posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I would like to post Mondays and Thursdays, but Thursdays are the days that give me the most trouble.  If I had a post prepared it would be fine, but I am not always that on top of things.  I find myself trying to both get dinner ready before yoga class and write a blog post.  Then I am off to teach class and when I come back I have to finish cooking dinner and write the post, leaving my hubby sitting all by himself for the evening.  If you saw the size of his pouty lip you would agree that I need to do something different.

So, here starts a new page for my blog.  I have been blogging since 2009, so for seven years my schedule has been Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Now onto:  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I am sure it will take me a few to get used to it, but we will see.  Depending on things it could end up being just two days . . . we will see!

I thought I would share some of the fun facts that WordPress shares with me (I am sure I am the only one that is so special) about the past year.  Fun stuff!

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYo, Nia Technique, SJ City Fit

—There were 4 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 2 MB

—The busiest day of the year was November 29th

—Total archive of this blog is 1,176 posts

—My top five popular posts are from 2012, the first one is

Blood Pressure Monitors – It’s All In the Wrist, then is goes

Gout and Oats – There Could Be A Connection

No Need To Soak Your Oats

Do You Know What RoundUp Ready Means?

You Should Soak Your Oats

—The top referring sites in 2015 were:  helpyouwell.com and facebook.com

—Views came from 135 countries.  Sounds impressive until you think about how many countries there actually are.  🙂

Thank you for even being here so that I have any type of “statistics”!  That really needs to be said and acknowledged!

Now, here is to a new year.  Happy 2016.  Let’s rock this thing, both the year and my blog.  Help me rock it by reading and commenting.  Yeah, it is much more fun when you talk to us (me and any other persons reading).

Fun stuff!  Thanks, again!

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Posted by terrepruitt on December 17, 2015

Oh.  Recently someone posted a link to a video on Facebook.  So I watched this little video about “Mindfulness”.  It was a cartoon where these animals were talking about being mindful.  The example used was one of the animals was driving in traffic and something made him angry.  Now I can’t find the video to verify, but I thought that the animal, I think it was a cow was advised to not get mad or to not act upon his anger or to just let it go.  So basically what I got from the video was that “mindfulness” was not acting out on your emotions or your “bad” emotions.  Just observe them then let them pass.  I then looked up a few definitions of mindfulness and a few of them said the same thing.  Funny . . . to me, I always thought of mindfulness as being AWARE of things.  Being in the moment and paying attention to what you are doing.

I guess the videos definition and example can be that if that means you just let the moment go and don’t focus on it and stay angry, but still I felt it was a totally different definition and idea than what I think of as mindfulness.  To me the situation he was talking about was just letting things go.  I guess some people could call letting things go mindfulness.

I really think of mindfulness as being present and being aware.  Ya know, not brushing your teeth while doing other things (my prime example because that is what I often do).  Or not walking down the street with your head bent down to see your phone.  Or not texting while driving.  Or one I know many of us do — because I see many people go back — walk away from our cars not certain if we locked it and have to go back to check.  To me mindfulness is giving your full mind, your attention to your teeth brushing, walking, driving, and getting out of the car and locking it.  To me it is focusing on what you are doing.  Kind of like what we have in Nia, called Dancing Through Life.  Paying attention to what we are doing.  Making it a dance.  Noticing our movements.

I guess, mindfulness can have different meanings.  I mean, obviously, because that video said one thing and I’ve heard it defined other ways.

What about you?  What is your definition of mindful?  Or what would you use as an example of mindful?

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Oil And Paws

Posted by terrepruitt on August 15, 2015

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia at the San Jose Community Centers, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYo, Nia TechniqueSometimes it is nice to have a nice flavored oil to do the job instead of putting in all the seasonings and spices yourself.  I decided to cook some kale tonight.  To me, kale is one of those veggies that can really stand up to a lot of seasoning.  it needs strong flavors because it is a strong flavor.  I was trying to think of something different to cook the kate with, plus it was late, I was tired, so I wanted something fast.  Then I remembered a bottle of olive oil I received as a gift.  I had used it before on something . . . I forgot what, but I did remember we loved the flavor.  So I pulled it out and used it to sautee the kale.

It is Big Paw’s Pizzeria Savory Dipper – Dressing – Marinade.  It is olive oil with a mix of garlic oil, rosemary oil, herbs, and sea salt.  And it taste like pizza!  I love Big Paw’s products.  They have a Mission Fig Balsamic that is good enough to drink.  I haven’t gotten it in a long time.  But there was a time when it was a staple in my cupboard.  Now that I am talking about it, I think I should invest in some.  They also have a really yummy peach balsamic!

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia at the San Jose Community Centers, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYo, Nia Technique

Another oil that I love to use is Consorzio’s Meyer Lemon Olive Oil.  I am not a big fan of lemon flavor, but this add just the right amount.  I sometimes sautee vegetables with this, but my favorite use for it is to put it in the rice cooker when making rice.  It adds the PERFECT amount of flavor.

Oh, and I just remembered . . . speaking of BIG paws . . . have you seen this?  (The picture below)  This AMAZED me.  I knew bear paws were big.  I know that they are as big as a human head and combined with their strength bears can be very dangerous.  I know all that.  But seeing this woman holding this bear paw . . . . wow.  I stared at this photo for a long time.  It is amazing.

I also stare at photos of people next to lion’s heads and or paws.  Their noses are usually the size of half a person’s face.  Just so big.  This paw just floors me.  And then I look at the claws.  Look, they are longer than the woman’s nose!  Whew.  Just amazes me.
Update:  July 05, 2016 – someone commented on this post with a link to a picture with information as to the true nature of the photo.  I did more research and did find a few sites that confirmed the information.  I even found one site that claimed to have received an e-mail from the sister of the person who killed the bear.  So, the picture of the woman posing with the trophy-that-once-was-an-animal is no longer available on this site.  I only posted it because I believed the caption that was attached to it (it stated the animal was sedated).   It has been replaced with a big hairy paw!

Oh yeah, back to oil . . . . do you have a favorite flavored oil that you cook with?  Do you have one you like to put on your salad?  Or use as a dipping oil?  Or one that you use as a marinade?

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYo, Nia Technique, SJ City Fit, SJCityFit

I would like to note that I don’t know “West Coast Native News”.  One of my friends posted this or commented on it so it showed up on my newsfeed on Facebook.  I didn’t look at West Coast’s page, but this is their picture or it’s @sasagronomy’s picture and I want to keep the information regarding the picture with the picture.  This is not a trophy picture!  Update:  July 05, 2016 – Turns out it was a trophy picture, it is no longer available on this site.

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Church Yoga

Posted by terrepruitt on June 4, 2015

There are so many different types of yoga, it is out of my range to know them all or to even have HEARD of them all.  There are “ancient” types of yoga and types that have been around for a very long time, then there are new ones.  There are some that have popped up rather recently.  I believe many ancient types of yoga have been morphed into different types of yoga.  Then once you become aware of a type of yoga it can still be different from studio to studio and teacher to teacher.  I recently became aware of a type of yoga I had never heard of.  I read the description and I thought, “Ok, I’ll give it a try.”  Because I have to teach throughout the week, I have to be attentive to my energy levels.  I have no qualms about attending a class and, if it is more than I want to do at that time, not doing it at the level that is being instructed.  So if it was more strenuous than I wanted I was planning on just doing it gently.  But the description sounded like exactly what I wanted.  So, I went to this class I had never heard of and I am not sure if the class was a little different because it was a holiday or what, but there was a lot of talking.  It was Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga – Low/Moderate

Kriya Yoga highlights the relationship between the breath and the mind.
Breath influences mind and vice versa. Breath control is self-control.
Techniques include preparing the body with stretching and bending
exercises, practicing meditation, and incorporating breath

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose,  Nia at the San Jose Community Centers, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYoThe description of Kriya Yoga that I read on Wiki, had me thinking that it was the type of yoga where participants would be experiencing two of the eight limbs of yoga; asana and pranayama.  But, the class focus or subject seemed more to throw us into experiencing about six of the limbs.  It was memorial day, and I had stopped looking at Facebook before class because I wanted to go to yoga and have a relaxing time of breathing, stretching, and bending.  I was avoiding all the war stories until after class, but I felt jolted by the homily.  It was like yoga and church rolled into one.

When I got home I discovered there are some descriptions online that describe Kriya yoga as the “spiritual yoga”.  That could explain why I felt as if I was in church.

The class is normally an hour, but this class was an hour and a half, so I don’t know if the extra time was used for talking or if the talking is part of the class.  I have not been in regular attendance in classes where talking and thinking about deep subjects are involved.  It was very interesting.  It was not the type of yoga I had been hoping for, I think it was a bit different than the description. I am not sure I will have the opportunity to get back to it because of scheduling conflicts and the location.  But we will see.  As I said, I think the regular class might be different, but I don’t know.  I wouldn’t mind going back to see.  The next time I will be a bit more prepared and not have the idea in my head that I will just be able to relax and focus on the poses.

I am planning on trying more types of yoga!

Have you ever heard of Kriya yoga?  What types of yoga have you heard of?

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Lemons Out Of The Jar

Posted by terrepruitt on May 16, 2015

You might have read a little over a month ago that I put salt in a jar and filled it with lemons.  (Click here for that post.)  I had heard about it from a friend on Facebook.  When writing the post for my blog I did a really quick search and learned that preserved lemons are a “gourmet food”.  Also, after I posted about it two of my friends told me that they had seen jars of them at Trader Joe’s.  So this is not a completely unique food.  It is actually common in Moroccan and Middle Eastern recipes. I sealed my jar on April 7th so the schedule was to open it 30 days later on May 7th.  Well, I was making something on May 6th and decided to use the lemons for it.

I was making chard.  I think of chard as bitter so I usually use a lot of seasonings when cooking it.  I didn’t read the instructions when I prepared the jar, and true to form I didn’t read, or more accurately, I disregarded the instructions when cooking with them.  I did not rinse the lemons.  And on top of that I salted the chard as I was cooking it.  So two huge errors.  I used a lot of lemons because I wanted the greens to be very flavorful.  But it is imperative that the lemons be rinsed!  The chard was actually too salty to eat!

I was a bit sad because I thought these lemons were going to be a new “thing”/flavor I could cook and prepare food with.  I did hold out faith that it was my bad decision not to rinse the lemons that made the lemons icky.

A few days after my chard disaster I made some rice.  This time I rinsed the lemons thoroughly then cut them up and put them on top of the rice in the rice maker.  Success!  YES!  It was sooooo yummy. The lemons gave just enough flavor but did not over power.  It was good.  Yay!

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose,  Nia at the San Jose Community Centers, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYoSince I had had success with the rice a few nights after that, I made some broccoli with the lemons.  I used a tiny it of oil and a couple of slices of onion.  I didn’t want to overpower the lemons so I didn’t want to use too much of anything else. Again, I rinsed the lemons really well, cut them up and then put them in the pan with the broccoli to cook.  Again, yummy!

One thing about the lemons is they are so slimy.  I don’t care to touch them because they are so slimy, but once you rinse them they are ok.

The information I’ve seen is that lemons, salt, and water is more common for is recipes in North African and Indian cuisine.  The recipe I followed is just salt, lemons, and the juice of the lemons.  No water.

As I said in my original post about this, I used a small jar.  I was thinking after I tried it, if I liked it, I would make a larger jar, but, I don’t see the need for a larger jar for us.  The small one is fine.  If I were to start a new jar now, we would probably finished with the present jar by the time it is ready.  I think I might try that, but this time add some other flavor.

Have you ever had preserved lemons?  Have you have made them?  What do you think of them?

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One Saving I Could Do Without

Posted by terrepruitt on March 10, 2015

In March of 2010 I wrote a post about Daylight Saving Time.  First, as a reminder it is Daylight Saving(no s) Time.  You can check out that post by clicking HERE.  It just has some facts I gathered from the internet about Daylight Saving Time.  Basically it hasn’t always been around, it went away, it came back, then after 21 years the government extended it in 2007.  The government made it start sooner and end later. Instead of starting the first Sunday of April and ending the last Sunday of October, it now starts the second weekend of March and ends the first Sunday of November.  I am not a fan.  I do not like to lose an hour of sleep.  If you read my blog at all, you pretty much know I am a “night person” so when it is DAYLIGHT at 9:00 AT NIGHT, it is really difficult for me to even think about going to bed at a decent hour.  IT IS STILL LIGHT OUT!  So . . . it is daytime.  So . . . whatever . . . I don’t like a lot of things, I just live with them.  But what I don’t understand is I hear so many other people voice their dislike for it, too.  Why do we still do it?  What is up with Daylight Saving Time?

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose,  Nia at the San Jose Community Centers, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYoIf you are looking for answers you won’t find them there.  I wasn’t even planning on bringing this up but someone posted a funny video to my Facebook Timeline this morning and I remembered I had saved a link to an article about it.  Before my Nia and yoga class today I watched the video.  Even though I watched the video I didn’t think about the lost hour or the DAYLIGHT at night.  I laughed it off.   But then on my way to my Nia class, as I was stopped at a stop light, the bank clock said 7:32.  REALLY?  UGH!  Then when I looked up at the dance studio clock IT said 7:42.  Sigh.  Seems as if I was not going to be able to forget that it was AN HOUR earlier.  And the funny thing is — all of a sudden, I felt tired.  I yawned.

So, needing something to post on my blog today, I read the article (the one I save the linked for) “5 myths about daylight saving time”.  Click here to go there.  MORE information regarding the absurdity of Daylight Saving Time.  Really . . . WHY DO WE HAVE IT STILL?  Are you of the belief it is or was for the farmers?  Well both the video I saw this morning (although it was a comedy video) and the post on the Washington Post said it was not for the farmers.  In fact, the article claims that farmers were AGAINST it.  They don’t like it.

The article is about 5 Myths of DST.  The first one was the farmers theory.  The second one is that it makes us healthier having that extra daylight when actually the sleep disruption and the changing of the time makes us more prone to automobile accidents.  Some data has indicated that male suicide increases and the change has an adverse affect on people with mental health problems.  Some physicians even think it can trigger cluster headaches.

The third one is the energy myth.  That was the reason for its extension.  (The article says it was extending in 2005.  That was when the act was passed.  We didn’t actually put the extension into practice until 2007.)  The article also sites a study where Indiana’s government thought the residents would save $7 million in electricity costs, but it ended up costing the residents $9 million MORE.  So not only was there no savings it cost MORE!

The fourth one is it increases revenue for businesses.  Well, that is why I thought “they” (the government) did it.  More sales.  And while that sounds true – from the article – it also state that not ALL businesses benefit.  The Air Transport Association estimated that the change for the extension would cost $147 million (holy carp!) because of the extra scheduling that has to be done to keep the flights all running smoothly with the rest of the world.

And the last myth is an argument about “Standard Time” not being actually “standard” because it is for less months out of the year than Daylight Saving Time.

So what do YOU think?  Like it?  Hate it?  Love the light later?  Don’t like it being so dark in the morning?  Miss the lost hour of sleep?  Feeling sick?  Feeling disoriented?

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